What kind of antiseptic to process wooden furniture

April 30, 2018 13:00 | House

Every owner of natural wood furniture knows that these interior objects are very exposed to the external environment. Negative factors include high humidity in the room and lack of proper ventilation, the development of fungus on the surface of walls or floors, the invasion of insects, which can easily ruin not only the appearance of furniture, but also lead to its complete unfitness to further exploitation.

To prevent damage to wooden furniture, which can be caused by the harmful effects of the above negative factors, all wooden interior objects must be treated with special antiseptic agents and covered with protective varnishes. You can buy high-quality furniture on the site rai-mebel.ru - selling high-quality pine furniture at affordable prices.

What kind of antiseptic to process wooden furniture, if the surface of the protective lacquer coating is damaged and there is a possibility of penetration into the fibers of fungi and moisture? There are many different antiseptic agents that can provide reliable protection of wooden products, for example, Omicron-gel and Aquatex.

When choosing an antiseptic for wood, it is necessary to know what qualities it should possess. First of all, the protective antiseptic for wood should be to the extent of toxic, in order to qualitatively eliminate the fungus. In addition, it should be easily applied to the surface and retain its properties when in contact with air during the processing of furniture. The quality and depth of penetration into the wood are also of particular importance, because the deeper the penetration, the better protection.

Also worth paying attention to the toxicity of the product, since the use of an antiseptic with a sharp and unpleasant odor in the room is not just uncomfortable, but also dangerous for health. In addition, in most cases, such intensely smelling agents negatively affect the quality of wood, worsen its physical and mechanical properties, and also causes corrosion of metal elements on furniture.

Antiseptic treatment of wooden structures can be done with the help of water-soluble or oily chemicals of different consistency. In addition, special antiseptic pastes can be used. Also, there are drugs that can protect wooden furniture from exposure to sunlight and burnout.