Useful properties of mango and its contraindications

April 28, 2018 09:45 | Beauty And Health

Recently, more and more popular are gaining exotic fruits and vegetables, there are more and more connoisseurs of their unusual taste and appearance. Probably, this is due to the fact that in recent years to buy such products is not difficult, on the shelves of supermarkets you can find anything you want, and the fragrant Indian mango has long been no exception.

The Asian legend says that it was the god Shiva who brought up the magnifer( tree with mango fruits) for his lover, and Buddha himself loved to walk and rest in beautiful blooming mango gardens. No wonder, the Indians call this fruit "king of fruit", because for them it is a very revered and iconic culture.

Since ancient times, Indians have been aware of the beneficial properties of mangoes, there are many traditions associated with this fragrant fruit and, most interestingly, most of them are still observed by the people of India.

In addition to its homeland, the Asian apple( the second known mango name) grows in Pakistan, Thailand, Spain, Mexico, Guatemala and in many other Asian countries with a hot climate. The world knows about 300 kinds of mangoes, but only about 35 varieties are cultivated, which come to our stores.

Ripe mango can be green, yellow, red and even black, such a variety of color palette, of course, complicates the definition of ripeness of this fruit, but, in fact, there are ways that will help you to orient yourself in the degree of ripeness and quality of mangoes.

How to choose a juicy, ripe and fragrant Asian apple? Unfortunately, for most of us, such a fruit is still exotic to this day, so when you approach the counter, you always get lost in guessing what kind of fruit is better?

After all, ripe fruits have all that important and abundant supply of nutrients for which mengoes in India are so valued and respected! First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to that part of the fruit that is located closer to the peduncle: when pressed it should be elastic, but not hard as a stone.

Bring the fruit closer to the nose: it should produce a fruity pleasant aroma, if the turpentine smell is clearly felt, then the fruit is either not ripe, or it is just such a variety that is valued less than others. Be sure to pay attention to the peel - it should be shiny, smooth, without scratches or dents.

If you still did not manage to buy a ripe fruit, do not worry, it can ripen and at home: for this it is enough to wrap it in a dark paper and send for a week to lie in a dark corner of your house.

And here if you put the mango in the refrigerator, then all the processes of ripening stop there, but remember that it is not recommended to keep it in the cold for long, because, over time, it loses its flavor, the pulp becomes soft and tasteless.

Composition and useful properties of Asian apple

As we have already said, mango is famous not only for its incredible taste, but also for the rich vitamin composition, useful substances and minerals that are so essential for the health and beauty of the human body. This fruit is rich in vitamins A, D, E and Group B, and the content of vitamin C is so great that even sometimes it goes around the most juicy and fresh citrus fruits!

Besides this mango is rich in minerals, trace elements: potassium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, calcium, magnesium and others. Plus, among the other famous fruits, mango is distinguished by the fact that it contains a wide range of essential amino acids, that is, those that are not synthesized inside the body, they must be absorbed along with food.

Amino acids are rarely found in plant products, which makes it possible to use mango to lose weight without causing damage to health.

It should be noted that not only the fruits, but also the leaves of such plants can boast of their useful properties, for example, they contain tannins, they are also tannic acids that are widely used in medicine. In addition, mango leaves are considered to be a fairly strong plant tranquilizer.

At home, Asian apples are actively used in folk medicine, their unique combination of vitamins and minerals, allows them to be used to treat many diseases of different organs. For example, it is recommended to include mango in a day diet with depression and stress, it is enough to add it to desserts or any other dishes. Indians are convinced that the fruits of such a great tree can heal cancer, especially the sex organs.

European doctors recommend using this fruit to combat neurotic conditions, in addition, mango is a rather powerful aphrodisiac, which can increase the libido of both sexes.

As you know, pieces of necessarily ripe mango fruit help with heart muscle diseases: for this it is enough to put them under the tongue and, as long as possible, chew in the mouth.

Thus, it is likely to strengthen and strengthen the work of the heart, as well as prevent myocardial infarction. But unattractive mango is a good tool that helps fight diarrhea, for this, its flesh is taken with honey or salt. The juice of the mature fetus is actively used to treat genitourinary diseases, in addition, they can lubricate the skin affected by dermatitis or eczema.

But do not forget about the contraindications: this fruit in an immature form can cause gastric colic, as well as irritation of the respiratory tract, but from overeating mature mango may appear fever, urticaria, or clogging of the stomach.

Mango in cooking and diets

Calorie content of 100 g of this product is only 60 g, in addition, scientists have long ago found out that it contains flavonoids that affect the substances by which, and develops a feeling of hunger in the human body.

Thus, mango is an ideal product for those who want to lose weight, especially for this already exist mango-milk, mango-rice and mango-pineapple diets. The principle is simple: for a few days, you can eat only mature mango and skim milk products if you decide to use a mango-milk diet.

For a few days of strictly observing the regime of such nutrition, you can throw 2-4 kg, however, you should remember that this is a strict diet, so you can stick to it for not more than 1 week, so as not to harm your body.

Many wonder how they eat such a miracle fruit? There is nothing complicated: a thin skin is cut off, the fruit is cut into two parts, from where it is necessary to get a dense bone, about which, if you are reckless, you can break your teeth.

And how is the Asian apple used in cooking? It turns out that besides the fact that mango can be eaten in its pure form, it is added as an important ingredient in light salads and desserts, pies, cakes, ice cream with fruit, jam and jam - this is only a small part of what can be made from mango.