Castor oil for eyebrows - how to apply

April 26, 2018 12:45 | Eyebrows And Eyelashes

Not everyone of us was lucky to be born with thick and elegant eyebrows, like Kara Delevin or Salma Hayek. Oh, how we envy them! And if you are too carried away by plucking your eyebrows or removing them with wax or shaving, you may have already parted with the idea of ​​having beautiful eyebrows. However, not everything is lost. We will tell you how to use castor oil for eyebrows to make them thick and shiny, obedient and beautiful.

Rich in fatty acids, vitamin E and other nutrients, castor oil stimulates blood circulation in the skin and strengthens the growth of the eyebrows. This is a natural( and much more accessible) way to correct the shortcomings of your eyebrows.

Use of castor oil for eyebrows

Castor oil is the source of many nutrients and acids. It is a tool that has been tested for centuries by successful use. And nowadays it easily replaces cosmetic products with the richest chemical composition and no less elegant price tag.

Castor oil has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties and is the oil with the highest content of vitamin E, minerals, proteins and omega 6 and 9 useful fatty acids. Its unusually high content of ricinoleic acid makes it useful for the skin and hair. All these beneficial properties have a positive effect on the hair follicles of the eyelashes and eyebrows.

With proper use of castor oil, you can increase the growth of eyebrows or eyelashes 3 times! Also, due to the nutritional properties of castor oil thickens the hair of the eyebrows and gives them a more healthy, well-groomed appearance. That is why castor oil is so popular among the fair sex for the care of eyelashes and eyebrows.

Use only organic cold-pressed castor oil for eyebrow care. In this product, all nutrients and useful properties are maximally preserved. In special cosmetic oils, after refining and deodorizing, the content of such substances is reduced by more than 2 times. Therefore, the best choice is to buy natural castor oil in a pharmacy.

Castor oil for eyebrows application

In order to make a mask for eyebrows from castor oil, we will need:

  • Organic castor oil
  • Clean eye brush or brush from mascara
  • Small cup
  • Hot water bowl

For eyebrow careliterally 1 ml of castor oil. Pour this amount into a small glass or a glass. Put it in a bowl of hot water to allow the oil to warm up slightly. After that, moisten the brush in warm oil and wring out excess. Gently apply oil to the eyebrow area. Apply oil to each hair, so that all hairs look equally neat and well-groomed.

Then lightly pat the remains of oil from the hairs. If oil gets on the skin, it can not be removed. Oil awakens "sleeping" hair follicles in the skin and stimulates the growth of new eyebrows. This speeds up the restoration of the eyebrow, if you are carried away by her plucking.

This oil application is useful for overnight. In the morning, simply remove the debris from the skin.

Castor oil for eyebrows Photo

If you pay attention to the permanent inhabitants of the red carpet and glamorous divas of the world show business, it will immediately become clear that in the trend natural eyebrows are quite thick and wide. To achieve this effect will help our tips for eyebrow care.