How to spend a stag party: original ideas for a party and tips before a wedding

March 27, 2018 20:48 | Wedding

To think about how to spend a stag, a potential groom starts long before the wedding. However, it is not easy to organize a men's party properly. Over comedy movies, in which unlucky guys meet in frankly ridiculous situations, you can laugh, but you can not take a sample. With proper preparation, the mezhdusoboychik will pass enchantingly, decently, with a twinkle. And without doubtful adventures.

Contents of
  • Why do men gather on the eve of a wedding
  • Ideas for a brutal pre-wedding party
  • Bath-water procedures for a narrow circle
  • Extreme in the Spartan spirit of
  • All the pleasures of drinking and entertainment establishments
  • Mood for fellows with home delivery
  • Costumed Sabantuy
  • Gourmet gatherings
  • Back to the cloudless childhood
  • Film show in four walls
  • So that there would not be oppressive consequences

Why do men's gatherings on the eve of the wedding

Reasons forwhich the prospective bride is inviting friends to a thematic feast, a few:

  1. Traditions, inherited from wise ancestors, no one canceled. Each nation has its own, but the goal is the same: the hero's spiritual passages into a new life for him.
  2. "Ringed" comrades and older relatives share the experience of a happy-family relationship, give parting words.
  3. Discusses the nuances of the upcoming celebration, selects a general strategy at the time of bride's purchase, solves organizational issues.
  4. The people led by the groom relax and light.

Ideas for a brutal pre-wedding party

Watching football on TV is boring, gathering in the kitchen is trivial, the call of the priestesses of love is costly in every sense. The question is how to arrange a bachelor party so that it does not turn into problems, not fun, so to help a potential spouse have several ideas.

Bath-water procedures for the narrow circle

Why for the narrow? The idea itself implies partial or complete exposure. Tomorrow's husband can have friends who communicate on a case-by-case basis. And not everyone will agree to undress in the company of people with whom they are unfamiliar. To invite a respectable boss to a "washing-house" party, like an elderly relative, is an idea of ​​a so-so. Therefore, if water procedures are included in plans, only close ones should be present.

Where and how to arrange a stag party in the bath? Variants:

  1. Rent of a sauna.
  2. Own bath.
  3. Sauna of a hospitable friend.

It is necessary to stock up with the proper number of snacks, clean sets of towel-sheets, disposable caps on the head, rubber slates according to the number of guests. If it is a lease, then for a fee, all this is provided. Perhaps you will have to buy a stirring one, since not everyone will agree to celebrate a bachelor party "on dry".Of course, the guests should be warned about the location of the dislocation in order to avoid embarrassment with leaky socks and other embarrassing moments.

Extreme in the Spartan spirit of

Fans of extraordinary solutions and men's risky games will like creative sports adventures. How to arrange a stag before the wedding and where to hold it, if friends share the adventurous spirit of the party's hero, the advice of the experienced will help:

  • under the dome of the parachute;
  • on mountain slopes;
  • with paintball in hand;
  • at the racetrack;
  • in the dash;
  • at the wheel of racing cars;
  • on the sports ground.

Alcohol is definitely superfluous. In extreme cases, note the impending status of the newlywed couple can, after moving after the brave merrymaking in the appropriate place.

All the pleasures of drinking and entertainment establishments

How to celebrate a bachelor party in a fun place, it's easy to guess, even if the experience is zero. Bars, restaurants, cafes, bowling, clubs, billiards, karaoke - all depends only on the willingness to pay for quality service and the desire to come off in a comfortable environment. Choose a separate room, so that outsiders do not interfere with saying goodbye to the blank past.

This can include the favorite barbecue shish kebabs, which, by the way, are elementary organized independently and in the distance of civilization, and in the suburban area.

Mood for fellows with home delivery

The marriage ceremony is a busy event, so sometimes the pre-wedding party organizer prefers home conditions. Here are a few ideas about how a stag party is held in native walls.

Costumed Sabantuy

Selected topics( cartoon films, historical events, professions, folk festivals, children's matinees, comics, etc.), rent items of costumes in which new-born artists are dressed, the words of funny scenes are printed. The main thing is to get used to the role, improvise and get a lot of positive. It is advisable to shoot scenic delights on a video camera, and then immediately present the photos to social networks, collecting enthusiastic husky from a generous Internet audience.

Gourmet gatherings

With the present abundance of various national dishes to organize such a party of labor will not be. It is not at all necessary to occupy the kitchen itself or to puzzle the mother with the chosen one - to help restaurant delivery and a friendly courier. So, one evening you can try Japanese sushi, Italian pizza, Russian kurik, Asian pilaf, Ukrainian dumplings.

Drinks should match the dish, that is, Champagne will not go under peppery fat, and beer - for pickled cucumbers. The meal, of course, is interspersed with sincere conversations, since it's impossible to mark a stag party without them.

Back to cloudless childhood

Improvised tournaments a-la Short panties will turn banal libations into a non-trivial evening. It's easy to understand how a stag party is going in this style, remembering about a variety of games in which brave exchanges were practiced as children:

  • chess;
  • checkers;
  • throwing darts at targets;
  • card passions;
  • toy "warrior" with soldiers and tanks from plasticine;
  • computer games;
  • hockey table hockey and other games come from childhood.

Colorite in the mezhdusoboychik add unusual prizes and comic punishments for the losers.

The cinema show in the four walls of the

The problem, entitled "How to organize a stag party", will cease to be so, if the host's mates do not mind sitting in front of the screen. Global costs are not required, you only need to consider the tastes of guests in terms of genre and food. Find almost any picture on the network - a matter of a few minutes.

The table is organized here, and the table setting is minimal: a mountain of packages with chips, crisp popcorn, peeled fish, sandwiches, ice-cold beer - and a hat case. It remains only to launch a film story, enjoy the storyline, and after fomenting debate-discussion, do not hesitate in criticizing.

So that there will not be oppressive consequences of

It's time to stop on details that can turn a holiday into a nightmare. It's about how to hold a stag party before the wedding, so that it would not be painfully embarrassing.

  1. About the girls of facilitated behavior already mentioned. The meaning of marriage, if the dreams of other skirts are still relevant?
  2. Surprise for a friend is a sacred thing. Only an adequate surprise, not suggesting humiliation, pain, fear, provocation.
  3. Choose cafes-clubs-restaurants preferably with a proven reputation. So the newlywed, and his friends are insured against poor-quality dishes and dubious public.
  4. To sort out with alcohol it is not necessary - a drunk person is capable of "feats" incompatible with logic.
  5. In order to avoid scandals with a future spouse it is better to discuss where, with whom and how to make a stag party at its best.
  6. To plan it on the eve of the wedding is utter madness. It is unlikely that the gatherings will cost without alcohol, and at the wedding the young one needs a cheerful, fresh, without a knock-out ambre.
  7. To invite fools from libations, warring among themselves and minors to themselves more expensively.

If there is no time and the desire to arrange everything on its own, special agencies will help out. Whatever the plans for the pre-wedding men's party, prudence should not be turned off, but a good mood will be very useful. And proven comrades, the trust of the beloved and the thought of an early reunion with her will forever make brutal gatherings one hundred percent successful.