Fruit diet for weight loss

April 25, 2018 18:01 | Diets

Fruit lovers are certainly aware of their benefits to the body and figure. Fruits that contain a small amount of calories, will not only help satisfy hunger, but also lose excess kilograms. That is why fruit diets are so popular among women. Let's see if fruit diets are really effective as they are written about.

Fruit vegetable diet

It starts with the fact that, consuming for a whole week only fresh fruit in quantities up to two kilograms a day, you can easily get rid of five or even eight extra pounds.

There are a lot of fruit diets, that's why you can try to choose one that will, for example, not only promote weight loss, but also improve the skin condition.

For dry skin, for example, you need mature red fruits, and for oily, ideally suited or astringent fruit. Of course, a greater effect can be achieved if you combine a fruit diet with a little physical exertion and massage.

When choosing a fruit diet, you should also focus on your taste preferences, so that the diet is delicio

us, easy and joyful for you. The new nutrition program will be more original and enjoyable if it is supplemented with procedures that are based on the main product of the diet. This, for example, can be fruit masks for the face and body, etc.

Fruit diet for weight loss

Cleansing diet

During this diet, you can eat only fresh fruits( except bananas and grapes) and their derivatives: freshly squeezed juices and fruit purees. Duration of the diet is within 3-7 days. The amount of liquid to be drunk must be at least one and a half or two liters.

There is no separation of meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner - you just need to eat a small amount of fruit when you yourself want to eat.

Such a cleansing diet is good not only for losing weight, but also for cleaning the whole body from toxins and toxins, normalizing the work of all organs and systems.

Fruit diet from Juan Lunden

The diet menu from a well-known TV presenter is significantly different from the menu of the cleansing diet, as in addition to fruits it also includes vegetables, cereals, as well as low-fat poultry( turkey and chicken).An indispensable condition of this diet is that you need to drink at least two liters of fluid per day.

Juan Lunden, the inventor of this diet, has been enjoying and still enjoying it for many years, because the body does not suffer from a lack of any substances at all. In this diet there is no clear menu, so you can completely change your diet day by day.

Duration of the diet should not exceed seven days, which will be enough to improve your health and deprivation of 5-6 extra pounds. In food, it is recommended to consume more citrus, kiwi and pineapple, which contribute to the burning of fat.

Banana diet

This diet seems to be surprising, because the opinion has arisen that it is impossible even to think about a ripe banana to a slimming girl, but this fruit is in fact the basis of even a few fairly effective fruit diets. If you are not indifferent to bananas, this mono-diet is just for you.

Its essence is that for three days it is necessary to eat only bananas, but not more than one kilogram per day. It is also important not to forget to drink enough water. This diet is fast, because for several days you can easily lose up to 3-4 kilograms.

Fruit diet for 7 days

This variant of the fruit diet allows you to eat up to 300 grams of lean unsalted meat at lunch, and breakfast and dinner should consist exclusively of fruits, to which you can only add a teaspoon of honey.

The diet does not limit the amount of fruit that you can start eating immediately after waking up and as often as possible. After six o'clock in the evening it is recommended to drink a glass of cool, clean water.

Pineapple diet

Pineapple is a popular fat burner, so it is often taken as the basis of a fruit diet. Thanks to a large number of antioxidants and vitamins, as well as a small amount of calories( only 50 kcal per 100 grams of product), pineapple is excellent for mono-diet.

Pineapple mono-diet can last up to five days, during which the work of the intestines will significantly improve. But this diet should be treated with caution, and with increased acidity of the stomach and gastritis from her ray refuse.

"Diverse" fruit diet

Thanks to this diet, you can get rid of five extra pounds in three days. For breakfast of the first day you need to drink freshly squeezed juice and prepare a fruit salad. The same salad should be prepared for lunch, but already drink it not with juice, but with a glass of water.

For dinner there will be also a salad, but it can already be washed down with juice. On the second day, the morning juice should be replaced with cool water. Lunch of the second day will be the same as on the first day, and for dinner it is allowed to eat a couple of fruits and boiled vegetables.

The menu for the third day is as follows: juice and fruit salad for breakfast, water and salad for lunch and vegetable soup for dinner. This diet perfectly cleanses the body, but it is allowed to use it for weight loss not more than once a month.

Advantages and disadvantages of the fruit diet

First of all, there is a cleansing of the body, in which all slags and toxins are removed from it.

There is an opinion that during the observance of a fruit diet the body still receives all the necessary vitamins and trace elements, which is why you should not be afraid of such troubles as fragility of nails, hair loss and dry skin. But this is a controversial issue.

In addition, the appearance of cellulite decreases, the complexion becomes uniform and beautiful, and all this is due to the high fiber content in the fruit. Fruits can be eaten even at night, and you absolutely do not need to spend a lot of time preparing the dietary dishes. In addition, the essential advantage of a fruit diet is its effectiveness. Of course, the fruit diet has many important advantages, but, like any other dietary nutrition, there are its drawbacks. Scientists, for example, believe that with the constant use of the same fruits, fats will no longer be burned, and may even begin to "build up."

In addition, fruits contain a large amount of fructose, which, falling into the liver, turns into fat. That is why, however strange this may sound, excessive consumption of fruit can contribute to the accumulation of excess weight.

Another disadvantage of the fruit diet is that weight loss, as well as on other fast diets, is due to muscles and water, and not by burning the fatty layer.

Diet on fruits, and especially abuse of it, can lead to a lack of protein in the body.

Yes, protein starvation is one of the negative consequences of a fruit diet, and it occurs in the case of frequent use of fruit diets. Together with protein starvation, a lack of vitamin B2 is also usually shown.