The smell in the house from the sewage and dampness: how to get rid and eliminate unpleasant odors

April 29, 2018 14:30 | House

Each house has its own unique unique aroma that characterizes to some extent its occupants and owners, forms the first impression of a guest who first crossed the threshold of the dwelling. Pleasant freshness in the room can boast of not all, very often the smell in the house is musty and unpleasant. It depends on many factors, but no matter what, every person wants his house to smell sweet.

Today, thanks to a wide variety of air fresheners, it's easy to give freshness to any room for a while. But in order that it is always present, it is necessary to eliminate the cause of the appearance of an unpleasant smell. Most often, all the flavors are born in the kitchen, where food is cooked regularly, food is stored, a gas stove works and fatty vapors are released into the air. Naturally, all these smells do not spread throughout the house, special hoods are used, or during cooking the room is ventilated. Very often unpleasant odors can arise in the refrigerator, where the stale food is not timely removed, in this case slices of black bread that will eliminate the mustiness will help. Dirty dishes in the sink will also make itself felt quickly, spreading the stench around the house to prevent it, you need to wash the dishes as it gets dirty, or take it out with a glass of boiling water, diluted with a few spoons of soda. Elementary maintenance of cleanliness, frequent airing and

timely elimination of spoiled products will help keep the kitchen fresh.

Also, rooms where foreign people are accumulating, not always pleasant smells are the toilet and a hallway, therefore it is necessary to clean and clean these places daily.

You can get rid of the smell in the house in an old, tried and tested way: wash the oranges and insert a clove( seasoning) in them, so that its point is in the pulp of the fruit. Obtained pomander, as they are called, spread out throughout the house. They can emit the fragrance for two weeks, during this time, saturating the air with fresh fruit.

Unpleasant smell of dampness in the house

Quite often in private houses, due to incorrect or poor ventilation, condensation forms, which leads to increased humidity and the appearance of an unpleasant odor. It can be seen from the misted windows, raw corners, wet walls and mold formed on the walls. And, as you know, breathing it is very dangerous for health, as mold releases a large number of harmful controversies that are inhaled by a person together with air. To eliminate this trouble you need to regularly ventilate the premises and use antifungal agents. A good effect in this case is the dehumidifier, which copes well with the increased humidity.

The smell of sewage in the house

The smell in a private house can appear from the sewer. The reasons for this can be different, for example, due to improper installation. This problem is solved, depending on the complexity of the situation. Sometimes it is possible to sort out the problem site on its own, and in some cases it is required to replace pipes or a certain sewerage site. It happens that there is a clog in the riser of the sewer pipes, which is characterized by gurgling and bubbles from the system through the siphons into the room. This will eliminate the usual cleaning of the riser.

The smell of sewerage in the house is also formed from the ceiling, if the neighbors from above have a sewage system and seep through the floor. The only way out is to force them to liquidate the leak. In addition, the cause of an unpleasant smell can serve as a dry water seal, a siphon or incorrect installation of a siphon.

How to get rid of the smell in the house

The best solution for those who firmly decided to deal with all the smells arising for one reason or another will be the repeated airing of the room. But it is not enough just to open the sash of the window or window, it will not give the desired result, the best option is to create a draft, that is, all the windows in the house open simultaneously. Today, modern technical devices are aimed at air conditioning and its cleaning. The built-in disposable filters detain all the tiniest dust particles, which is very important for people suffering from asthma, allergic rhinitis and broncho-pulmonary diseases. In order for such devices to completely eliminate the unpleasant odor in the house, they must work regularly and necessarily at low revs.

Among the tenants sometimes come across heavy smokers who like to smoke indoors, especially in the winter, when you do not want to go out on the frost. But the tobacco smoke quickly absorbed into the walls, furniture and clothing of the owners, steadily reigning throughout the house. Of course, in this case, the most optimal solution is to refuse cigarettes, but if this is not possible, you should try folk remedies to eliminate the smell of tobacco smoke. For example, two wet towels spread out in the room will help, they will quickly absorb the smell. Lighted candles have a similar effect. Wise mistresses place them in a room, near ashtrays, where guests smoke. Candles absorb the tobacco smell and do not allow it to spread.

How to remove the smell in the house?

How to remove the smell in the house there is a lot of advice. Many of them used once our ancestors, they are distinguished by their simplicity and efficiency. So, canvas bags filled with ordinary tea, suspended in a doorway or on windows quickly clean the air and give it a pleasant aroma. Everyone knows the unique properties of coffee beans that absorb odors. Apply them as follows: in the linen bags put a few grains, cinnamon, orange crusts, vanilla and tightly close them. It is customary to clean them in wardrobes with clothes, not forgetting to periodically update the contents of these "fragrances".In addition, the coffee will help the mistress quickly remove the smell, before the arrival of guests, if before frying it in a pan.

Among the huge range of air fresheners, it is easy enough to choose one that will please your beautiful smell of flowers, fruits, freshness and a lot of other unique notes. But they can often not be used, because their composition contains chemistry, harmful to human health. It is enough to use aerosols in extreme cases, when you need to quickly remove the unpleasant odor in the toilet or in the room. In the kitchen, in order to avoid getting chemicals on dishes and food, they should not be used, and they can not eliminate the smell of dampness in the house.

How long to remove the unpleasant odor in the house

To the house was fresh it is important to follow the simple rules. In time, take out the trash can, and do not necessarily wait for it to overflow, because the discarded products immediately start to smell unpleasant, and throw it out as necessary. Modern manufacturers create today special filters for trash buckets, which are mounted inside and absorb all the smells, preventing their spread throughout the house.

It has long been known that soft toys, fluffy rugs, thick carpets are dust collectors that absorb all the flavors well. Therefore, you need to clap and vacuum them more often. Useful wet cleaning and washing of curtains, covers, bedspreads. The cleaner the apartment, the less likely the occurrence of unwanted odors.

Such a nuisance as the smell of sewerage in a private house will help to eliminate cleaning products with chlorine and acid-containing liquid solutions designed for cleaning pipes and plumbing.

Pet owners often come across the fact that from the pet tray it smells sharp and unpleasant, the output is simple - this is regular cleaning of the toilet of your pet and changing its filler. If the cat has made a puddle on the floor, you need to take a damp rag soak it in an acetic solution and wipe this place. If you get urine on your clothes, wash it with a normal powder and add a small amount( 1/4 cup) of apple cider vinegar.

How to remove the smell in the house written a lot and every owner among a huge number of useful tips can choose the most suitable for his home, it is only to firmly follow the goal.