Sea bathing in the treatment of gynecological diseases

March 28, 2018 21:31 | Gynecology
About sea bathing, as a therapeutic factor in gynecological diseases, data in the literature is relatively small.

Sea bathing has on the human body temperature, mechanical and chemical effects. When immersed in the sea, the cold skin receptors and, above all, the vasomotor centers become irritated;there is a spasm of peripheral vessels and an expansion of the vessels of internal organs. There is a shiver and a chill, pale skin. These phenomena are soon followed by the expansion of peripheral vessels, reddening of the skin, sensation of heat. If, in the process of bathing, the heat transfer of the body is not compensated for by its heat production, then chills, shivering, goosebumps, cyanosis appear again.

The therapeutic effect of sea bathing depends on the method of their application. EI Pasynkov and LR Rubin recommend the following method. Prepared for sea bathing by rubbing sea water. Immediately before swimming in the sea should take a short air bath. Swim better after 1-1,5 hours after breakfast or 2-3 hours after lunch. In water, you can be in the first days of bathing for 2-3 minutes, gradually increasing this time to 10-20 minutes. The amount of bathing is 20-30 daily or every other day.

With gynecological diseases, many doctors do not prescribe sea bathing because of fear of cooling the body. However, MV Aleksandrov considers these fears exaggerated. This author considers it expedient to prescribe sea bathing for up to 10 minutes at a water temperature of at least 19 ° C and favorable climatic conditions for chronic inflammatory diseases of female genitalia, and menstruation is not a contraindication for bathing in the sea.

MV Alexandrov does not recommend sea bathing only in cases when cooling the body during bathing increases pain in the genital area.

VD Dik considers sea bathing and sea baths as hypovarians, climacteric syndrome, late menarche. These bathing can also be used, along with other medical factors, with maldevelopment of the genitals,

Contraindicated in marine bathing with active form of tuberculosis, arteriosclerosis, certain diseases of the cardiovascular system, cachexia, biodide, as well as acute inflammatory processes of the genitals, menorrhagia andlate pregnancy.