How correctly to rock the press girls

April 22, 2018 12:30 | Fitness For Women

All the girls have ever thought about the beautiful tummy and the hard press. But the peculiarity of the body structure in women is the fatty layer in the abdomen. In order to remove it you need to pay attention to two main things, the reasons for its appearance: nutrition and exercise.

To get rid of the hanging belly and make your muscles press hard and strong, you need to go for a start on proper nutrition. The abdomen will immediately decrease if you stop eating after six in the evening, and sharply reduce the amount of bread, buns, cookies, sweets eaten.

Instead of all this, eat bread with bran and oatmeal dietary cookies, as well as honey, dried fruits and nuts. If you really want to eat in the evening - prepare a light salad or eat an apple or grapefruit.

Without a proper approach to nutrition, it is impossible to completely get rid of fat on the abdomen and the press, even if it is there, will not be visible, it will only be probed. Therefore, together with the exercises, follow the above recommendations on nutrition.

How to properly pump the press

In order to pump the press correctly, you need to decide where you will do it, either at home, or in a fitness center or gym. The positive side of the hall is that there is an instructor who will prompt and select for you individually the necessary exercises. Also, being in the hall, we are engaged only in our body and we are not distracted by anything, because all important things are left at home.

Home workouts also have many advantages. Firstly, you can spend every free moment on finding the body of your dreams, secondly, at home you are financially independent and can feel free from your body.

But what if there was a motivation and free time, but there is no one to tell how to properly press the press? You can find a variety of video courses and the Internet that will prompt answers to your questions. In addition, you need to read information about how and what muscles of the press to pump in this article.

For how much you can pump the press

If you take your belly seriously, the press can be pumped in a week or two. But this requires a proper approach to nutrition and a rational choice of exercises for training.

Exercises on the press

Exercises for the abdominal muscles can be performed at home. But you need to adhere to several rules:

  1. Do not skip a day without training
  2. Do not exercise earlier than 1.5 hours after eating and 1.5 hours before bedtime.
  3. Take care of proper nutrition, giving up late dinners and too high-calorie and fatty foods.
  4. Before any training, even an easy and short it is necessary to warm up all the muscles of the body.

To warm up, you need to make slopes in different directions, squat 20 times, do a little stretching, stretch all the joints: elbows, shoulders, knees, shin and a little back muscles. Only after a 15-minute warm-up you can start directly to exercise.

While training, remember that it is not enough to develop only the upper abdominal muscles. For maximum effect, you need the right complex for all kinds of muscles.

Exercises for the press for beginners

Complex for beginners necessarily includes several on the upper, lower, lateral and oblique muscles. Usually, beginners have a lot of running lower and lateral muscles of the press, so they should pay more attention. The upper part of the abdomen is pumped faster and easier than the bottom, this must also be taken into account.

Beginners should remember that each exercise alternates with relaxation and relaxation of the muscles. This will ensure the greatest efficiency with the least fatigue. Constant tension can not give the best results, but only harm the body.

While exercising, be sure to use only the press. If you feel pain in the back or neck - then you do not strain your stomach, and work with other muscles, and it's wrong.

If this happens, lie down and rest again, but feel that only the muscle mass of the abdomen is involved. Otherwise you will harm the spine.

Exercises for the upper press


How to pump the top press to beginners? To develop the upper muscles, take the prone position.put your feet on the floor, bent your knees. Fingernails put in the lock and put on the back of the head, hands behind the head.

Get up and feel the tension of the press muscles at the top. Do such twisting without lifting the entire upper torso. The loin should remain on the floor, so that there is no pressure on the spine. Thus, lift the thoracic area with abdominal muscles at least 40 times.

This exercise should be performed at least 2 times a day, in the morning and in the evening, if you want to quickly achieve good results.


Twisting to the right and left is done almost the same as the straight. Take the same position. Raising the thoracic area, make a turn to the left, and then go down and turn to the right. At the same time, feel the upper muscles, work only on them.

Such twisting should be done 20 times in one approach.

How to swing the lower press


Lie on the floor, hands at the seams, legs together. Slightly bending them at the knees, raise them 90 degrees and lower them. Continue at least 10 times. Each workout, add a number of rises to 1-2.After a week, do the same, but no longer bending your knees and 20 times in one approach.


Initial position - lying on the back, hands at the seams. Raise even legs and wind them toward the chest, then again slowly lower them to the floor. Do this exercise 10-15 times.


The starting position is the same as in the previous lesson. Raising your legs 90 degrees, lift the pelvis with the abdominal muscles so that the legs and the pelvis go up together and the angle does not change, but the lower part of the body moves towards the thoracic area. At the same time, hands at the seams, rest your hands on the floor. Start with 10 times, increasing gradually to 20.

Exercise 4.

Scissors - an effective exercise for the lower press. Performs lying on the back with legs lifted. They rise to a height of 10 cm from the floor and are widely placed, then converge at one point, as if cutting with scissors.

how to inflate the oblique muscles of the


Skew twist is the best exercise for oblique muscles. Lay down on the floor, hands at the seams, legs need to bend and rest their feet on the floor.put your hands in the lock behind the head and lift the upper body to the shoulder blades, that is, the chest, while twisting to the left so that the right elbow behind the head touches the left knee, and then to the other side.

Perform the exercise at least 20 times on each side. Gradually increase up to 30 times to the left and 30 to the right.

Exercises on the side press

Exercises for the side press are also necessary to remove fat from the sides.


Performed from standing position, feet shoulder width apart. Take the dumbbell 1,5 - 2 both hands and lift over your head. Do the slopes to the right and the right for a total of at least 30 times, gradually increasing to 50.


Prepare a support, such as a chair. Stand on the right of the back of the chair and grasp with your left hand for it. Legs shoulder width apart. Raise the right leg sideways and up, working the lateral muscles. Then do the same for left side training. Lifts on each leg do at least 20 times.


Lie on your side, leaning your elbow on the floor. Raise your feet up to a height of about 10 centimeters and lower. Perform lifts at least 10 times and roll over to the other side, doing the same. Soon increase the number of uplifts up to 15 times.

Doing exercises for the press, you can get rid of not only the fat deposits on the stomach, but also from the hanging sides. Just remember the need for regular training and not only on the press, but also innovations in nutrition.