What you need to match the bride and groom: preparation and important points

March 28, 2018 20:54 | Wedding

A couple of decades ago, the wedding ceremony in all its glory - with jokes and jokes, dresses and ceremonies could be found only in the provincial backwoods. Urban residents were limited to a short familiarity of families before the wedding and the solution of financial issues regarding the main celebration. Nowadays there is a tendency to revive old traditions, and more and more young people are asking what is needed for matchmaking to start their wedding marathon with this beautiful ceremony.

From ancient traditions to the modern scenario
  • Training rules from both sides
  • What you need to prepare the groom
  • What to prepare a modern girl for the arrival of matchmakers
  • A few tips for successful matchmaking
  • From ancient traditions to the modern scenario

    Our matchmakers performed pragmatic search functiona suitable party for both a young man and a girl. Often, young people first met exactly at the moment when on the doorstep of the maiden on the extradition appeared matchmakers.

    Behind the ritual action was a banal deal between the parents - it was not for nothing that the first words of matchmakers in the house of the alleged bride were the sacramental phrase "You have a product, we have a merchant".Often, the girl's parents refused uninvited guests - it was believed that the first matchmakers only open the way to the most profitable chevalier.

    Modern matchmaking is very different from the ancient rite, although it retains some traditional attributes: matchmakers, bargaining for the bride, parental blessing. The colorfulness of this almost theatrical performance today is designed to create a warm and friendly atmosphere when two families meet - after all, the very fact of the future marriage is in most cases already solved by young lovers, and matchmaking is conducted to solve organizational issues.

    Of course, in some ethnic or religious groups the original meaning of the ceremony remains the same, but this is a completely different topic.

    Today, both sides are preparing for the matchmaking, in advance appointing the date of the meeting. Young people and their parents specify what to prepare for matchmaking, invite matchmakers from among their relatives( or turn to professional matchmakers), think through the scenario of the holiday.

    Much attention is paid to the signs and symbolic significance of certain customs and details of the rite. But along with traditional matchmaking, often a young couple arranges creative parties, where the offer of the hand and the heart is in the form of a costume performance associated with the hobbies or subculture of the bride and groom.

    Training rules on both sides

    With equal seriousness to matchmaking, both the bride and groom should be prepared. Each side has its own peculiarities and rules.

    What you need to cook for the groom

    Even with all the conventionality of modern matchmaking, many couples, paying tribute to the traditions, try to adhere to a certain ritual, which takes into account people's signs, superstitions, and folklore features. The first step in preparing the meeting is to agree on a convenient date with all participants - an unexpected visit to the bride's parents can put everyone in an awkward position. At the same time pay attention to the fact that matchmaking took place on a good day - do not woo on Wednesday and Friday and avoid the 13th.

    Then you should prepare a script, which will be the ceremony. Of course, one can turn to a professional matchmaker, but more often all organize themselves. Suggest that you need to matchmaking from the groom to organize a holiday in the traditional style, can older siblings. But in whatever style the script was written, the groom should prepare gifts for the beloved and her parents in advance.

    For a future wife and her mother, bouquets will become a perfect gift. For the girl gentle and refined flowers in light tones will approach, for the mother-in-law in a sign of respect it is necessary to pick up more magnificent and rich bouquet from its favorite colors.

    The future testyu will be pleased to receive a present related to his hobby( you can specify in advance his girlfriends preferences of her parents).If there are still close relatives of the bride in the house, then they too must not be forgotten - symbolic signs of attention will be very handy.

    You can not do without the groom and without the traditional loaf and engagement ring, which he wears to the lover after obtaining her parents' consent to the marriage. The caravai cuts the bride at the end of the feast, and everyone present ate a piece in sign of the inviolability of the treaty. In some areas, it is customary to tie matchmakers and parents with towels or handkerchiefs, so a young man should take care of these attributes.

    What to prepare a modern girl for the arrival of matchmakers

    A modern girl with matchmakers will not, like her great-grandmother, hide in a corner or rake away the ash from the stove. But she will prepare in advance everything that is needed to matchmaking from the bride, so that the visit of the groom with the matchmakers was fun and easy.

    In accordance with the general scenario, the girl prepares comic competitions for the groom, mother-in-law and father-in-law. You can also prepare a comic speech, in which the dignity of the future wife is colorfully painted. Particularly effective will look the story, accompanied by a colorful selection of photographs( in the form of a poster, presentation or slideshow).

    Feast after matchmaking - this is another element of pre-wedding ceremonies, called in the old days "the bride's groom", spend it in case of consent of the girl's parents for marriage. But in our time, usually the consent is received in advance, so the two rites are combined into one - after the official part of the matchmaker, the young and their parents prefer to solve all the organizational issues related to the wedding, at the festive table. So the specialty dishes will become a good advertising of culinary skills.

    Response gifts to the groom's relatives are also one of the elements of traditional matchmaking. It can be a beautiful shawl or a fashionable scarf for mother-in-law, an original souvenir or a bottle of elite alcohol beetroot, sweets or toys for younger sisters and brothers.

    If the girl knows how to work, then it's good to make gifts with your own hands - the quality thing "hand maid" will always be a worthy sign of attention, whether it's an embroidered tablecloth, warm knitted plaid or an original frame for a photo. For traditional matchmaking, the bride's house also prepares handkerchiefs for bandaging matchmakers and an icon for blessing.

    A few tips for successful matchmaking

    If young people decide to hold an event in the traditional style, then you should prepare a list of what is needed for matchmaking in advance:

    1. Matchmakers. Usually from the groom invite a matchmaker from among friends or a matchmaker from relatives. In some regions, both the bride and groom invite couples whose marriage can be called happy. The duties of matchmakers include conducting comic auctions for the bride and "concluding" the marriage agreement.
    2. Scenario matchmaking. A professional script from the agency or written by own hand is a matter of taste. The most important thing is that all participants in the action are not uncomfortable and actively participate in the ceremony.
    3. Required Attributes and Ritual Objects. Embroidered towels, kerchiefs, loaf, icons, ransom and dowry - in each locality their cult customs, so they choose them taking into account the religion and nationality of the bride and groom.

    But most importantly, what is needed to matchmaking the bride and groom is mutual love and sincere desire to create a happy and strong family.