How do you know your breast size?

April 29, 2018 23:15 | Beauty And Health

Most of the fairer sex in choosing clothes are interested in its color and design, but not in exact size. Having chosen the model you like, we turn to the seller who will be able to find the right size for you.

And, in most cases, everything ends with success - a new blouse of the right size is added to your wardrobe. The same is true of underwear. In order to properly choose a bra, you need to know your volume. And how do you know what size breasts? To not bother with this issue, many girls again rely on the professionalism of sales consultants.

But choosing a wrong size bra is not only fraught with the fact that you will experience constant discomfort, but also diseases that can arise due to uncomfortable underwear.

And, unfortunately, as experience shows, most women can all their lives to pick up the wrong size. Girls with big breasts pick up bras with a smaller size, and girls with small, on the contrary, larger in size.

There are times when a man needs to know the size of his beloved's breasts. This may be when a young man decided to give a gift to his woman, and in order not to spoil the surprise - does not want to ask such a delicate question on the forehead.


Very common situations where, in an underwear store, a man gestures or trying on himself, trying to explain to the sales consultant, what the shape and size of the beloved girl's breasts. Although the situation is comical, but it often forced to torment both the man and the seller. In order to avoid such a stupid situation, it is better to have the most accurate data.

If for some reason, the answer to this question you can not get from the woman herself, then the easiest way is to simply look at her size on the bra she wears.

If this option does not suit you, then for an experienced sales consultant, the size of her outerwear will be sufficient. Some men bring photos of their beloved, sometimes and so sellers can help in choosing comfortable lingerie. However, do not forget that the woman's breast shape is individual, so even the most accurate bra can be unsuitable or uncomfortable.

Learning yourself

Underwear, like any other clothing, has its own marking, it consists of a figure and a Latin letter. The figure is the rounded girth under the chest in centimeters, and the Latin digit is the fullness( size) of the cup of the bra.

Also worth knowing is that, in addition to the European dimensions that we use, the marking of other countries may differ. For example, in France, Italy and the United Kingdom use their markings. To ensure that you do not get confused, buying clothes made in other countries, you need to be aware of everything.

By European standards, the measurement is carried out in this way:

  1. Girth under the chest. To do this, you need to stand up straight, it is advisable to ask someone to stop you, because your hands should be lowered to the bottom. A centimeter is tightly applied to the body, the measurement is carried out in the usual state - not on exhalation or inspiration. With the European system, the girth under the chest is rounded, that is, if you, for example, got 76 cm, then we record 75 cm.
  2. Breast size at the most prominent points. This measurement is best done by dressing the most comfortable bra without foam rubber, push-up or volumetric pads. The centimeter must be pressed tightly against the body and measured.
  3. After these two procedures, it is necessary to subtract the first from the second size, the difference to you and will indicate the completeness of the cup of the bra, hence this will be the size of your breasts. There are special tables that compare the girth under the chest and the fullness of the cup, indicated in Latin letters( from AA to DD)

How to know the size of the bust for markings that are different from the European?

If you want to buy a bra, which is produced in other countries of the world, you need to know that the way to determine the size of the bust will be different. For example, in France and Italy everything is measured as well as in the usual way for us, only the girth under the chest is not averaged, but is taken exactly as it is. After that, one size is also subtracted from the other, and the result is divided by 6. The resulting figure will be your breast size.

Knowing your breast size still can not completely protect you from the wrong purchase. As already mentioned, the shape of the breasts in each girl or woman is individual, so never avoid the fitting of the intended underwear.

One of the most important tasks of a bra is the proper feeding of your breasts, it should help show your dignity, and not pull together or, conversely, hang out on your chest. When trying on a bra, be sure to pay attention to the most prominent points - if they are located exactly in the middle between the shoulder line of the waist line, then the bra suits you, otherwise you should choose another one. Do not sacrifice your health for your own whims!

As you can see, a properly selected bra will save your money, since you do not have to run after a new one, and also protect you from various diseases of the chest, will help you to appear in a more favorable light.