How can I remove black dots at home, recipes, folk remedies.

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  • Black dots on the face
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  • Black dots on the face: methods for eliminating
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"How to remove black dotsat home? "- this is the question women from time to time are asked to see on the face of hateful comedones. There are many ways to get rid of them. For this, it is not necessary to go to the beauty salon to undergo a special procedure. There are many techniques, using which, you can achieve maximum effect yourself and at home.

Black dots on the face of

What are black dots?

Comedones, or, as they are called in conversational practice, black dots are characteristic of those women who have a predominant type of fatty skin and excessive salodification. As a rule, the T-zone of the face "suffers" most of all from black points, because this area is the most problematic and fat one. For this reason, for women, comedones most often can "jump out":

  • on the chin;
  • on the forehead;
  • on the nose;
  • on the cheeks.

Comedones are nothing more than sebaceous plugs, the tops of which become black over time due to the ingress of dust, dirt, remnants of cosmetics, particles of the epidermis.

Why remove them

If the skin is not taken care of, dirt, dust, dead particles of the epidermis will clog pores, block sebum. The face will be dotted with small black dots. The appearance of a woman will be untidy - it will look unattractive, even repulsive.

A woman should be serious about carrying out daily facial cleansing procedures, since it is difficult to cure a person from black dots. Manual mechanical extrusion is effective, but the procedure itself is painful - after it appears red, there may be scars, scratches, scars. All synthetic drugs have side effects( they strongly dry the covers), although they clean up comedones well.

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Reasons for the appearance of black dots on the face

The dermatologist will help you to determine the exact cause of appearance of black dots on the face of the consultation. The main reason may be that:

  • woman is wrong, carelessly cares about her skin( at least once or twice a week you need to do peeling, mask against black dots);
  • the woman insufficiently carefully cleanses the skin( before a dream it is necessary to clear integuments with a special tonic, or clearing lotion);The
  • woman is abnormally eating irregularly, her intestines, the liver do poorly with her basic functions( for example, this is due to the fact that a woman eats too much sweet, fatty, abusive alcohol and fizzy drinks, caffeine, hence her pores are clogged,which inevitably leads to the appearance of comedones);
  • the woman constantly experiences and experiences stressful situations, serious emotional shocks;
  • lack of sleep;
  • disorders in the hormonal system;
  • slagging of the body;
  • non-observance of a mode of day;
  • hereditary predisposition;
  • use of substandard, unnatural cosmetics, which is not compatible with the type of skin of a particular woman, including, and comedogenic, which blocks the pores.

Also, the cause of comedones can be ecology, if a woman lives in a very polluted area, constantly forced to work in a stuffy room and spend many hours at the computer. A sharp change in climatic conditions can often cause comedones.

Preparation for

procedure Skin cleansing

Before each cosmetic procedure, the skin needs to be cleaned of dead cells, the upper stratum corneum, dust particles and dirt. You can do this with the help of special cleansers: lotions, tonics.

When cleaning, you can use:

  • cotton wool;
  • sponge;
  • linen cloth.

Black dots on the face: methods of elimination

Folk remedies for black dots on the face

A good home remedy for black dots is to use the juice of garlic with onions. They need to mix and lubricate the face with the resulting liquid. After 15 minutes, you need to wash your face with plenty of water. Both garlic and onions have a very sharp smell, so you need to rinse your face several times.

Another folk remedy is to use coriander leaves. The procedure should be performed before bedtime with the expectation that the remedy remains on the face all night. To prepare the composition, one teaspoon of the juice of coriander leaves and a half teaspoon of turmeric are mixed. The liquid is superimposed. In the morning, the person should be thoroughly rinsed with water.

As a home remedy for black dots, you can use chopped fresh slices. Chilled slices of a cucumber, a tomato, a potato it is good to wipe the face - the skin will in parallel be fed by a vitamin complex and to be moistened.

Facial cleansing masks

Compared with extrusion of comedones, the home mask against black dots has a more delicate, gentle effect on the skin. The result after such cleansing is not immediately visible, but after masks on the face there are no scars, no scars, no scratches, as after manual mechanical extrusions.

Experts recommend that before home masks against black dots, the skin should be cleaned with a tonic. The masks themselves need to be prepared only from fresh and quality ingredients.

Tightening procedures

To expand the pores, while not infecting them, you need to use special compounds. After the face cleansing, the skin is well lubricated with whipped egg whites, or wiped with a piece of ice with herbs( frozen herbal nourishing decoction).

Also, as an antiseptic, you can still apply and tincture of calendula - one tablespoon, diluted in a glass of mineral water.

Recipes home masks from black dots

If you regularly make a mask against black dots based on soda and salt, the face will always be well-groomed. Soap foam should be mixed with a tablespoon of salt and soda, gruel evenly distributed to problem areas with a cotton pad. After five minutes, the face needs to be washed with warm water.

During the procedure, a woman can feel a slight burning sensation - this is the reaction of soda to the skin. After such a mask, the pores will be well cleared, and the number of comedones will decrease several times.

The session will be painful, after it, the skin can become very irritated.

The only contraindication to the use of this mask is the inflammatory processes on the face.

Honey mask helps a lot. On the pre-cleaned face, a little honey is applied, fingers of fingers massage the honey into the skin, periodically patting it gently. The effect is achieved due to the fact that honey adheres well to the skin and automatically "draws" comedones.

But, if a woman has an allergy to honey, it is better to use other recipes.

  • The solution of many dermatological and cosmetic problems can become an ordinary mask of eggs for the skin of the face.
  • With the help of concealer you can solve many problems and make incredible make-up, more in the article.

Preventing the appearance of black spots

Simple preventive measures that will prevent unwanted emergence of black points

For a woman whose skin is prone to the formation of comedones, regular procedures, at least every two weeks, should be:

  • cleansing the face;
  • extrusion.

To ensure that the face is always fresh and well-groomed, it must be cleaned in the morning and in the evening, do not forget to take off cosmetics( go to bed with make-up is prohibited - it's very harmful for pores).A woman must, before going to bed, cleanse her face from dust and dirt with a tonic.

Make-up needs to be removed by special means, for example, with milk. Soap is best not to use so as not to overdry the covers. In the morning, too, do not forget to wash. During the night, as a result of active metabolic processes, a lot of sebum and particles of necrotic epithelium accumulate - all this must be removed from the veins.

After each face wash with special means, the skin needs to be additionally wiped with a toner and applied a layer of nutritious and moisturizing cream.

Specialists do not recommend "zealous" with face-breaking procedures, because extended pores will cause the opposite effect - black dots will appear many times more.

Full and rational nutrition is also good prevention. Women need more fish, fresh vegetables, greens, fruits, cereals. Nuts are also useful - they contain a lot of vitamin E. It is also useful for a woman to drink a glass of fresh, low-fat kefir before going to bed - this is good for the full work of the gastrointestinal tract and digestive system.

If a woman follows these recommendations and takes care of herself, she will never have serious skin problems - she will always look fresh, young, well-groomed, smooth and gentle.

How it is possible to remove black dots at home: video

Specialists recommend using folk remedies and house masks. The video will show which masks are best used.