Advantages and features of acreogi for beginners

April 28, 2018 18:30 | Beauty And Health

Perhaps the most spectacular, amazing and picturesque kind of yoga is acrooga - a complex of body practices that involve working in pairs. It best combined the spiritual wisdom and harmony of classical assan yoga, the comfort and healing effect of Thai massage, as well as all the power and plasticity of acrobatics.

As a matter of fact, the very name of "akroyoga" also has developed from two components - "acro", that is acrobatics and, accordingly, yoga. This practice is called new and modern, it appeared only recently, however, has already managed to acquire a large number of young and active fans. So, what is it all about? Let's talk in more detail.

What is it?

As we have already said, acryogi can only be dealt with with someone, that is, in pairs, and sometimes with a whole group. Here it is called "to be in the moment", that is, to fully merge in consciousness with another person, be with him in balance and in a state of complete trust.

By the way, this is the focus of this practice: the development of coherence and trust between partners, because without it you will not be able to achieve complete spiritual and physical harmony with each other, and therefore many Assans( postures, exercises) will remain inaccessible to you.

Its main advantage lies in the fact that in the process you know yourself, and in parallel, in a casual and even playful form, you gain a strong connection with a partner. Akroyoga unites people, develops love and trust in one's neighbor, gives feelings of happiness and tranquility, what can be more important than this?

Even in classes classical or hatha yoga we can not feel this effect: you can go to the yoga group for years and never find out who is doing next to you on the next rug.

Unfortunately, in the modern world, this is what is happening: we are increasingly losing ties with neighbors, family and people, work comes to the fore, desires for the highest material benefits, spiritual aspects of life are getting out of our attention. Akroyoga is a great way to correct such a sad loss of the modern world.

In addition, akroyoga - it is always very spectacular, emotional and beautiful, a real show in real life! One of the partners is always on the floor, providing reliable support, and the other - hovers in the air, supported only by the limbs of a partner.

At first glance, it may seem that akroyoga - this is not for beginners, because it's so difficult, you need to have serious physical training. However, this is not entirely true: an experienced coach will be able to help even the most beginner akroyogu to perform many of the exercises. Of course, to go further, you will have to develop in yourself many skills: the ability to concentrate, maintain a balance, trust the partner and, of course, develop physical strength.

Where did it come from?

We have already said that this is a fairly young and new direction, which really appeared literally one decade ago. The founders of this trend are Mexican Jason and American Jenny.

It was they who, in one of San Francisco's gyms, in 2003, invented a new style in a couple that was later developed and released to the masses. In 2004, the first class was opened, which at that time was called the "contact acre", and after many experiments and trainings, many elements of the modern direction of acro-yoga were discovered, which was already officially named in 2005.

It was from this first class in San Francisco that many students, already certified acro-yoga teachers, graduated. Today there are only about 130 of them for the whole world, but the number of instructors is constantly growing.

The creators of this practice call it the school of air flights, by the way, they created two main systems: sports-acrobatic and therapeutic.

The main feature of the latter option is close monitoring and attention to the work of the partner's spine, which is on top. Useful asanas of yoga are performed by both partners, in addition, akrojoga positively influences interpersonal therapy, although it can not completely replace it.

Why this is necessary?

Why not just do acrobatics? Or just yoga? What complexity, perhaps, you ask? The main advantage of acreage is the achievement of a balance between the physical and spiritual side of one's being, finding harmony between the body and the soul.

People who have long been practicing this direction are convinced that it allows you to learn how to feel the partner as well as yourself, feel his condition and even merge into a single organism.

However, despite all its advantages, the acrree can not completely replace the classical yoga, yet they need to be combined in order to get the maximum bright and useful filling from training. Perhaps, this is its only drawback, if at all possible so to say.

A person who engages in acrobatic yoga becomes stronger, learns to listen and feel his body, at this time all bad thoughts and concerns go away, the body is filled with positive energy and finds harmony with the outside world.