How to eat less

April 25, 2018 20:30 | Diet And Fitness

All women sooner or later come to the idea of ​​reducing weight. This desire is most often due to various factors:

  • dissatisfaction with the appearance;
  • health problems;
  • interior complexes.

Despite the reason for the decision to lose weight, it is necessary to identify the effect. After all, you want to eat as before and stay slim. But this happens only in fairy tales. Real life dictates its harsh conditions.

Rules for weight loss without diets

Despite the large number of diets, there is a proven way to get rid of kilograms. It is easy and simple. You just need to reduce the amount of food you eat. This is a responsible step, which must be taken if there really is a desire to become thin.

The human body is not interested in huge portions of food. It is much more important to get quality food. But we remain true to our habits. And we get into dependence on them. The digestive organs have learned to process any amount of food. At the same time, the energy costs for this pr

ocess are enormous! It is felt every time when after a plentiful meal suddenly starts to sleep.

Reducing the usual diet will not affect your productivity at all. It is proved that the reduction of the eaten products contributes to the fact that the stomach will begin to decrease. Saturation will be due to even a small amount of food. The rest of the work will be taken by the fatty layer.

Foods that reduce appetite

Do not take this technique literally and starve, right up to fainting. To have a truthful picture of what is happening, it is worthwhile to conduct an experiment. Examine your diet for 14 days. The beginning of the study is commemorated by the purchase of a diary with an attractive cover. It will record data on how much food was used. The ideal option is to print out a table of caloric content from the Internet.

So it will be convenient to compare the effect "before" and "after".Calculating the calories absorbed per day should upset you. But this will be an excellent stimulus to self-improvement of your body. The picture on the first day of the experiment is very different from the last day of the week. You will see how the tendency of dense meals will decrease.

The whole second week behave the same way. Write, analyze, draw conclusions. Find out for what period of time the most dense reception of food falls out. By the end of the experiment, the composition of the products must be thoroughly studied. After 14 "experimental" days there are real results. The acquisition of information about nutrition is priceless. Now you can safely put dreams into reality.

How to reduce appetite and lose weight

Below we will give tips that will help reduce the consumption of excess food. Distribute meals at six equal intervals. Eat every two hours. It is better to eat the caloric part of the diet until 12 noon. The last meal should be no later than 20.00.Try to withstand in this mode a couple of days. For you will be a real discovery, the fact that gradually the feeling of hunger will come to naught.

Eat only from small dishes. This option will save you from obviously large portions. Cook for one lunch or dinner. Perceive cooking as a culinary art: invent new recipes, master new techniques. This attitude to the cooking process will help to get away from thoughts about food.

Which foods reduce the appetite of

To avoid overeating, hide food that provokes a hunger attack. Fill the ripe fruit in the vase in the apartment, in the refrigerator, let it be fresh greens, vegetables.

Make it a rule to eat salad first, and then everything else. In the salad of vegetables contains fiber, which strengthens the activity of the digestive tract. It cleanses the body of toxins. The standard filling of this dish is sunflower oil, you can use olive oil. Using a salad, it is likely that you will not want to eat harmful pastries.

A sudden attack of hunger caught you on a trip? Do not panic. Break off the cube from the tiles of black chocolate, put in your mouth and slowly eat it. The main condition - a product made of cocoa beans is a natural product. Glucose with a blazing speed enriches the blood, brain activity improves. Do not get carried away - one piece of chocolate for a fruitful launch of the brain is enough.

Legumes cause flatulence, but if they are used to prepare meals in moderation, they will bring one benefit. Familiar since childhood peas, asparagus, beans will always be relevant on your table. The famous borscht with the addition of beans did not leave anyone hungry.

How to reduce the appetite of folk remedies

The dishes of the national Thai cuisine have unique properties. Thais add sprouts of legumes to the salads. They have a beneficial effect on the functions of the internal organs of man. Also sprouted beans do not allow the hateful fat to settle in the open spaces of the body. The best time for a bean ration is early morning. After eating this dish, the body will be provided with an energy charge for the whole day.

Do not use spices and other taste improvers in your diet. They only inflame the desire to eat, not giving a full meal. Wise Japanese claim that you need to learn to take pleasure out of natural products.

It will soon become clear that making a firm decision to follow all the commandments of this method of losing weight was not a mistake. Restricting your body from an overabundance of food, you will have a great opportunity to develop your own plan for changing the diet as a whole.

On a voluntary basis, there will be a subconscious rejection of harmful foods. Thus, without painful diets, nerves and lack of sleep, you can stay slim. Having learned to control your weight, the problem of excess kilograms will disappear once and for all.