How to apply concealer correctly: how to choose from circles under the eyes

April 30, 2018 03:00 | Beauty

These flaws can significantly add the age of a woman and make her appearance tired and haggard. To create a favorable impression, we propose to study and apply this simple tool in practice.

How to apply the concealer

If you do not know how to properly apply concealer, then the following simple recommendations are written specifically for you. The concealer is usually applied over the base to selectively harden the areas that need alignment, or create a visual balance with light or dark color patches. The use of concealer can be difficult. It should not emphasize swelling, creases or wrinkles, especially under the eyes. Therefore, the consistency of the concealer and its application are so important. A good cream concealer without strong gloss, which is applied to small areas with a brush, then, pokolachivaya fingertips, well shade it, and then lightly powder.

How to choose a concealer

Before choosing a concealer, remember that it should provide a stronger coating than the base that you use. Therefore, if in doubt, choose a concealer that is slightly lighter than your base. If it turns out to be too light, you can always apply a drop of the base on top of it. Sites around the eyes require a lighter concealer, which can serve as a background for the shadows. The only exception is the light circles around the eyes. They usually appear after being in the sun wearing sunglasses.

Before you mask a problem, it is very important to understand its causes, skin condition and texture in a particular area, because you may need additional hydration or something else.

How to choose the concealer

And now let's see how to choose a concealer for combating red spots. Very often redness appears on the nose and cheeks, although the chin can become redder than the rest of the face. With red in these places you can cope in many ways. It all depends on the type of foundation that you like, and on the condition of the skin. If you put a more dense foundation, then it can all disguise. If not, walk on the red areas with a cream base or concealer. The concealer provides a denser coating than the cream base.

If necessary, you can use a special remedy for scars, which usually lasts longer, because it is drier and less transparent than the concealer. This tool should be the same color with your base or slightly lighter. If you do not like the dense coating, use face gel or a light foundation to lighten the skin lightly. Then apply some remedy to the areas that need it, and blend well.

How to apply concealer: photos and recommendations

And now we move on to the equally fascinating part of our narrative: how to apply concealer to the area of ​​scars. There are several special products on sale that work well for scars, for example Dermablend. Just make sure that the chosen shade is lighter than the tone of your skin. If it is darker, the scar will appear deeper.

First, apply a droplet of a small tassel to the concealer on all the brown edges around the scar, if any. Then apply the remedy on the scar and reddened skin around. If the skin around the scar is peeling, try to massage it lightly with a cotton swab moistened with jojoba oil.

Look at the process of applying the concealer on the photo:

The concealer from the circles under the eyes

To form a complete image, you may need a concealer from the circles under the eyes and various other defects. With dark spots on the light skin you need to do the same as with scars. These spots are darker, so the remedy should be lighter to lighten them. Spot the agent on the spot and blend with the tip of the finger. If it turned out too light, you can then additionally apply a stain on the stain. As soon as you apply the powder, the skin tone will equalize.

On a darker skin, you can first apply a tonal foundation to the entire face, and then a foundation or concealer of a lighter tone on dark spots.(If necessary, you can add a darker base or concealer to the lighter areas.) Applying a toning powder will help you create a smooth skin color.

The concealer for bags under the eyes

In some cases, there is a chance to overdo with the concealer, and bags under the eyes - just one of them. You will cope with them if you selectively apply the concealer to the inner and outer corners of the eyes, but do not cover with the concealer the entire area under the eyes.

If you have bags under the eyes, surrounded by a dark line directly under the swelling, it is best to apply a thin layer of your under eye under the eyes, and mask the line with a concealer using a small brush. Such bags are usually accompanied by indentations at the inner corners of the eyes. There you can also apply concealer to visually reduce depressions. Always apply the concealer from the bags under the eyes with a thin layer so that you can apply a layer of the base on top and shade.

Sunken eyes

Over time, the skin in the inner corners of the eyes darkens and becomes thinner, causing deep-set eyes to appear even more sunken. To cope with this, brighten the eyelid with concealer or cream base, paying special attention to the inner corners, where the eyes "fail" as much as possible. Sometimes on the skin under the eyes a lot of wrinkles: in this case, do not use there concealer.

Use of concealer

Women aged, especially smokers, have wrinkles around their lips. Before applying the make-up on this site, you can use wrinkle filler on it, although this tool works better on fine wrinkles. From time to time, massage the area over the upper lip with almond oil or jojoba oil. This will help prevent dryness of the skin and soften it so that the make-up will lie flat. If in this area you need the use of concealer, apply it in a minimal amount so that it does not fill wrinkles. When you finish the makeup, look at the result. If the makeup is too much, wrap your finger with a paper handkerchief, stretch the upper lip and lightly rub the area above it. So you take off excess make-up or flaky skin.

If the corners of your mouth are lowered, you can apply a concealer to make these areas lighter. And do not forget to smile!