Fashionable skirts for the winter of 2016: long in the floor and models for full ladies in the photo

April 29, 2018 22:00 | Fashion Trends

Designers offer in the winter of 2016 to make a skirt a key part of a fashionable wardrobe. Choose from a variety of trends, among which dominates the purity of style and eccentricity.

This season designers offer a new look at the classic styles, and boldly create their own non-trivial solutions. But first of all, the fashionable skirt 2016 should emphasize femininity and the ability to understand fashion trends. So, what is worth paying special attention to?

Trendy Skirts winter 2016 new solutions on styles No photo

classical models is complete wardrobe of any fashionista, even if it is convinced fan of avant-garde style. The invariable fashion hit is a pencil skirt, like no other model, it emphasizes the harmony of the thighs, the slender waist and the beauty of the legs. In addition, it perfectly "collects" the silhouette as a whole, adding to the figure of growth and harmony.

Classic versions of the model of dark base colors from noble materials remain at the peak of fashion. This is a kind of "absolute magnitude" of feminine and elegant style.

Fine wool of black and gray color is considered the canonical fabric for such models. At first glance, such a proposal seems boring, but only at first.

A classic style pencil skirt this season is the basis of many bold images in a variety of styles. Fashionable combinations with a pencil skirt in winter 2016 presented in the photo.

The same role is played by the model of the A-shaped silhouette, which ideally corrects the figure and balances the proportions. On the fashion podiums this silhouette is presented in a variety of options. And this is good news for those who do not consider their own figure ideal.

One of the most successful styles this season - the model "in the fold, pleated and corrugated. Very feminine, gentle, and in the "mini" version, it's provocative. For the fashionable winter skirts of 2016, conservative thin woolen and gabardine fabrics are used - the fold structure is better visible.

Also relevant in such models is the classic Scottish "cage" - such a skirt will allow you to beat the image of a pupil of a private school. Bold, bold, but very fashionable.

Skirts winter 2016 - long the floor

Despite the season, in the winter collection features a lot of models of "mini" in length. Fashion designers have chosen them as a kind of a symbol of provocation, intensifying the effect underlined by winter fabrics. Fashionable "mini" this season sewn from thick, textured wool fabrics, boucle, tweed and knitted fabric.

And of course, natural leather - it is in this season is at the peak of its popularity. This combination of texture and style will look great on slender, tall girls, especially in combination with self-colored thick tights and high boots.

But one of the revelations of the fashionable winter of 2016 was long skirts. Not appearing on the catwalks for several seasons the length of "midi", today is present in most collections of leading designers. For all tastes, diverse styles are presented, which look best in models up to the middle of the roe.

First of all, these models are straight cut with high slots and odors. No less interesting and, most importantly, relevant, flared skirt, for example, a silhouette "polusolntse", which gives the figure incredibly feminine shape, and allow to create images of winter in the New Look style. Designers use in such models plastic, well draped fabrics, which allow you to build the right silhouette.

Trendy Skirts winter 2016 photo:

Maxi Skirts: You

winter 2016 fashion for length "max" out of season, in the winter such models look particularly striking, based on them can create a variety of non-trivial way, including with outerwear. Actual will be monochrome models, saturated colors of the fashion range - violet, dark blue and all shades of brown.

Fashion designers try to avoid classic black, because such a skirt will "drown out" the colors of other things, and this winter we are offered to blossom with the help of clothes.

It should be noted that the model with the length of "maxi" will dominate the image, and the rest of the ensemble will need to be selected for it. The best combination - short, to the waist, sweaters jackets and jackets.

Actual for the winter of 2016 models of long skirts are presented on the photo here:

Moreover, among the fashionable offers - many models with prints and unusual trim. Among the figures, the "cell" is leading in all its variations. Especially good in the length of the maxi is a "cage", located diagonally. Such a figure skrays the size, and will suit even those who doubt whether to wear a winter skirt in 2016.To wear! Since it is not only fashionable and stylish, but also, importantly, comfortable.

Separate mention deserves finishing of models of length "maxi".This is, above all, embroidery, contrast and "tone in tone."

Depending on the theme, it sets the stylistic decision of the model, it can be country, avant-garde, and abstraction. In any case, the maxi skirts in the winter of 2016 look very original and bright.

Skirts for the full for the winter of 2016 on the photo

Choosing the models for the winter season, you always want to not only get into the trend, but also look slimmer. Almost all fashionable styles, except radical mini-models, meet these requirements. It is important only to keep a balance between the style, color and features of your own figure.

The best option - a skirt knee length or "midi".Moreover, this is one of the freshest and still not popular fashion trends. A-shaped silhouette or easy pecking is an ideal option for the thighs to look slimmer. This silhouette perfectly balances the proportions in general, and fashionable colors will enhance the effect. Especially if it is a small or medium-sized "cage".The print, which is located diagonally, looks safe and effective on full hips.

Interpretation of classical models, presented this season is also suitable for girls with forms. Avoiding only frankly direct styles - they weight the silhouette. It is important that the hem be either narrowed, or flared and slightly covered the knee.

In winter, 2016 skirts for full girls are the dominant part of an elaborate ensemble, in which everything is important, and the length of the top and the color of tights and shoes. One of the elegant trends of this season is monochrome images in which things of different shades of the same color, for example, fashionable gray, are collected. This technique gives an impeccable visual effect of harmony, especially if the skirt is darker than the rest of the ensemble elements.

Skirt patterns for the winter of 2016: photos and trends

Fashionable winter 2016 skirts will become one of the most important elements of the evening dress. All that imagination can allow, and that does not fit into everyday everyday images - is embodied in such models.

Knee length or frankly mini in combination with elegant fabrics with embroidery, beading or beading - so look skirts that will come in handy for any of the many winter parties. It is enough to choose a neutral top, which will emphasize the brightness of the texture of the model.

The skirt models presented in the winter of 2016 really amaze with the variety. This is an excellent opportunity to choose your own style and look irresistible.