Subcutaneous pimples on the face: ways to solve

April 28, 2018 08:30 | Problem Skin
  • Reasons for the appearance of subcutaneous acne
  • Who is at risk?
  • How to treat subcutaneous acne
  • How to get rid of subcutaneous acne home remedies
  • Remove subcutaneous acne on the face with masks
  • Prophylaxis for internal acne
  • Basis of everything is proper nutrition
  • Subcutaneous acne on the face: video

Causes of subcutaneous acne appearance

Subcutaneous acne on face,as a rule, are very painful and cause a lot of trouble to their owners.

Firstly, they do not "ripen" for a long time, and it is almost impossible to squeeze them, and secondly, they have a rather unpleasant appearance. Often when trying to squeeze out such a pimple on the skin there is a bluish-red spot, and the pimple becomes firm and only increases in size.

If ordinary small pimples can be the result of increased skin fatness or banal allergies to cosmetics, then the cause of painful subcutaneous acne are internal disorders.

These may be deviations in the hormonal background of the body, associated with transient age or nervous overstrain, as well as abnormalities in the work of the gastrointestinal tract. With weakened immunity, subcutaneous pimples can appear after a strong hypothermia of the body.

In polycystic ovaries in women and girls, painful subcutaneous neoplasms appear, usually on the chin. They do not pass very long, and the face seems swollen and loses clear contours. It is a hormonal disease requiring consultation of the appropriate specialist.

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Who is at risk?

Both young men and girls are prone to the appearance of subcutaneous pimples, but quite often this problem also affects rather mature people. If hormonal problems are excluded, the cause should be sought in your diet.

If a person consumes semi-finished products daily, mayonnaise, white bread( macaroni including) and sweets, the risk of unpleasant subcutaneous acne increases.

The fact is that these products contain an increased amount of simple sugar - glucose. It is therefore called "simple", that, getting into the body, it is instantly absorbed into the blood and distributed in organs and tissues. In turn, the bacteria that live on the problem skin, are very "happy" with this and begin to multiply at a frenzied rate.

In parallel with the wrong food, the skin begins to secrete more sebum - sebum, and as a result, the following picture is obtained: the pores are clogged, the conditions for bacteria are extremely favorable, and one after another, more and more inflammations appear on the skin. Something like this happens.

Separately in the risk zone is to identify people who are sedentary. They change the entire internal organization of processes and systems, in particular: the tone of the smooth muscles of the intestines decreases, which leads to constipation, as a result of which all toxins from the colon enter the tissues, causing skin inflammation.

The lethargy( hypotonia) of the gallbladder develops, the pancreas also starts to work incorrectly. All these organs are the components of the unity of the gastrointestinal tract, the correct work of which is the guarantee of healthy skin. Therefore, their frustration causes acne and pustules on the skin, and in some cases, these same subcutaneous pimples.

Insufficient physical activity also leads to weight gain and poor overall health. The metabolism is disturbed, and with it the metabolic processes in the skin are also violated. Appear acne.

Separately, mention should be made of the dangers of smoking for the skin. The fact that harmful tar regularly entering the body of a person who smokes can cause oncological diseases of the respiratory system is known to everyone, but that young people and girls do not know that cigarette smoke is the determining factor in the deterioration of the skin condition.

Some people after smoking appear large inflamed pimples, including subcutaneous, and they pass very long. Simply, it can be called an allergic reaction to tobacco, but in fact, everything is a little more complicated: the human body gets rid of harmful substances in various ways, including through the skin through which all the toxins are discharged through the filter. The result, as it is easy to guess, is black dots and pimples.

It is also worth noting that sometimes pimples appear from illiterate use of vitamins, in particular, vitamin complexes. The fact is that vitamins can not be confused with each other. The exception is, perhaps, only vitamins A and E. In other cases, vitamins can cause a negative skin reaction and trigger the appearance of acne.

How to treat subcutaneous acne

Subcutaneous pimples are called infiltrates in another way. It is an accumulation of pus, dead skin cells, sebum and intercellular fluid. Infiltrates can be quite large, and in some cases, surgical intervention is necessary.

However, this can be avoided.

First, you need to do everything possible to exclude factors that affect the appearance of any skin inflammation and listed above.

Secondly, you need to constantly maintain immunity, with the help of competent and systemic intake of vitamins including.

Well, thirdly, at an early stage of infiltrate formation( subcutaneous pimple), it is recommended immediately to contact a medical center practicing cosmetological hypodermic ozone injections.

Gaseous ozone is injected very thinly into the skin along the perimeter of the inflammation and neutralizes it. The matter is that this substance is the strongest natural antiseptic. In addition, ozone normalizes absolutely all processes occurring in the skin, due to the saturation of its cells with active oxygen. Local immunity increases, the skin is smoothed, its elasticity and health are restored.

For the treatment of a subcutaneous acne, at least 5 procedures are required. First the pimple ceases to grow and the redness decreases, and then it dissolves completely. To enhance the effect in these same centers, it is possible to purchase ozonized vegetable oil, which has the same powerful anti-inflammatory effect, and lubricate the problem areas before bed.

How to get rid of subcutaneous acne home remedies

Another natural antibiotic is the essential oil of tea tree. The secret of aromatherapy lies in the fact that essential oils in therapeutic proportions are mixed with any vegetable oil and become a real miracle cure - from skin problems including. In the ozonized oil mentioned above, a few drops of tea tree aether can be added, and the effect from it will intensify at times.

Also for the treatment of subcutaneous acne, you can use the opposite method - aimed at "pulling" the contents out. For this, special ointments are used, which can be bought cheaply in any pharmacy.

Creams with retinol( modified vitamin A) also help well from subcutaneous acne and are suitable for home treatment, but in order for these products to have an effect, they need to be used for a long time - from six months. Retinol restores the structure of the skin, and it loses its tendency to acne. However, it does not help everyone, and someone even causes intolerance.

Creams with retinol are pharmacy products with contraindications. To combat "subcutaneous" and with problem skin in principle, you can use cosmetics with alpha hydroxy acids( AHA) and beta-hydroxy acids( BHA).They thin the problem skin in the good sense of the word, and its pores stop clogging.

These funds are quite expensive, they are produced, mainly, only by professional cosmetic companies and also require systematic home use. However, it is worth considering that in the sunny season you will additionally use sunscreen products, since thin peeling skin is prone to the appearance of pigment spots.

We remove subcutaneous acne on the face with masks

Well "pulls" the subcutaneous pimples mask from boiled onions. The onion should be boiled, put on the face and covered with a plastic wrap. It is recommended to keep longer, at least an hour.

Remove the subcutaneous pimple, the mask-mixture of honey with the juice of the same onions helps a lot. She pinches the skin quite hard, and it takes at least half an hour to keep it on her face, but after a month of weekly application there will be a lasting result. This mask not only dries the pimples well, but also nourishes the skin well due to the nutrients contained in honey, and the appearance of the face improves significantly.

You can make a mask of honey with aspirin powder. It is imposed on the person warm, keeps half an hour. Such a mask not only promotes resorption of subcutaneous acne, but also excellently removes black dots. With regular application, the pores are cleaned and tapered.

Prophylaxis for internal acne

To maintain immunity, it is good to use tincture of Echinacea purpurea, as well as Vitamins AEVIT( vitamin A + vitamin E) and pentovit( B vitamins).

As already mentioned, use vitamins separately, for example:

  • for 1 month - Aevit 1 capsule 2 times a day with meals;
  • then within 1 month - pentovit according to the instructions;
  • is also useful ascorutin( vitamin C + vitamin P), which well strengthens the blood vessels in the skin and increases overall immunity.

Perfect prevention of the formation of internal pimples are intravenous injections with ozone: through the dropper is introduced saline with gaseous O3.Procedures are done every other day, only 5-10 procedures. The course should take place at the end of summer or early autumn, before the onset of cold weather. The effect is remarkable: catarrhal diseases bypass you, and acne for a long time leave the face.

All these procedures need to be combined with maintaining the normal functioning of the digestive tract. Preparations containing bifidobacteria and lactobacilli, will never damage the skin. With their regular application of "scrapers" can be forgotten forever.

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The basis of everything is proper nutrition

Of course, even from the most effective means of subcutaneous acne,sweet, sharp and fried foods will prevail. It is necessary to forget, first of all, about carbonated drinks and fast food. Chips and other "food in bags" is contraindicated.

It is recommended to consume more fresh fruits and vegetables, buy only natural juices without added sugar and preservatives. Periodically, you can eat baby food, especially during periods of exacerbations.

Fried potatoes are taboo! If possible, everything is only boiled. Macaroni can be eaten, but they should only be from hard wheat varieties.

Fig - only brown. Also, avoid eating fatty red fish such as salmon or trout: this is a strong allergen.

Sweets are best replaced with dried fruits, and ordinary sugar - fructose. It can be purchased at the pharmacy or in the diabetic department of the supermarket. There you can find chocolate that does not cause the appearance of acne: it must necessarily be bitter!

And in general, a healthy diet can solve all the problems of the body, especially at a young age: together with the improvement of digestion, absolutely all processes will be adjusted, just for this you need to be patient.

Subcutaneous acne on the face: video