How to find yourself in this life?

April 26, 2018 20:15 | Family And Relationships

When we enter adulthood, we rarely think about why the routine so quickly swallowed us, and all the bright dreams faded against the background of a measured life, from which boredom. Not so long ago we were making ambitious plans for life, and today we were simply "blown away".

Listen to your subconscious mind, does it tell you that it's time to change something and move in a completely different direction? In which? This is another question!

Now that you have recognized the alarm bell of your forgotten self, you can boldly look for a straw that will become a saving bridge to the world of discovery, helping you to know yourself. It's time to take concrete actions, because it's better than continuing to ask yourself meaningless questions: how did I come to such a life, why did I ever get frightened and chose the easy way, why I do things that I do not like, etc.?

Correct installation of

Remember that:

  • firstly, - thoughts have the property to materialize;
  • secondly, - it all depends on you;
  • in the third place, an attempt is not torture.

Aspiring for fruitful changes, immediately adjust to the positive and that the final result of your efforts will certainly be positive. So you will ask yourself the right attitude. At the next stage, you need to decide how drastically you want to change your life. It's no secret that each of us is content with life in different ways, which is why everyone must determine for himself what his future actions will be like.

So, if you do not consider yourself a fully-fledged person, then start thinking about what you want to achieve, in addition to what has already been achieved.

Getting started with

You can start by quitting your unloved job, which all this time only bore you down and brought nothing but a small salary and big problems. Of course, it is better to find in advance another workplace where you will feel as comfortable as possible physically and psychologically. Going to the interview, radiate confidence that you are the only worthy candidate and will certainly cope with all the duties. Remember that there must be a significant difference between the previous and future work, otherwise, what's all this for? The difference, for example, can be a change in the scope of activities, a convenient schedule of work with the opportunity to engage in additional earnings, etc. If your current job suits you perfectly, then stay on it, sending all the thoughts to bring in your life a littleuseful creativity, without interruption from production.

You can become a member of a club where you will be interested in spending time, and where you will learn what is useful to you in life. It can be a club in which they learn "sign language".In it, you will learn to immediately "identify" the interlocutor and will already know: what to expect from him, how to behave with him - this is sure to come in handy for you in life.

Alternatively, start learning a foreign language, having set a goal to visit the country whose language you are studying - so you will have an incentive to move forward quickly.

You can also recall that you loved in a deep youth: singing, dancing, drawing, etc.?You can try to demonstrate your talents in public: sing in karaoke, write a picture, etc. Having taken a favorite and forgotten business, you will immediately feel how a positive wave pierces your whole body.

Perhaps you are dreaming about something extreme: to conquer a high mountain peak, to jump with a parachute or to explore the seabed with scuba? To you it is inexpressibly lucky, because now there is a mass of opportunities to master any of these sports with the help of an instructor. Go to meet the new adventures that await you!

Try yourself in the field of cooking: surprise friends and acquaintances with your crowning dish! So you can sometimes relax for a favorite pastime, which at the same time brings benefit and pleasure. Against the background of the fact that the number of dishes is huge, you will constantly develop in this respect, studying the recipes of the cuisines of the peoples of the whole world.

Do you feel admiration when contemplating pictures in the photo gallery? Then pick up the camera, capture your own vision of the world and show the pictures to people!

Summing up the

In general, there are a lot of options for finding your place in life. Act, act and act again! Try to go in different directions! You can find yourself in the most unexpected sphere, which will be a real surprise for you. Do not be afraid to fantasize and try your hand! Following the irresistible desire for change, try to abstract yourself from the thoughts of an inevitable failure - then you will definitely find your calling!

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