Diet on activated charcoal for weight loss

April 25, 2018 21:45 | Diets

Every year, obese people are becoming more and more on the planet, unfavorable ecological conditions and a craze for snacks on the move and fast food plants such as Rostiks and McDonald's contributes to this. But along with this, many people are looking for all new ways to lose weight, to do this for a minimum of physical and moral effort, and financially, so that such a diet is not burdensome. From this point of view, an activated carbon diet is simply an ideal option for those who want to lose weight fast and do not attend the gym.

However, there is a danger of incorrect calculation of dosage and then may lead to depletion of the body , since activated charcoal absorbs both harmful and useful substances equally well. And in order not to cause harm to your body, a diet on activated carbon should be accompanied by the intake of a complex of vitamins.

The developers of the diet suggest using one of the two available methods, in the first case, a gradual increase in the total fraction of activated carbon occurs, and in the second case, a dosage that depends on the weight of a person is initially taken.

The first version of the diet on activated charcoal

The initial intake of tablets should fall on an empty stomach, preferably only after awakening. You can start from one to three tablets, gradually bringing their quantity to the required volume. The necessary number of tablets can be calculated at the rate of one tablet per ten kilograms of a person's weight. To adhere to such a diet is necessary for ten days, and then for ten days there is a break.

2nd version of weight loss

The diet with activated charcoal for the second option involves the use of a pre-calculated number of tablets, the only difference is that their reception is divided for the whole day. It is recommended to take coal one hour before another meal, so you get three meals a day, and taking the tablets is also divided into three parts. Follow the diet for ten days, then ten days to rest the body and repeat the course.

To understand the mechanism of activated carbon in this diet, it is necessary to recall its porous structure, which allows absorbing volumes much exceeding the weight of the tablet. Getting into the body, activated charcoal collects excess medicines, poisons, if they are present, excess water or fat, as well as harmful slags and unnecessary substances. Then they are excreted from the body naturally.

Weight loss with the help of activated carbon is based on the ability of the adsorbent to remove from the human body extra waste material, which is accumulated in an enormous amount in the intestine. But if activated charcoal can tame it with diarrhea, sometimes in the process of dieting, the opposite effect is obtained. The probability of constipation should be considered as a side effect of such a diet, but it is possible to make an adjustment to your diet, providing yourself with a sufficient number of foods that contain fiber.

Undoubtedly, weight loss with activated charcoal can be considered an alternative way to get rid of extra pounds, but provided that all recommendations are strictly observed and strict health monitoring is performed.

The spread of the diet is promoted by low cost of the drug and free leave at any pharmacy in the country, as well as almost complete absence of contraindications for their use. But they are there and they need to be voiced. Activated charcoal is strictly forbidden to patients with stomach ulcers, as well as bleeding in the digestive or gastrointestinal tract.

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