Egg diet for 4 weeks and her menu

April 30, 2018 09:15 | Beauty And Health

For those who want to lose weight, there are a lot of different diets, however, not all of them can give a good result, and some can even harm your health. Therefore, nutritionists recommend using so-called sparing diets. Just one of these is the egg diet for 4 weeks. The main thing is that at the same time you do not have any allergies to egg products, so consult with your doctor!

Despite the name of the diet, it implies the use, without fail, of an unlimited amount of water, as well as black and green tea, but without milk and sugar, which can be replaced with a sweetener. It is allowed to eat vegetables in boiled form with salt, onions, garlic, but without any meat or other broths. No fats and oils! Worried about the feeling of hunger? You can damp it with fresh carrots, salad or cucumber, but not earlier than two hours after eating.


Week 1

Every day, breakfast is the same: ½ grapefruit or orange, which, by the way, actively burns fats and no more than two hard-boiled eggs.

Day one:

Lunch - unlimited quantity of one fruit to choose from: orange, apricot, pear, apple, melon, watermelon

Dinner - boiled meat, any, except lamb. Without fat!

Day Two:

Lunch - chicken without skin, boiled!

Dinner - a pair of hard-boiled eggs;salad from one vegetable to choose from: cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers or carrots. You can eat one toast or a small cake. For dessert: one orange or grapefruit.

Day Three:

Lunch - any amount of fat-free cheese, tomatoes, you can one small toast.

Dinner - the same as on the first day: meat, except lamb, without fat. Day four.

Lunch - any fruit to choose from( mentioned above), but in unlimited quantities.

Dinner - boiled meat, without fat. Only not mutton!

Day Five:

Lunch - a couple of hard boiled eggs, boiled squash, or carrots, or beans, or peas, at your discretion.

Dinner - any fried or boiled fish, in a reasonable amount, of course, one grapefruit.

Day Six:

Lunch - any fruit from the above, in unlimited quantities.

Dinner - already boiled enough to boil your boiled lean meat, except lamb.

Day Seven:

Lunch - boiled chicken breast, boiled zucchini or carrots, one orange.

Dinner - cooked vegetables to choose from: carrots, zucchini, peas.

Week 2

Breakfast also remains unchanged all seven days - ½ grapefruit or orange, which actively burns fats and no more than two hard-boiled eggs.

Day One:

Lunch - several lettuce leaves + low-fat fried or boiled meat, not lamb!

Dinner - no more than two hard-boiled eggs, one medium grapefruit.

Day two:

Lunch - salad and lean meat( see day one).

Dinner - boiled egg and one orange.

Day Three:

Lunch - cucumbers, in any quantity and boiled "dry" meat.

Dinner - one grapefruit and a couple of boiled eggs.

Day Four:

Lunch - skimmed cheese( unlimited), a couple of hard-boiled eggs, boiled squash or carrots.

Dinner - only two hard-boiled eggs. "

Day Five:

Lunch - fish: fried or boiled, of your choice.

Dinner - boiled "hard-boiled" egg.

Day Six:

Lunch - as usual, meat and one medium grapefruit.

Dinner - fruit salad with apple, orange, melon, mandarin and peach.

Day 7:

Lunch - boiled chicken without skin, one tomato, one boiled vegetable( by the way, it provides good work of the digestive system), an orange.

Dinner - chicken without skin, naturally, boiled, boiled vegetables( your choice) and one grapefruit.

Week 3

Day One:

Day of Fruits. All day only fruit, in unlimited quantities, except: bananas, dates, figs and mangoes. Day Two:

Day of boiled vegetables. All day you can eat boiled vegetables in any quantity, as well as salads. No potatoes and cereals! Day 3:

Day of fruits and vegetables. All day long we eat salads, vegetables and fruits that can not be said above. Day four:

Fish Day. Fried or boiled fish( unlimited), cabbage salad and lettuce leaves. Day five:

Meat day. Boiled lean meat, chicken, you can also boiled vegetables. Day Six and Seven:

Fruit Days. Only fruit in any quantity, you can fruit salads.

Week 4.

Day One:

Any products that were on your menu for three weeks of the diet do not need to complement them. For example, a small amount of boiled chicken or meat, a couple of carrots or cucumbers, a small toast and grapefruit.

Day two:

Meat low-fat fried( 200 g) several cucumbers, 2-3 tomatoes, one quarter lean cake and one apple or pear.

Day three:

Portion of boiled vegetables( one vegetable to choose from), 1 teaspoon of low-fat white cheese, a couple of cucumbers, two to three tomatoes, one small toast and one medium orange.

Day Four:

Cucumber, two tomatoes, boiled chicken breast, one of the fruits recommended above.

Day Five:

Egg hard boiled, one leaf of lettuce, two or three tomatoes and one grapefruit.

Day Six:

Boiled chicken breast, cottage cheese( about 100gr), a couple of cucumbers, two to three tomatoes, an orange or grapefruit.

Day Seven:

One jar of tuna( without oil), 1 teaspoon of fat-free cottage cheese, boiled vegetables( to choose from), one toast, two to three cucumbers and two to three tomatoes, one grapefruit.

This is the schedule of the egg diet for 4 weeks. A good result, of course, will be achieved only if it is observed for all four weeks. But do not forget about the physical exertion, without which, no diet will not give you an amazing effect.

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