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An essential oil is peach oil, which can be used in cosmetology, cooking,purposes. Its regular use will allow both women and men to maintain their attractiveness and health.

Features of

With the help of conventional mechanical pressing of pits specialists extract peach oil of cold pressing. The received raw materials, as a rule, are cleaned and supplemented with a vitamin complex to offer first-class refined oil to shoppers and pharmacies.

How to choose a quality substance?

On the shelves of cold pressed oil is extremely rare. Usually this means of light yellow shade differs characteristic smell and taste. Refined oil is pale yellow. It has a refined aroma and a weak but at the same time mild flavor.

The cost of this cosmetic product can vary depending on the volume of the bottle in which it is sold. The average price for 20 ml of oil can reach 1 cu. Buying more, you can save: the price for 55 ml usually does not exceed 2.5 cu.

At purchase it is necessary to study attentively the date of manufacture and to estimate, how much time remains before the end of the period of validity. Do not buy a product that can deteriorate within six months: the packaging is usually enough for a fairly long period.

Action on the skin

The effect of the substance on the skin is simply astounding. The use of peach oil will enable:

  • Smooth the shallow wrinkles
  • Eliminate dryness and get rid of peeling
  • Tighten the skin: it will become supple and elastic
  • Remove all kinds of inflammations
  • Improve skin color

Improve health with natural tools

Cosmetic oil from the bones has brightly expressedhealing properties:

  • Relieves pain syndrome
  • Promotes early healing of wounds
  • Discharges heavy metals from the body
  • Isantitumor and anti-inflammatory substance

Properties and composition

The healing and cosmetological properties of the oil are due to the presence of unusually important fatty acids: linolenic, stearic, oleic and palmitoleic. In addition, the remedy is rich in vitamins B and E, minerals( potassium, phosphorus, iron), carotenoids.

Thanks to a huge number of useful substances, peach seed oil is used to stimulate metabolism and circulation processes and purification of the biliary tract.

When is the best way to use the tool?

Peach oil, the properties and application of which will ensure high-quality care for hair and skin( body, face, hands), it will be perfect for most women.

It is recommended to start using the remedy for itching and revealing symptoms of increased dryness of the head and hair. It is perfect for girls who struggle with the problem of the tips of the tips.

Specialists note that the use of the drug is allowed regardless of age: it is hypoallergenic and has no side effects.

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Use of the comprehensive care package

If you have chosen peach oil for yourself, the instructions for use are mandatory: you will find good recipes and valuable tips for using the product.

Gentle Face Treatment

The use of peach oil for the face will certainly give positive results. The drug is best suited to the owners of dry, problematic and fading skin. With it, you can also gently care for the skin of the eyelids.

For this, it is recommended to mix sandalwood, peach, limetta and rose oil. Just one drop of each of the drugs will be enough to smooth out small facial wrinkles, tone the skin and reduce eye fatigue.

Soften the skin of hands

Special attention is paid to women's skin condition, which is a reflection of age and an indicator of grooming. This part of the body is subjected to the most intense and regular effects, and therefore requires constant complex care.

Combining jojoba and peach oils, women can achieve really amazing results: the skin will become soft, velvety and smooth. Experts recommend to apply this remedy before bedtime. If desired, you can use special cosmetic gloves made from natural cotton: this will enhance the effect and achieve early positive changes.

Improving the state of hair

Peach oil for hair has a wide scope of application, as it perfectly suits holders of different types of curls. For example, to reanimate too dry hair can be using a nutritious mask consisting of peach oil( 1 tablespoon) and cottage cheese( 2 tablespoons).If desired, supplement the product with honey( 1 tea).

Mixing all the ingredients until uniform, the agent can be applied over the entire length. With regular application, you will notice an improvement in the state of the hairstyle.

Home beauty recipes

Every girl can try to make home cosmetic products based on peach oil. For example, you can grind cottage cheese( 1 tablespoon) and add peach seed oil( 1 tablespoon).The resulting mixture should be applied to the pre-cleaned skin for a quarter of an hour. The procedure is able to perfectly tone and nourish the skin of various types.

Skin eyelid care is also simple: women only need to lubricate the skin around the eyes with clean cosmetic oil. This procedure will increase the level of elasticity of the skin, give it firmness and prevent wrinkles.

Using oil, you can soften your lips and prevent their airing. For this, it is recommended to mix the oils of wheat germ, peach and jojoba in equal proportions.

Curative recipes

Peach oil can be used to treat beriberi, conjunctivitis, anemia, respiratory ailments and burns.

Application for the nose

Natural ingredients, the constituent oil, can fight colds. Experts argue that the tool is effective for both adults and children. A positive result will give the usual instillation of oil in the nose when revealing the first signs of respiratory ailments.

The drug must be purchased at the pharmacy, since cosmetic oil is not used for the treatment and prevention of colds. Adults need 3-4 drops in each nostril, while for children 1-2 drops will be enough.

Drip the drug 3-4 times a day for a week. To runny nose, the otolaryngologists are advised to rinse the nasal cavity with a water-salt solution before burying with peach oil.

Such therapy will help not only to quickly overcome a cold, but also will significantly strengthen the capillary walls of the nasal mucosa. Microelements that make up the oil affect the pathogenic bacteria, which helps prevent the development of complications such as sinusitis and sinusitis.

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Use of oil in cooking

Thanks to the versatility of peach oil, it can be used not only in cosmetology, dermatology and medicine, but also in cooking. Most often they are seasoned with salads - this gives them a refined taste and a special flavor.

Combining elite sorts of cheese with peach butter, you can get a really unusual, but at the same time harmonious taste combination, capable of hitting even the true gourmets.

Features of using peach oil: video

Useful properties of peach oil have been known since ancient times. Today the range of use of this oil is so large that it is easier to list in what area it is not used.