Can I lose weight if I twist the hoop

April 27, 2018 10:00 | Diet And Fitness

Almost every child in his childhood dreamed of a hoop, and could spin it all day, when his parents still bought it. Today you have a wonderful opportunity to lose weight with the help of a hoop and at the same time remember your childhood.

Today, few people are surprised by the question of whether you can lose weight with the help of a hoop, but people who twist it and do various exercises with it, while dropping excess pounds, it becomes more and more.

If the hoop is properly used, you can lose weight, visually highlight the waist and remove the tummy. In addition, the action of the hoop is equated with the action of the massage. Hoop for weight loss is also called hula-hoop, but we have this name is not very common.

Weight loss with the help of a hoop

With the help of a hoop you can remove excess kilograms and centimeters in the most problematic places of the female body, namely the hips, buttocks and abdomen. Classes with a hoop also help to strengthen the cardiovascular system and

promote the normal functioning of the intestine.

Choosing a hoop

If you still decide to use a hoop for weight loss, you need to give proper attention to choosing a simulator, so that your workouts give the maximum result. How to make the right choice?

First of all, you need to remember that for effective weight loss you need to use iron or weighted hoops. The fact is that a conventional plastic hoop is very light, so it does not have the proper effect on fat cells.

The most optimal weight of the hoop is one kilogram weight. But do not overestimate your capabilities - if your muscles are press or loins are weak, too heavy hoop can only harm and adversely affect the condition of internal organs. If you are quite new in this business, it is recommended to use a hula-hoop weighing in the range of 500-800 grams.

Today comfortable models are very popular, in which you can adjust the weight with the help of special attachments so that you can start with an easy option and gradually add weight during the training.

Gymnastic hoops for weight loss

1. Iron hoop is a classic model, which, most likely, is somewhere in the pantry for many. They can be used by both beginners and advanced users.

2. Massage hula. On its inside there are special massage balls, thorns, ribs, etc. This hoop helps effectively break down cellulite deposits, improve blood circulation, and massage the internal organs, especially the intestine.

3. Flexible hoop is a kind of combination of hoop, as well as a slimming simulator. It is made of reinforced rubber, due to which it is easily deformed. In addition, its resistance during the execution of different exercises can be regulated by adding or lowering the air.

4. The detachable hoop is very convenient for transportation and storage, since it consists of 6-8 elements. In addition, its kit may also include massage attachments and weighting agents. But with such a hoop you need to be extremely cautious, because it can easily break in the junctions.

You need to determine for yourself, which hoop suits you best. In addition, many modern models are equipped with special calorie counters and timers, which is also very convenient.

Learning to twist hula hoop

First of all, you need to read and take note of some simple tips about using a hoop.

1. It is not recommended to wrap the hoop immediately after eating. It is important that at least one and a half or two hours pass, and only after that you can start training. Well, after training it is recommended not to eat for another half an hour.

2. When rotating the hoop, you should try to keep your back flat, and your stomach tense. In this case, it is desirable to place the feet slightly wider than the shoulder level for better stability and vestibular apparatus.

3. During the rotation of the hoop, you must try to use the upper abdomen and buttocks, periodically rotating the hoop then below, then above the waist.

Now you can already go directly to the process of rotation of the hoop. How much it is necessary to twist the hoop for weight loss depends, as a rule, on the physiological characteristics of a particular person, the intensity of training, and also the diet.

In order not to wait a long time, it is recommended to twist the hoop for at least ten minutes every day. The more you put your feet, the more difficult it will be to keep the balance and the hoop itself, so more muscles will be involved.

It is also important to monitor your breathing, which in no case can not be delayed, because the oxygen that enters the body during exercise makes it easier to burn fat cells.

Performing exercises with a hoop, you need to periodically change direction, but you do not need to "hang out".It is important that the body is in tension and made minimal movements, otherwise you just hurt your spine.

You are sure to gain experience with time and you can lower the hoop to your knees, and also raise it to the chest level, breaking the fatty deposits on the buttocks and thighs, and also strengthening the muscles of the upper press.

Exercises with a hoop for weight loss

In addition to the usual rotation, it is also possible to perform various gymnastic exercises for weight loss with the use of a hoop. Such exercises can be an excellent addition to your training and help speed up the process of losing weight several times.

So, for example, to increase the load, you can twist the two hoops at the same time and, after training, try to lower them to the level of the hips, and then lift them back. With a flexible hoop, you can perfectly shake your legs.

To do this, lie on your back and put your feet inside the hoop, then divert them to the side( you need to feel the resistance of the hoop) and then return to the starting position.

In the same way, it is possible to carry out the exercise for the hands, for which it is necessary to step on the hoop, pass the hand and pull the hand to yourself - you need to repeat it ten times, then change your hand and repeat the same.

Contraindications to the use of the hoop

To twist the hoop, as for any other activity, there are contra-indications. It is not recommended to twist the hoop in the presence of any problems with the back or diseases associated with the abdominal organs, as well as during painful menstruation. In addition, the hoop is strictly forbidden to twist pregnant.

So, if you previously had doubts about whether you can lose weight with the help of a hoop, now you can be completely confident that it is real. Successful trainings for you!