What kind of hairdo do for a concert?

April 23, 2018 12:15 | Hairstyles

For most people, going to a concert is something out of the ordinary, it's not so often happening. Therefore, when such an event suddenly enters into the life of an ordinary person, always hurrying to work, he suddenly realizes that he has absolutely no idea what exactly to go there. Women in this case, even more problems - there is a need for selection of makeup and hairstyle.

What kind of a hairstyle to make for a concert, so that it would be appropriate and complement the entire image created with such difficulty? In fact, not everything is as complicated as it seems, you do not need any professional tools to create a hairstyle. Although it must be acknowledged that special equipment in the hairdresser significantly facilitates the process of creating works of hairdressing art.

So, if you are going to see a concert outdoors in the framework of a music festival, light and air hairstyles from loose hair will be an excellent choice. To create such a hairstyle, you can use a curling iron with a special large-diameter nozzle. Each strand must be screwed separately into a curling rod, thoroughly warmed and allowed to cool in a twisted condition. Next, you need to slightly "cheer up" your hands with the curls and sprinkle with varnish to preserve the volume.

Going to a festive concert dedicated to an event and taking place in the house of culture or the opera house, give preference to a simple and practical spit that can be performed in a variety of variations. It will be good to look a braid, located on a diagonal and hanging on one side. If you have a little time left, you can braid the "fish tail".A very popular haircut recently is a free braid, decorated with a small vibrant flower.

Going to a rock concert, of course, when creating a hairstyle does not work without naches. In order to build a rock fleece you only need a varnish of strong fixation and invisibility. First you need to choose a large strand from the forehead and up to the crown, gradually comb it and sprinkle with varnish. Next, you need to lay it on the top of the head, slightly combing it from above, fix it with invisible objects and cover it again with a layer of varnish. After the hair on the sides divided into strands, twist them into bundles and gather in the tail on the back of the head.

Before visiting any concert, you must definitely eat, so that a few hours not to remember the feeling of hunger. Dressing is necessary not only according to the occasion, but it is also convenient that in the middle of the concert do not reproach yourself for too high heels, tight jeans or an uncomfortable blouse.