Nicole Rodriguez Larsen: biography and steps in the fashion world

April 22, 2018 05:00 | World Fashion

Currently she is the Managing Director of the Diva Group.

Born in India, she became a Bachelor of Science before embodying her childhood dream of becoming a model. Her beauty and elegance immediately attracted the attention of the world community, and then she continued her studies at Harvard Business School. Nicole's career really took off when the famous fashion designers chose her to head pret-a-porter and fashion shows.

Nicole Rodriguez Larsen is a beautiful embodiment of modern beauty: sunny, charming, possessing rare charm, feline grace and amazing almond-shaped eyes, she contains all the features of the soft and sensual essence of a woman. Being an optimistic and creative person, she likes to attach value to any situation she is dealing with and concentrate only on positive aspects.

For 9 years Nicole has been living with her husband and children in Dubai. She has two children - Victor( 6 years old) Victoria( 9 years).Her villa is on Palm Jumeirah, where there is a lovely private beach, where Nicole likes to make holidays for friends and family. A secular lioness works about 60 hours a week. She can work hard for weeks without stopping, and then she sidesteps for a while.

Now she is studying at the Harvard Business School, which she devotes a lot of time to. Nicole plans to start her show on television and expand Diva to other markets in the MENA region.

Nicole likes to spend free time mostly with her family, but if she can, she willingly visits social parties, restaurants and clubs, favorite of which are for her Zuma, Okku, Cirque du soir, Monodiva, Armani Prive, Diablo. Through her whole life, achievements, success, Nicole, she shows her story to people and inspires young people for great achievements, giving them the necessary tools to create their own success.

According to Larsen, everything you give will return to you tenfold. It is necessary to have a clear goal and options for achieving it, then success will come without a doubt.