Eyebrow shape for oval face

April 24, 2018 23:15 | Beauty

Oval face is considered ideal, so its owners are incredibly lucky. To emphasize the beauty of the face, the ideal proportions and expressive look will help properly selected eyebrows for an oval face. Women with this type of face can experiment with their own eyebrows, without fear that the appearance will change beyond recognition.

However, certain rules for the formation and care of eyebrows to adhere to still have. In this case, you need to consider their color, density and width, bend, as well as their own style and age.

On the oval face will look like eyebrows of almost any shape, the ideal options are straight, arched or with a soft break. What form should you choose?

Eyebrows for the oval face

Straight eyebrows

This option will emphasize graceful features, visually shorten the elongated face. When forming the straight eyebrows, pay attention to their location: if the head is located low, the view becomes gloomy, focused. To fix this is quite simple: remove a few hairs from below the eyebrows, and adjust the top with a pencil of a not too dark shade. Such a correction will make the face look open and welcoming, and the look is truly feminine.

Arc eyebrows

External calm and tranquility give the oval face an arcuate eyebrow. The classical arch over the eyes softens facial features, conceals the excessive width of the forehead, fills the look with tenderness and warmth. The arcuate shape of the eyebrows for the oval face assumes the preservation of their natural width with a smooth transition to a thin tail. The length of these eyebrows should be medium, the bend can be adjusted: the small one makes them look like straight eyebrows, but too large makes the look surprised. With the first formation of arc eyebrows, it is most convenient to use an applicator, with which it will be much easier to make eyebrows symmetrical.

Eyebrows with soft fracture

Eyebrows, the shape reminiscent of the range of bird's wings, classic and versatile. They are suitable for women with any form of face, of any age. They counterbalance facial features, visually increase the eyes. The inside of this eyebrow rises smoothly. It is two-thirds the length of the eyebrow. The width of the head should smoothly decrease towards the bend. The main thing at the same time is not to overdo it with a bend, so that the face does not become rigid, and the look is heavy.

Eyebrow shaping for an oval face

To make eyebrows for an oval face look ideal, it's important to determine their length correctly. For this, the old "grandmother's" method is suitable. Attach, for example, a pencil to the sinus of one nose with one edge. Point it through the inner corner of the eye. The point at which it touches the eyebrow will be its beginning. The end of the eyebrow should be on the line of intersection of the eyebrow with a pencil passing through the outer corner of the eye. With age, the length of the eyebrows is usually reduced to look away from the fine wrinkles in the corners of the eyes.

The facial expression depends on the width of the eyebrows. For a person with small features suitable eyebrows of medium thickness. Density and thickness can be increased with a pencil, paint, powder, the color that is selected in accordance with the skin tone. With a narrow forehead and rare eyebrows, it is recommended that the head be penciled with a lighter shade, and the tail, on the contrary, darkened.

Straight eyebrows approach the narrow face, wide - arcuate. Close-fitting eyes are visually enlarged by a large distance between the eyebrows, at least 2 cm.

The direction of the hair is given with the help of a brush, and tidy, sloppy and disobedient hairs will help special gels.

Recommendations for correcting the shape of the eyebrows

To make the eyebrows ideal, some of the hairs will have to be plucked. The shaping of the eyebrows is better entrusted to the specialist, you can support the form yourself.

For the procedure, you will need a magnifying mirror and tweezers. Tweezing is most convenient in daylight. Hands and tweezers are important to disinfect.

To reduce pain, the face before plucking can be steamed or wiped with ice. Grasping the hairs near the root one by one, pull them in the direction of growth. After the correction, the eyebrows are wiped with an antiseptic and moistened.

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