Types of hair removal, hair removal, which epilation is better

April 28, 2018 06:01 | Hair Removal And Depilation

A woman is a contradictory creature. In some parts of the body, hair loss equals tragedy, on others - the goal. Removal of unwanted hair on the body - this is the topic that, perhaps, faced every woman and every woman dreams of making her skin smooth.

Ingrown hair after epilation and how to get rid of them

This problem occurs often when the procedure for removing unwanted hair was not carried out according to the rules. Of course, there is nothing terrible in this phenomenon, but there are unpleasant sensations( itching, burning) and aesthetics suffer( there are pustules, pink cones).All these troubles are easiest to prevent. This problem is most affected by the bikini zone, since it is there that the toughest hair grows, which is most difficult to "pierce the road," and they seem to get stuck under the skin. To avoid this, there are several simple rules for the procedure of hair removal:

  • hair is best not shaved by an ordinary blade machine, but to do shugaring or even use a depilator;
  • to the epilation procedure should be prepared: take a shower, it will slightly ripen the skin and make the process of getting rid of hair less painful;
  • periodically need to exfoliate the skin with the help of scrubs and peelings;

Also an excellent remedy for hair removal in case the hairs often grow, is a depilation cream. It does not injure the skin, and the hairs are removed from the surface evenly.

If this trouble does happen, then you should not pimple the pimples, because there is a danger of infecting and getting a full-fledged boil instead of a small abscess, which can not be dealt with without the help of a surgeon.

If there is an abscess, then a good tool against it is the application of a tampon with salicylic acid several times a day.

Also suitable for this purpose is a conventional aspirin tablet, crushed in water. Another effective tool is regular scrubbing of the skin with ordinary ground coffee or salt mixed with olive oil. Mechanical removal of ingrown hairs is possible if you see the tip of the hair near the surface. Then you can poddet hair with a sterile needle and pull it with tweezers. Do not forget that all tools must be either disposable, or at least treated with alcohol, and hands washed.

Hairpinning how to do

This kind of epilation for Russian women was a discovery just recently, but among the oriental beauties, hair removal has long been popular. The essence of the method is that in a specially twisted silk thread spend on a clean and dried area of ​​the skin, where you want to remove the hairs. Unwanted "vegetation" is, as it were, twisted into a loop and then removed with a root. For successful carrying out of procedure key is the moment of preparation of sites of a skin for an epilation. They need to be cleaned, steamed and then dried. Next, a thread of length 50-60 cm is taken and twisted by a figure eight, the loop must be duplicated 8-10 times.

The hairs for this procedure should be long enough, at least 4-5 mm. The index finger and thumb are passed through the hinges on both sides. This "eight" moves in the direction right-to-left, the fingers extend the loop so that the hairs are gripped by a twisted centered knot. Then it is necessary to pull out the hair that has got into the knot. For a successful procedure, of course, you need to get it done. However, in fact it is not so difficult as it may seem when reading the description. To the unconditional benefits of epilation, the thread can be attributed to the lack of special tools and the fact that the procedure is free of charge.

Filament epilation - video

How to reduce pain with epilating with epilator

Another way to get rid of unwanted hair for a long time is to use an electric epilator. However, the review of this procedure is unambiguous - it is very painful.

If before it to steam out a skin it is possible to reduce a pain from an epilation a depilator. Also during the procedure, you can slightly stretch the skin, which can also reduce discomfort. Even before you remove the hair with a depilator, you can lightly freeze the skin - attach ice to the desired area, for example, in special bags. After such an "analgesia" the procedure is easier. Even on the skin, you can apply painkillers based on lidocaine.

There are two types of hair removal: depilation( removal of the visible part of the hair).This form includes shaving and chemical methods( depilation cream).There is also hair removal - hair removal along with the "root".

There are a lot of types of hair removal today: it is mechanical removal of hairs with the help of the same thread or epilator, the so-called "bioepilation"( shugaring, wax), using hardware methods( photoepilation, laser).

Epilation which is better

Each woman independently decides on the ideal way to remove unwanted hair. Let's talk about the pros and cons of various ways.

Epilation of the thread - the procedure is actually free, if you pull out the hairs with the help of a depilator, the financial investment is done once, it's not so expensive. Among the advantages of these methods is also worth noting that the hair follicles are partially destroyed under their influence. Minus is a soreness and a frequently occurring problem of ingrown hair.

The advantage of wax epilation is that a lasting effect is achieved, minus the same painful procedure. Shugaring is good at low cost of materials and the fact that the procedure can later be carried out less and less, the hair follicle is destroyed, but this type of hair removal is very sensitive.

Photoepilation and ELOS-epilation are good for a very long lasting effect after them( the smoothness of the patches can last up to several years after the course, in the case of the ELOS hair will never grow again), it is not too painful. A significant disadvantage is a high price and a number of contraindications.

When choosing the ideal method of hair removal, one should be guided by the individual skin features, whether or not allergic reactions occur, the level of pain threshold, and also their financial capabilities. The compromise option will lead you to the ideal - flawless smooth skin.