Vegetable diet for weight loss

April 23, 2018 13:30 | Diets

More and more people all over the world are overweight. This is understandable. Sitting work, food, far from ideal, nerves. So we get better. Someone has already resigned himself to the fullness, someone does not consider this a defect at all.

And others lead an unequal battle with excess kilograms. Why unequal?yes, because they come quickly and unnoticed, but they do not intend to leave.

Vegetable diet for weight loss

If you are trying to reduce weight, then prepare for a lingering company. You can get a good result only when all methods and methods are involved. If excess weight is too large, then starting with exercise is problematic. The load on the heart and joints will be severe.

Therefore, at the very beginning it is worth paying attention to the diet. Today only the lazy did not hear about the food system according to Montignac, the Kremlin or Japanese menu, salt-free or low-calorie. Some people like to count calories, they even say not "I ate a piece of cheese", but "I ate calories."Agree, it sounds scary.

The biggest difficulty in choosing a diet is that most of them are based on the word "impossible."A person is arranged in such a way that he always very much wants what he can not. A constant feeling of hunger does not add to optimism. As a result, a person, though losing weight, becomes angry, listless and irritable.

Which diet to choose for weight loss

Most weight loss systems are designed for 1-2 weeks. More restricting yourself in taking certain products is not worth it. If the whole class of products, for example, proteins or carbohydrates, is completely excluded, then it is necessary to limit oneself to 7 days.

Do not choose a diet, no matter how effective it may seem to you, if its basis is tasteless, in your opinion, products. Celery excellently established itself as a fighter with fullness. But, if you do not tolerate its taste and smell, then besides a nervous breakdown, such a diet will not bring anything.

Try to take into account and medical indications. You can not make up your diet from foods that are harmful to you. If you have stomach problems, apple diet is not suitable and so on.

Vegetable menu diet for the week

One of the most good and pleasant options for eating is the vegetable menu. There are two options: more and less strict. In the first case, all foods except vegetables are excluded, in the other, small supplements of other types of food are possible.

Positive moments can be considered low calorie at high volumes, high content of fiber, vitamins, mineral salts. Than not so good - practically full absence of fibers, carbohydrates and fats.

That's why it is necessary to adhere to such a power scheme no more than once, twice a year for 7 maximum 14 days.

Strict diet for weight loss

In this case, all other types of nutrition are completely excluded. So, we sit on such a diet for 7 days, we make a break of 10-14 days, and then another 7 days. And so once a year. It is best to time the slimming program by the end of the summer, began the fall. It is at this time in the kitchen gardens that everything that is necessary for the success of the enterprise ripens.

The main rule that always works to reduce weight - there is often and little by little, in our case, more relevant than ever. We must try not to feel hungry at all. It knocks the slimming from the right rhythm and makes you do stupid things.

Vegetable diet for slimming menu

For breakfast, salads are good. They are made from cucumbers and tomatoes, cabbage, sweet pepper and celery. All these vegetables can be combined with each other in various combinations and proportions. Also boiled beet for breakfast.

Various soups are prepared for lunch. From white cabbage and cauliflower with the addition of carrots, parsley root, celery. On a mid-morning snack stewed zucchini and eggplant, and for dinner, the same salads. Twice a week you can eat boiled or baked potatoes.

On such a diet, if it is strictly adhered to, some are dropped to 7 kg. The only inconvenience is the lack of oil. Vegetables can be baked, boiled or eaten raw, but you can not fry. In this there is nothing to worry about. Moreover, it will take only one week to suffer. Make a ten-day break and repeat one more time.

Easier version of

In this case, it is permissible to add vegetable oil, cottage cheese, low-fat sour cream and coarse bread. Agree, the option is almost full-value food. Any salad dressed with vegetable oil or sour cream is much tastier. Zucchini and eggplants braised with a spoon of oil is quite able to saturate anyone.

The power plan is almost the same as with a strict diet, but more varied and tasty. Since, for all you have to pay, the second option, though more delicious, but slightly less effective. Although, you can apply it a little longer than the first.

Where to take vegetables

It's great if you have your own garden or grandmother in the village. Vegetables grown on their land are much more useful than those that you buy in the store. Firstly, you know what they watered, and what not to water. Growing products for yourself, you can control the content in it of harmful substances, or rather, try not to allow their presence at all.

Secondly, you plant those cultures that you like most. In addition to the usual beet, there is also chard, a salad of which is simply a miracle, celery - root and chereshkovy, asparagus, Jerusalem artichoke. It's only the names they have exotic, but growing in our latitudes these exotic things are just wonderful.

And yet, do not forget to plant more green. After all, flavored with dill, parsley, basil, mint, thyme and anything else tasty and useful, any dishes will become more attractive several times.

If your products are not and are not expected, then it is better to buy in the market from the owners and owners. They immediately stand out against the background of wholesalers. Another option - among your neighbors for sure there are gardeners - truck farmers. Talk to them. Most likely, you will simply give or sell for a nominal fee fresh, environmentally friendly and delicious vegetables.

Vegetable Diet recipes

It is important not only the menu itself, but also the way of cooking. The most useful are raw. Make as many salads as possible. And not only traditional, from cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers. Try red cabbage with carrots and celery. Cut cabbage thin-thinly, and celery and carrots grate.

This salad is good not only on days of diets, trying it once, you will include it in your diet all the time. Quite unusual is the proposal to make a salad of raw beets. But if you rub it on a fine grater, refill with oil or sour cream, it will turn out very, very delicious.

However, often there is such a dish is not necessary. For all its usefulness, the beetroot is quite an aggressive vegetable, and can provoke problems with the stomach or intestines. In general, try and fantasize.