Fashionable shoes spring-summer 2013: photo review of the best collections of the season

March 28, 2018 11:26 | Fashion Trends

Fashionable shoes spring-summer 2013 promises to be very diverse and unusual. A time-tested classic will go hand in hand with vivid epatage, gentle romantic styles and experimental avant-garde models. Creative designers of the leading fashion houses did not stint on non-standard, fresh and very appetizing solutions, replenishing their spring-summer collections not with banal "boats", ballets and sandals, but with real works of art. Bold experiments with color, shape and texture were a success! To see this, it's enough to look at the best collections of the season.

  • Trendy shoe models 2013
  • Stylish spring from Giuseppe Zanotti
  • Playful collection of shoes from Sophia Webster
  • Fantasy shoes from Dolce &Gabbana
  • Fashionable variants from Chanel Resort
  • Video review of bold shoe solutions 2013

Trend shoe models 2013

Stylish spring from Giuseppe Zanotti

Do you consider yourself an icon of style? !Prefer to always be in a trend? !Be sure to take a look at the luxurious new items from the spring collection of shoes from Giuseppe Zanotti - the legislator of shoe fashion. You will find many pleasant surprises - the glamor and excitement, an abundance of textured and decorative effects: fringe, chains, shiny metal details and original cutouts. This time, the cult brand decided not to confine itself to one topic, making a bet on diversity, which means that every woman of fashion can choose something for herself if she wants. Despite the fantasy stylistic solutions, the characteristic quality of the Giuseppe Zanotti label for high quality performance and sophistication of all presented models of footwear remains unchanged.

Every woman knows how difficult it is to choose an effective, stylish, comfortable, and at the same time not too extravagant pair of shoes. With the spring collection of Giuseppe Zanotti, this archetypal task is greatly simplified, because it included exceptionally bright, catchy, but certainly elegant and comfortable models in the sock.

Glamorous shoes with a dizzying hairpin look stunning, but the Italian brand does not mean a word, but proves that everyday shoes can be no less interesting and spectacular. To make sure of this, it is enough to look at designer sneakers on a wedge for girls who prefer youth and sports style. Curious, cheerful details in the decorative finish completely transform this popular style of shoes, turning ordinary sneakers into a bright highlight of the everyday ensemble. Lovers of more exquisite styles will appreciate the elegant spring boots, stylish boots, luxurious shoes and sophisticated sandals. Spectacular eclecticism from Giuseppe Zanotti looks incredibly tempting and captivates at first sight!

Playful collection of shoes from Sophia Webster

In the fashion industry has risen a new bright star - Sofia Webster. The creative footwear of this young and unusually talented designer simply could not go unnoticed! Abundant curious creations and its spring collection of 2013.Light, playful, imaginative styles are sure to please many women of fashion. From the feminine, graceful models in the delicate pastel palette and the spring mood and freshness. Not for nothing after graduating from the Royal College of Arts, Sofia gained experience, working as an assistant to the famous fashion designer Nicolas Kirkwood. She knows a lot about design!

In the spring line of shoes from Sophia Webster you will not see anything harsh, rude and brutal: only the smooth lines and the total triumph of femininity in form and content. To make the collection unique and unforgettable help interesting color nuances, a bold combination of colors, original prints and "delicious" decorative details: a transparent massive heel in the shape of a heart with a red heel, zebra hairpin, delicate buckles.

The source of inspiration for the designer was the culture of the Aztecs, the traditional decor of the Asian ethnic group Hmong and the extravagant designs of the cult Japanese artist Yayoi Kusuma. Having diluted these piquant motifs with colorful tropical exotics with fervent palms, romantic sunrises and sunsets, Sophia managed to give her collection of shoes a catchful playful charm.

The spring model line is represented by elegant classic boats, exquisite shoes and barefoot sandals, light ballet shoes and open toe sandals, colorful shoes on the wedge and an extraordinary designer novelty - black and white shoes with a thick transparent heel in the shape of a heart and bright turquoise and redaccents. The feminine, gay and mischievous creations of Sophia Webster will become a real highlight of your spring wardrobe!

Fantasy Shoes from Dolce &Gabbana

A new spring-summer collection of footwear from the famous brand Dolce &Gabbana pleasantly pleases with a real extravaganza of colors, funny, fantasy, outlandish forms and styles. We definitely do not have to miss! The collection turned out to be bold, cheerful and very unordinary. The creative creations of the brand always attract attention and often surprise, but this time they are simply amazed and stunned by non-standard solutions and bright innovations. Time-tested trends, patterns and standards are too boring and banal for the famous Italian fashion house. Dolce &Gabbana - a brand that does not follow the beaten track, does not copy and does not emulate, but itself serves as a reference for following and imitating.

In the Dolce &Gabbana season spring-summer 2013, in addition to dizzying studs and a variety of heels, comfortable models for every day are widely presented, even if it turns out to be hot and stuffy.

Very interesting in the collection beat the real hit of the spring-summer season - shoes on the wedge, combining the comfort of light sandals on a flat sole with the grace and charm of shoes on the heel. Textured and decorative variety turns ordinary shoes into real works of art that will become a masterpiece for ladies' legs and will certainly attract admiring glances. Thanks to bold textural contrasts, fantasy flower patterns, knitted and woven motifs, unusual structural details and a rich palette of colors, the whole collection looks very fresh, new, fun and simply luxurious!

Outlandish models of designer shoes and sandals are especially appealing to those who like non-standard solutions and bright outrage that do not tolerate mass culture. Brilliant colorful accents can completely transform the image, giving even the most simple and unpretentious ensembles a unique look. Stunning styling solutions from Dolce &Gabbana - the best antidote for boredom and dullness!

Adherents of more restrained tendencies will also find than to "regale" in the spring-summer collection of shoes from Dolce &Gabbana. Classical styles are sustained in a more relaxed muted scale and, as always, differ more refined and refined decor. Famous designers prepared a pleasant surprise for the business lady - elegant shoes on an average heel in black and brown, made in a fashion lace weave.

Fashionable variants from Chanel Resort

Leading designers of the fashion house Chanel in their new collection of shoes tried to unite all the actual trends of the spring-summer season of 2013, so it's not surprising that the collection turned out so multifaceted and diverse. Here and ankle boots, and shoes, and sandals, and ballet flats, and sneakers with lofters, and a wedge, and a heel with a hairpin. Such a wide range of models is impressive, as is the rich palette of colors and textures. Leather, suede and fabric, mint and peach, lemon and lilac, golden and bronze - the most fashionable shades and textures you will certainly find in the collection of shoes Chanel 2013.

And yet, despite such a wide range of styles and models, not the entire collectionI want to say an unambiguous yes. Best designers succeeded in shoes and sandals, but the simple "slippers" are not very encouraging, although in the "slippery" fashion there are pleasant and very unexpected exceptions, for example, a stylish model "under jeans" - espadrilles with a light blue denim top. The real "pearl" of the collection is spectacular black shoes with a thick metal heel for gold and a small platform in the tone of the heel, decorated with gold rivets and the company logo Chanel. Very elegant and stylish look at the leg and elegant white sandals with transparent inserts, which will make a wonderful ensemble and with a light summer dress, and with a business suit, and with youth jeans.

The avid fashionistas will be delighted with the designer boots in baroque style with an open toe and heel: megaktual white and gold color scheme is complemented by trendy lace inserts with elegant patterns and lacing, and the image of a "bronze" heel of bizarre shape completes.

Another fashionable innovation from Chanel - classic sneakers with a far from classical design. From now on, sneakers are openwork and perforated: the abundance of small holes will allow the leg to "breathe freely", and the lace will give an image of glamor and excitement. But in the designer loafers refinement and refinement significantly diminished. In contrast to past seasons, they are "planted" on a high, massive, deliberately rough, ribbed sole with a heel. It is not easy to fit such brutal shoes into a feminine spring wardrobe, because such a style can make your leg heavier and introduce disharmony into the image, violating proportionality. But in the loafers on the platform, you can safely walk along the spring puddles, not afraid of getting your feet wet.

Video review of bold shoe solutions 2013