Wedding dress in country style with photo

April 22, 2018 05:00 | Wedding Styles

The trend, which is only gaining momentum - country, and although the very concept means "simple and rustic" in stylists, it is strongly associated with American and even cowboy culture.

The holiday itself is best organized outside the city - at least on your own dacha. Wedding country style will be inappropriate in expensive and fashionable restaurants, but the beautifully organized holiday will be unforgettable and unusual.

Country style wedding: laws and regulations

This style has its own laws and rules. Wedding dress in the style of country - is, above all, well-planted in the figure and not constraining the movements of the outfit. It can be like a wedding dress or a weightless sarafan decorated with many-tier flounces of hand-made lace.

Very beautiful look in such variations of embroidery, as contrast, and tone in tone with the basic color of the outfit. Despite the trends, for colored outfits, dresses in this style, it is better to choose white or milky-creamy shade.

They most closely correspond to the idea of ​​the holiday itself. Completely not superfluous will be a richly trimmed lower skirt, which will add along beautiful silhouette lines.

It will be fine if this outfit looks like an old one, as if borrowed from a grandmother's trunk and inherited. A vintage note in these images can be stated very clearly - it will perfectly emphasize the originality of the outfit.

Look at the photo, the wedding dress in country style looks very original:

This styling is simple only at first glance - it is rather difficult to reproduce such an outfit, it is necessary to have an excellent taste and knowledge of trends. By the way, festivities in the style of the country just come into fashion and confidently crowd both classical and any stylized weddings scenarios.

Bride's outfit can be completed( and even necessary!) With a shirt, jacket or denim jacket. And as fine shoes, graceful leather boots - "Cossacks".Very impressive look stylized models with inlaid from colored leather spectacular "lace" decor.

However, the style, despite the literal translation of its name from the English "rustic", is completely devoid of simplicity. Today, the notion of "chic" is firmly attached to it. Therefore, if you are going to arrange a marriage in this style, think over and bring to perfection is all the details.