How to boil a chicken

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Boiled chicken is a valuable dietary product that is quickly and easily absorbed by the body. By including such a dish in your menu, each person allows his body to be saturated with useful substances, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The product is also useful for athletes due to the fact that it contains 22% protein, while the minimum amount of fat is only 10%.

Boiled chicken has a small amount of calories - only 135 for every 100 grams. It is for this reason that chicken is included in many diet programs to combat excess kilograms.

Cooking time

Often recipes offer to boil the chicken until fully cooked, and no specific time is specified. It is not easy to decide on a specific time for cooking, especially for beginners. So, to boil the chicken you need to spend:

  • 50-60 minutes - on a domestic chicken;
  • 15 minutes - on the loin without bones;
  • 25-30 minutes - allowance of chickens;
  • 40 minutes - broiler cooking;
  • 3 hours - for cooking an old chicken.

The cooking time may vary - it all depends on the size of the carcass. It is also important and the "age" of the chicken, whether the meat was frozen before cooking or a fresh product is used. Determine the readiness can be as follows: if the plug easily enters the carcass, puncturing gives off a light juice, the meat is ready for use.

How to boil a chicken?



  • Onion;
  • Chicken;
  • Black pepper( unmilled);
  • Carrots;
  • Bay leaf and 1-2 cloves of garlic.


  1. For a few minutes, the frozen chicken should be placed in a microwave oven for defrosting. From time to time the carcass should be turned over so that it evenly thaws. Instead of the oven, you can use a steamer.
  2. After the meat is thawed, you will need to get it and rinse it well.
  3. After this, you need to pour water into the pan, place the carcass into it.
  4. After boiling water must be drained, pour clean.
  5. Salt is added to the water, after which it is necessary to cook the chicken for a limited time at low heat.
  6. During the bubbling of the broth, foam will appear, it needs to be removed with a noise.
  7. To make the broth flavorful and rich, during the preparation you can add pepper, bay leaf, garlic, onions, carrots into the water. Nothing to cut and grind is not necessary.
  8. Once the meat can be pierced with a fork, it is cooked.
  9. If a multivark is used for cooking, cooks recommend not placing a whole chicken in the device, but only a part of it. In the quenching regime, they will be on the order of 30-40 minutes. The meat will turn out to be fragrant, juicy and tasty.

In the microwave oven

Cooking is recommended for a small chicken - only 1-1.5 kg. In this case, it is cooked thoroughly and evenly.

  1. Before preparation, the frozen carcass must completely melt. All the insides are removed, and the chicken itself is washed thoroughly under running water. To prepare a low-calorie dish you need to remove the carcass from the carcass.
  2. It is necessary to tie the wings and legs to the carcass. If you do not have to brew the whole product, you can cut it into pieces.
  3. To salt and pepper the product you need to taste.
  4. In a special deep dish put the carcass with a breast down, pour it with water. The water must completely cover the meat.
  5. Set the container in the microwave, set the maximum power. The liquid should boil. This will take about 4 minutes. After that, you need to drain the first water, fill it with clean water.
  6. Cooking chicken should be at maximum capacity, after every 10 minutes turn the carcass for even cooking. Each time you can check the readiness, piercing the carcass with a fork.
  7. The finished product should not be immediately removed from the broth. He must stand in the water for another 10 minutes.

Helpful hint!

Buying a home chicken, you will need to determine its age. It should not be too old. This can be done by the tip of the sternum and the beak. In a young hen they bend rather easily, while the old ones become stiff.

Recipe for boiled chicken with vegetables in dairy sauce

You need to stock up:

  • 145 grams of chicken;
  • 60 grams of carrot;
  • 60 grams of turnips;
  • 5 grams of celery;
  • 20 grams of fresh peas;
  • 15 grams of stalks of celery;
  • milk( 50 g).

Prepare the dish so:

  1. Boil in salted water a bird along with carrots and turnips, which are pre-cut into cubes. Add celery sprigs to the broth.
  2. In salted water, peas are cooked separately, chopped celery stalks.
  3. Milk sauce is prepared on milk with the addition of half of broth
  4. . When serving, it will be necessary to put a bird and vegetables on the dish, pour with a dairy sauce.
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