Indian cosmetics for our women

April 24, 2018 00:45 | Beauty And Health

Every woman wants to keep her youth and attractiveness as long as possible. At any age, we all dream of having elastic, supple skin and beautiful, silky hair. And, in order to achieve this result, we spend considerable effort and money, visiting expensive salons and buying advertised cosmetics.

But, unfortunately, all these salon procedures give a short-term positive effect, and they should be repeated again and again. In addition, they are not cheap. As for cosmetics of well-known brands, at best, it will only correct your shortcomings, but the problem itself will not be solved. After all, in its composition - one chemistry.

And all these stories about natural ingredients - just an advertising trick, invented to attract our attention. You will see this by reading the composition of these tools - the natural components stand in it in the last place, which means that they are the least. Consequently, they have a minimal positive effect. Therefore, we, increasingly, give preference to natural cosmetics.

A real pleasant discovery for our women was Indian cosmetics. This is not surprising, because India is a country with an original culture and traditions that are more than 5,000 years old. For all this time, the Indian women received invaluable knowledge in caring for their bodies, which were passed on from generation to generation. The best proof was that the Indians many times became the most beautiful women in the world.

Indian cosmetics are often called Ayurvedic. Its basis is the philosophical teaching - Ayurveda, the main principle of which is the unity of man and nature. This is a therapeutic cosmetics, consisting of 100% of natural ingredients.

It has not only a cosmetic effect, but, above all, it affects the restoration and self-regulation of the processes necessary for the health of our skin and hair. Cosmetics Ayurveda is also used to treat skin diseases, in addition, penetrating all the cells of our body, it has a calming effect on the nervous system.

However, in order to fully experience the positive result of the use of these cosmetics, you should use them for a long time. The main function of Indian cosmetics is deep natural cleansing, preservation of natural moisture and restoration of damaged skin. It takes time to achieve this.

What about Indian cosmetics can interest our women?

One of its most important pluses is the complete absence of synthetic components.

The composition of natural cosmetics from India includes:

  • from 3 to 10 plants, which complement the healing properties of each other. Among them, as the grasses we know, and those that grow only in India( Haritaki, Nim and Ashvaganda).They have a beneficial effect on the skin, making it young and smooth, and the hair is healthy and silky. One of the important features of the production of this cosmetics is that all herbs are grown only on their own plantations and under the strict control of the producers.
  • Vegetable oils. For example, such as rose oil, lemon and almonds, as well as a large number of other essential oils.
  • Precious stones and metals.
  • Natural dyes.

And now let's list what is not in Indian cosmetics:

  • There is no sodium lauryl sulfate in it. This ingredient is found in all Western cosmetics. It serves for foaming, and is a strong allergen. In addition, it negatively affects the skin condition by removing its protective layer.
  • In Indian cosmetics, artificial flavors and fragrances are not used. Instead, they use different mixtures of natural aromatic oils, which besides a pleasant smell, have a positive effect on our skin and hair.
  • Also there are no synthetic preservatives, such as phenol and parabens. Instead, only natural means are used.

Manufacturers of Indian cosmetics are trying to combine ancient recipes and modern technologies, and at the same time find an individual approach to the needs of each person. They make many cosmetic products suitable for different types of skin and hair.

What are the products of Indian cosmetics for hair?

Natural shampoos. Have you ever noticed that in all Indian films there is not a single Indian with a short haircut? As a rule, they have luxurious, long hair. This is due to the fact that they have been caring for their hair since childhood, using only natural remedies for this.

Our hair is exposed to corrosive environment every day, such as changes in temperature and humidity. And often we ourselves spoil them, using various varnishes and foams for hair, each time drying with a hair dryer. Of course, after such procedures our hair looks dry and lifeless, and the tips begin to sechis.

In this case, Indian shampoos are a real salvation for our women. Thanks to the variety of herbs and aromatic oils contained in their composition, they gently cleanse, restore and nourish our hair from the inside. They become healthy and silky.

What kind of face and body products are made in India?

India is a country with a hot and humid climate. Therefore, Indians are characterized by oily skin with enlarged pores. Manufacturers of cosmetics make a lot of natural remedies that are struggling with these shortcomings. They perfectly clean and refresh the skin of the face.

But for women with a different type of skin there is a lot of interesting. For example, various face and body creams. They contain extracts of medicinal, Indian plants, vitamins and essential oils. Creams perfectly restore and nourish the skin of the face, making it supple and elastic. Thanks to their constant use, your skin will always remain young and healthy.

Another gift of Indian cosmetology, are essential oils. Their choice is simply huge. All of them are environmentally friendly and have a lot of applications. Essential oils and purify, and nourish the skin, reduce the number of wrinkles, and also produce a curative effect on the damaged skin. These oils are irreplaceable for the scalp and healthy hair.

But before you run to order cosmetics from India, you need to carefully study all the reviews about it. First of all, it is necessary to give preference to large producers. They have enough funds to support their own plantations and to conduct research on their products.

The most popular cosmetics brands in India are Swati( Swati), Khadi( Khadi) and Himalaya. This is due to the fact that all of their products are certified and manufactured exclusively according to the principles of Ayurveda. They use only natural ingredients and produce cosmetics for the whole family, even for the youngest children. This makeup was chosen by millions of Indians. All of them can not be wrong.

Also it should be remembered that not all Indian cosmetics are Ayurvedic. Therefore, carefully study its composition and pay attention to the manufacturer, as well as read reviews of people who have already tried this product.

Be careful, and then, using natural Indian cosmetics, you will get a lot of pleasant sensations and always look young and attractive.