Mandarins for weight loss

April 26, 2018 04:00 | Monodiet

Many people are very fond of tangerines. These fruits are very tasty, juicy, contain a whole range of vitamins, which has a positive effect on human health. In addition, the orange fruit raises the mood. The search for the orange gift will not take a lot of time, because the gift of the gift is easy to find in any store or market.

Diet on mandarins

Girls who closely monitor the condition of their figure are in constant search of new effective, well, preferably delicious food systems. Every day the number of such methods of nutrition is more and more.

Many have already experienced a tangerine slimming system. As a result, people are very happy. Most importantly, the human body does not experience vitamin starvation, because such a product is rich in a variety of vitamins.

The power supply systems themselves using mandarins can be different. When you need to quickly lose weight, to look slimmer, younger and more attractive, you need to arrange a couple of unloading days, taking in food only citrus.

This variant of weight reduction is useful not only on the eve of holidays, where you will need to look better than usual, but also after them. After all, as always it happens, because of the festive table there are extra kilograms on the dial of the scales.

In such a situation, "solar gifts" will help. All you need is to buy a couple of kilograms of tangerines in the store and consume them for three days, with tea or purified water. In addition to them, nothing to eat.

After several days of such a modest diet, standing on the scales, you will be pleasantly surprised. In order to maintain the earned result, you need to add this delicious product to your diet.

Mandarin diet menu for 3 days

Monodiet on mandarins alone will help you get rid of excess weight quickly, but do not get too involved in it, because the body should receive micro and macro elements that are contained in other foods.

Here is the menu for a weight loss system for three days, which must be strictly observed every day:

  1. For breakfast, drink green or black tea, preferably without sugar( if it is very difficult, then you can put one teaspoonful).
  2. The second breakfast you will have in the form of three or four mandarins and one boiled chicken egg.
  3. For lunch you can eat 100gr.boiled chicken meat and 300 grams of fresh salad or sauerkraut.
  4. Snack has the same list of products as the second breakfast.
  5. For dinner, cook vegetable soup, 150-200 and eat some fruit( apple, pear, kiwi, banana).

Diet diet for mandarins for 7 days

With a seven-day feeding system, you can lose from 5 to 7 kg of weight. The composition of the diet is low-calorie and low-carbohydrate.

Day One

  • Breakfast: start your morning by drinking a glass of tangerine nectar or by eating five or six pieces. You can also eat a couple of pieces of lean meat for 20-30 gr.
  • Lunch: five citrus, 250 grams.salad from vegetables, tea.
  • Dinner: boiled meat( 100-150 grams), 200 grams of salad, green tea.

Day Two

  • Breakfast: two or three boiled chicken eggs, five tangerines, coffee or tea.
  • Lunch: five to six citrus, cheese 50 grams or low-fat cottage cheese.
  • Dinner: fish 200 grams, salad of vegetables, seasoned with lemon nectar and olive oil, dietary loaf.

Day Three

  • Breakfast: a glass of citrus juice or 5-6 pieces, two tablespoons of muesli or oatmeal, one tablespoon of raisins, two or three nuts( except peanuts), four spoons of yogurt or other dairy products.
  • Lunch: five "sunny" fruits, a bowl of vegetable soup.
  • Dinner: boiled chicken breast 200 grams, two tomatoes, two or three mandarin before you go to bed. Day Four
    • Breakfast: a glass of tomato juice, one boiled chicken egg, green tea or black with lemon.
    • Lunch: five citrus, carrot salad, green vegetables, which must be filled with olive oil with 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, a slice of bread or diet breads.
    • Dinner: stewed or boiled vegetables 400 gr., Tea. Before going to bed, eat five mandarins or drink a glass of freshly squeezed juice.

    Day Five

    • Breakfast: fruit salad( apple, orange, pear, mandarin, banana), tea with lemon.
    • Lunch: baked potatoes 200 gr., Vegetable salad 200 grams.
    • Dinner: fish fillet 200 grams, a glass of tomato juice, before going to bed five main elements of the weight loss regime.

    On the sixth and seventh days, you can make your own diet from the days you liked earlier. In addition to the products described, every day you need to use one glass of low-fat kefir, when you are comfortable.

    Mandarin Diet Reviews of

    Women who adhered to the diet on juicy citrus fruit were convinced of the effectiveness of this method of losing weight. With the help of it you can get a significant charge of energy and get a good mood for the next week. Two to three kilograms per week is the average indicator of the effectiveness of this pleasant way of losing weight.

    Properties of Mandarin

    Rich in vitamins and useful elements of citrus make it an indispensable product to eat. This element of nutrition is successfully used to prevent a large number of diseases, as well as for the speedy recovery of a person. The case lies in the rich composition of this fruit.

    How to choose a mandarin

    Ripe mandarin fruits have a diameter of 6 to 10 cm, they are slightly flattened on both sides. The color of citrus may differ depending on its type, it usually has a color from light orange to dark orange. The flesh of a ripe gift of nature is soft, juicy and sweet to the taste.

    The inside consists of 10-12 lobules, which are covered with a thin skin. Most often, the peel is very easily separated from the lobules, while in the air there is a pleasant orange flavor. This phenomenon is caused by the emission of essential oils into the air.

    When selecting, you need to pay attention to the condition of the peel, which should be uniformly colored. In addition, the peel should not have physical damage and stains. The fruit itself should be sufficiently elastic, if in any place it is too soft, then most likely inside it already began to rot.

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to determine visually how much mandarinchik is sweet. To do this, it is best to buy initially a small portion, try them, and then buy as much as necessary.

    Vitamins in mandarins

    The dietary citrus fruit in its composition has a rich vitamin range. What are the vitamins in mandarins except for all known vitamin C?100 grams of pulp of this citrus contain the following vitamins:

    1. A - 60 μg
    2. B1( thiamin) - 60 μg
    3. B2( riboflavin) - 35 μg
    4. B3( niacin) - 0.35 mg
    5. B4( choline) - 10 mg
    6. B5pantothenic acid) - 200 μg
    7. B6( pyridoxine) - 80 μg
    8. B8( inositol) - 180 μg
    9. B9( folic acid) - 16 μg
    10. P - 30 mg

    Mandarin calories

    A hundred grams of pulp of this tasty gift of the sun contains only33 kcal. This is what makes a gift an extremely "easy" product, which is very important for a diet.

    But among other things, the composition of mandarin is varied:

    1. Proteins - 1 g
    2. Fats - 1 g
    3. Carbohydrates - 8 g
    4. Calcium 35 mg
    5. Sodium 12 mg
    6. Magnesium 12 mg
    7. Phosphorus 17 mg
    8. Potassium 155 mg
    9. Iron - 0.1 mg

    Mandarins benefit and harm

    Mandarin can safely be called a record holder for a variety of vitamins and nutrients. In addition, it does not contain a drop of nitrate in its composition due to the large amount of citric acid that blocks the access of chemicals to the inside of the fetus. It is very low-calorie and useful, if properly used.

    Than Mandarins

    are useful

    If we talk about the benefits of this fruit, it is first of all worth noting its ability to saturate our body with vitamins, which it needs especially in the winter. Among other things, this citrus perfectly quenches thirst, enriches blood with ascorbic acid, helps to reduce body temperature with colds.

    Citrus perfectly kills microbes inside due to its phytoncidal properties. The citrus peel is rich in essential oils, which improves digestion, as well as cough control. Use fruit is recommended for swelling, with bronchitis.

    Not so long ago, scientists concluded that the use of "sunshine" contributes to the strengthening of the cardiovascular system, which greatly reduces the possibility of developing heart disease. Also, the use of this fruit prevents the deposition of cholesterol on the walls of blood vessels.

    For the maximum usefulness of this gift, scientists recommend to use it in writing along with a white mesh, which is usually all cleaned with skin and thrown into the trash. In the fight against depression, it is also very helpful for the mandarins, soothe the nervous system of the human body and help restore the tone of the whole body.

    A squeezed mandarin juice helps get rid of fungal infections on the nails. No less useful is the peel of the orange. It contains the bulk of the pectin substance, essential oils, various organic acids, as well as flavonoids. From the peel, you can cook delicious candied fruits or potatoes with tinctures.

    Harm of mandarins

    Contrary to all useful qualities, can citrus also cause harm to the human body? Under certain circumstances, they can undoubtedly. It is strictly forbidden to eat this citrus to individuals with inflammatory diseases of the digestive and intestinal tract, ulcers and high acidity in the stomach.

    This is due to the high acid content of the "sunshine" juice, which will further aggravate the inflammatory processes and disrupt the acid balance of the digestive tract. It is worth noting that with such diseases as jade, cholecystitis, stomach ulcer, intestinal ulcer from eating oranges and similar delicacies should be abandoned completely.

    People with diabetes should remember that it contains a lot of sugar, so do not get addicted to their use. Excessive consumption of sweet citrus can lead to diabetes mellitus. You should not eat them allergic.

    People whose body is prone to allergic reactions, it is worth remembering that this sweet fruit, like other similar, very powerful allergen. In order not to harm your health, be careful and observe the measure. Watch your children, because the child is even more susceptible to various kinds of irritants, rather than an adult.

    Contraindications to the diet on mandarins

    As mentioned earlier, the mandarin diet is contraindicated in people with allergies, people with kidney, bladder, bowel, stomach, acidity, gastritis, cholecystitis, nephritis, colitis, enteritis and others. Especially harmful is the regime of weight loss for diabetics because of the high concentration of sugar in the fruit of this fruit.

    If you notice rashes, itching, the appearance of a cold during the tangerine slimming system, stop your diet, you are allergic to orange juice. Be careful and careful when eating this fruit in large quantities.

    Mandarins during pregnancy

    The period of pregnancy for a woman is one of the most important periods in her life. Adherence to proper nutrition is an important component that ensures a trouble-free pregnancy. Every future mother tries to saturate her body with vitamins. At the same time, she adds to her diet a lot of different vegetables and fruits.

    And it happens that the pregnant woman starts eating this citrus whole kilograms. Therefore, it is worth considering the question "Mandarins during pregnancy - is it the right decision?".Unequivocally in such quantity it is impossible. Do not forget that mandarin, like most citrus, is a very powerful allergen.

    If it is required to saturate the body with vitamin C, then it is better to use grapefruit. It is more neutral to the effects with the body as an allergen. But what if the next mother just incredibly wants this particular citrus? Doctors recommend unanimously not to abuse their eating, especially for ladies in the situation.

    The fact is that the allergy can develop not only in the mother, but also in the developing fetus. It will not lead to anything good. It is absolutely safe to eat one or two mandarins a day. It happens that one mother eats these gifts of nature by kilograms and nothing happens, and the second eats a couple - and the allergy begins.

    Everything depends on the specific organism, because each person has a different reaction to the use of oranges. Therefore, you need to consider this fact when drawing up your diet. It should be remembered, if you completely abandoned the use during pregnancy, then you should adhere to this until the end of breastfeeding the child.

    There is an opinion that our body knows what it needs and what does not. Therefore, if you strongly pull to eat something - eat, but do not overeat. Rumors about the incredible allergenicity of this gift of the sun are too exaggerated. Still, you do not need to get involved with such fruits during pregnancy.

    Mandarins with diabetes

    As mentioned earlier, this citrus contains a lot of sugar. Therefore, it is not possible to abuse diabetics citrus unequivocally. But nothing terrible will happen if a person suffering from diabetes mites only one or two mandarins.

    This citrus has a glycemic index of less than 50, therefore, it does not significantly increase the concentration of sugar in the blood. However, to use mandarin juice is not worth it, because it lacks fiber, which reduces the harmful effects of fructose. The most useful and safe is to use mandarin orange in a fresh form.

    Allergy to mandarins

    Such fruits are quite specific. Allergy to them can appear in any person completely suddenly. It is necessary to overeat them, how soon you will find rashes on your skin or other manifestations of an allergic reaction. At the first signs of an allergy to mandarin, you must immediately remove it from your diet.

    Otherwise, this can lead to more severe consequences. It is also recommended to drink an antihistamine drug that blocks the development of allergic reactions in your body. Allergies can occur not only because of the properties of the fetus itself.

    Like many other gifts of nature, mandarins are processed with various chemicals for successful transportation and longer storage. Therefore, be vigilant and pay attention to the supplier country, the closer it is to your city, the safer.