Tabata in fitness - what is it?

April 22, 2018 18:45 | Fitness For Women

Many today are seriously engaged in fitness. There is an incredible variety of types and systems of training. One of the most popular today's fitness complexes is Tabata. For those who are not familiar with this system, we offer answers to the questions: what is Tabata in fitness, to whom it fits and what results can be achieved thanks to the tabata system.

What is tabata?

People, regardless of the type of figure, complexion and degree of addiction to the sport, are concerned about their health. Professionals and newcomers in fitness today want not only to "dry up" the muscles, but also to increase endurance, to use different muscle groups and most importantly - to see the first results as quickly as possible with the least amount of time. Even about 5 years ago serious fitness trainers would say that this is impossible, that in order to achieve a visible result it is necessary to spend at least an hour a day in the hall. With the arrival of the tabata system, everything has changed.

So, the tabata system is a kind of fitness intensity. Short, but very intense training. One cycle of tabata takes 4 minutes. During this time you have time to do 8 exercises( 20 seconds per each) with short respites of 10 seconds.

Complexes of tobacco - a great alternative for those who have a desire to be pumped up, but there is a catastrophic lack of free time for sports. The system of Tabat for 4 minutes will work your body no worse than a gym in an hour!

The way is that in four minutes of intensive exercises at a fast pace you lose weight more actively than in a whole hour of debilitating exercise. It is not surprising that Japanese doctor Izumi Tabata invented this method with a group of colleagues from the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo. Actually, in his honor and called this unsurpassed in its effectiveness technique.

Advantages of tabata

  1. After training, fat burning continues for 24 hours. And it leaves with no less intensity than directly during the load. Simply put, the exercises are over, and the body continues to come into shape.
  2. The process of training is easier to not come up with: 20 seconds perform exercises at the fastest pace, then 10 seconds for rest. And so 4 minutes. It is very important in the course of such training to give all 100%.
  3. In the presence of even 20 minutes of free time( 5 four-minute cycles of tobacco are recommended as an average load), you can quickly pull up the "problem areas" and generally improve your well-being.
  4. Tabata-exercises will help to work out not only individual muscle groups, but the whole body as a whole. It is only necessary to choose a set of exercises and with maximum efficiency to perform all of this technique.
  5. To get fairly fast and stable results, it's enough 3-4 workouts per week.
  6. Tabata greatly increases the endurance of the heart muscle. Even beginners who began to study this system, note a decrease in dyspnea, an increase in overall well-being and tone.
  7. To effectively alternate between 20 and 10-second periods, special programs with voice dubbing are developed. This is a kind of stopwatch-tips for those involved. Today, such programs can be installed on most gadgets with Android, Windows, iOS.

Tabata-timer - video

Please note that 10 seconds of rest should be absolutely calm. It is necessary to abstract from the outside world and be alone for a short time. In the classes of Tabata, both intensive exercises and rest are equivalent. Do not forget, everything is in the complex! This is how you will achieve maximum effect.

Before the 20-minute tabbath there should be an easy warm-up. With "cold" muscles you should not start.

The complex consists of 8 exercises for 20 seconds each. In this case, do not necessarily consider the number of repetitions and try to maximize "stack" in 20 seconds a certain number of repetitions. Do exercises at your own pace, considering your own abilities and sensations. However, it should be done quickly enough, not forgetting that the tobacco - it's still intense.

Options for literate completion of 20-minute tobacco:

  • stretching exercises;
  • light 5-minute jogging on the treadmill;
  • 3-4 minutes of cardio loads on an elliptical simulator;
  • 5 minutes on the stationary bike.

Much faster to see results will allow correct, harmonious food. More effective interval training will make a balanced diet. It is very important to breathe properly during intensive tobacco-loads. The main force element of the exercise is inhaling, relaxing and returning to its original position - exhalation.

Examples of tobacco training - video

Tobacco training press

Tabata-training for feet

Tabata-cardio-fat burning training

Tobacco complex for children

It is very important for a modern person to keep in shape, monitor their health, lead a correct lifestyle. But we all know how difficult it is to allocate a little time for yourself. Especially in the usual rhythm of life. Nevertheless, fitness in its evolution made a big step forward. From a huge number of techniques you can choose the right one for you. Work on yourself and develop. Good luck!