What can be prepared from champignons?

April 23, 2018 12:15 | Cooking

Champignons are very tasty, nutritious and low-calorie mushrooms. They are easy to prepare, perfectly combined with a garnish, vegetables, various sauces.

Many housewives add them to meat or chicken salads, fry with boiled potatoes, use as a filling filling for closed pies. Especially delicious are champignons in cheese soup, batter or stewed. They do not even need to be boiled beforehand, enough to fry or put out.

Fresh or frozen mushrooms must be washed, if desired, cut into small pieces. For salads, they are fried with onion, soup is cooked entirely. Dishes with spicy champignons are allowed to be consumed during fasting, so there are them all year round. The most delicious recipes are easy to prepare, do not require special skills or expensive components.

Potatoes stewed in a frying pan with champignons and onions

Such appetizing and hearty garnish is suitable for a family dinner, family members and guests like.

For cooking, you need 5-6 medium potato tubers, 300 grams of fresh champignons, 2 onions, a pinch of salt, 2 tablespoons of oil and sharp spices to taste.

In boiling water we put the potato cut into large slices, previously peeled. Solim, cook almost until ready. At this time on a hot frying pan quickly fry in oil, cut into half rings, onion, whole or chopped mushrooms. From the pan with potatoes drain the water, shift the boiled tubers into a frying pan. Gently mix everything, stew for about 5 minutes. Add the ground pepper, dried herbs or shredded greens when serving.

Salad from tender champignons with chicken breast and eggs

Such a gentle salad can be served on a table on any holiday, and it is prepared quickly, without requiring special expenses.

You need a smoked chicken breast, a large jar of marinated mushrooms with whole hats, 4 boiled eggs, 2 small onions and mayonnaise.

Smoked breast or large leg is peeled, cut into long strips. Cooked eggs finely chopped with a knife, champignons with onions cut, fry on a small amount of sunflower oil. Cool mushrooms, mix with chicken and pieces of eggs, mayonnaise. We put it into a beautiful salad bowl.

Mushroom soup with melted cheese

Extraordinarily tasty soup of golden color will be appreciated by all members of the family, always asking for an additive.

3 potatoes, 1 carrot, 1 onion, 2 processed cheese without additives, a package of frozen chopped mushrooms, oil for frying, water, salt will be needed for a 3-liter pot.

Pour into the pan water, salt, boil. Potatoes are cleaned, cut into strips, poured into boiling water. Carrots rub, onions finely chopped, fried in oil. Pour the onion and carrots into a saucepan, add the mushrooms cut into pieces.5 minutes before the end of cooking soup, add grated cheese on the chalk itself, wait for its dissolution, turn off the plate. To soft cheese curds it was more convenient to rub, you can before shortly hold them in the freezer.

Mushroom salad with nuts and cucumbers

Juicy taste of a delicate mushroom salad will be pleasant with all its freshness, an unusual combination of products.

You need to prepare 400 grams of fresh champignons, 2 small onions, half a glass of peeled walnuts, crushed with a blender, 2 marinated spicy cucumber, 100 grams of cheese, mayonnaise.

Mushrooms must be boiled, after adding water, finely chopped. Onions, cut into half rings, should be fried and cooled. Cut the cucumbers with a knife, chop the cheese through a large grater. We mix the products with mayonnaise, sprinkle them with nuts, serve them to the table.

Mushrooms stewed in sour cream

The dish is easy to cook for lunch for 20 minutes, after all it is rich, juicy, extraordinarily aromatic and tasty.

You need half a kilo of frozen mushrooms, a bulb, a glass of fresh sour cream, a little salt, you can add ground black pepper for flavor.

Mushrooms are cut along the plates, onions are quarters of the rings. Rinse with onions so that it is browned, add pepper, sour cream and salt. We wait for the boiling, reduce the gas, close the lid. Stew, stirring occasionally until liquid evaporates. Slightly cool, put into plates.

You can fry champignons with chicken or vegetables, bake them with sour cream in the oven, cook a thick cream soup or julienne. Fried with onions, they are suitable for salads, fillings in patties. Any hostess will pick up a suitable recipe for herself by buying frozen, fresh or pickled mushrooms in a regular store.

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