Neuritis of the auditory nerve, symptoms and treatment

March 27, 2018 21:05 | Symptoms And Treatment
The neuritis of the auditory nerve is commonly called the development of the inflammatory process in the auditory nerve, which leads to hearing loss. The disease is also called cochlear neuritis. Most often, elderly patients( over 50 years old) suffer from neuritis of the auditory nerve. Men get sick 10% more often than women.

Specialists note that city dwellers have a neuritis of the auditory nerve more often than people living in rural areas. Probably this is due to the fact that in large cities, a constant negative impact of background noise on the person's hearing appears. It can also be noted that the disease is more common in people working in large and noisy shops, etc.

Causes of development of

The risk of developing neuritis of the auditory nerve increases with the following factors:

- flu disease( it should be noted that the flu quite often complicates the auditory nerve);

- disease with mumps( complications are more common in elderly people);

- a disease with meningococcal meningitis;

- transferred infectious diseases( including typhoid, measles, etc.);

- a disease with scarlet fever( especially often a complication is observed in adolescents);

- disease with atherosclerosis;

- for diseases of metabolism;

- in case of poisoning with some medicinal preparations( for example, streptomycin, quinine, etc.);

- with constant smoking;

- for alcohol abuse;

- poisoning with poisons( lead and mercury);

- with transferred noise traumas of the tympanic membrane;

- with ear barotrauma;

- with craniocerebral injuries.

Symptoms of auditory nerve neuritis

The following symptoms are typical for the disease:

- hearing loss( from slight hearing loss, to absolute deafness);

- ringing and other extraneous sounds in the ears;

- nausea;

- dizziness;

- pain in the ears;

- headaches;

- hypertension( increase in blood pressure);

is a fever.


For diagnostic purposes, it is enough to conduct an audiological examination Differential diagnosis is performed with otosclerosis.

Treatment of neuritis of the auditory nerve

In case of acute illness, the patient is to be immediately hospitalized and carry out a set of therapeutic measures to restore the hearing. Therapy depends on the causes of the inflammatory process. If the disease is caused by poisoning, the patient is prescribed diuretics and sweatshops. With bacterial etiology, a course of antibacterial drugs is administered. It is recommended to carry out symptomatic therapy aimed at removing unpleasant symptoms. If there is a significant loss of hearing, a hearing aid may be prescribed to the patient.
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