Haircut bean on medium and short hair( 11 photos)

May 03, 2018 03:30 | Beauty And Health

The dream of any woman is to always look young and stylish, and well-groomed hair and a well-chosen hairstyle are the best helpers in this difficult but interesting business. Most women are skeptical of short haircuts, convinced that they can not be refined and feminine, as befits any normal fair sex.

Those ladies who say so, probably have not yet encountered the fashionable and original haircut of Bob, who has a unique ability to fit into any image and combine with any type of appearance! Every year the popularity of such a haircut is only growing, beautiful ladies are more and more confidently giving their preference in its favor. Maybe it's time for a change?

The peculiarity of such a haircut is its ability to make any member of the weaker sex younger, it always adds a certain charm and sophistication to the image, properly trimmed and laid, it will always make you out of the general gray mass.

Interestingly, but as it turned out, the history of haircuts Bob originates back in the middle of the last century, when the famous French hairdresser Antoine de Paris first presented light to the hairstyle with short hair.

This haircut caused a whole wave of scandals and indignations, because a self-respecting woman, she did not have to short cut her curls. The famous dancer Irene Castle, who at that time was at the peak of her career, was one of the first to decide to trim her beautiful long hair that prevented her from dancing.

Do not stay aside and the great Coco Chanel, who took a new version of the female hairstyle with great enthusiasm, instantly trying to haircut Bob and to his image. After such an event in the world of fashion and beauty, such a haircut was engulfed by a wave of interest and popularity, from year to year stylists and hairdressers brought their notes and adjustments to its traditional form, inspiring more and more women to give her their preference.

Decades follow one after another, and the haircut bob does not lose its popularity: in the 70s, on the wave of universal adoration, there was the shape of Bob with cute and small waves, curls, but in the 80s, the disheveled went into fashion, or, on the contrary, perfectly straight and straight bean.

Currently, the variety of haircuts and haircuts bob literally affects its diversity: it is performed on short and medium hair, with a bang or without, hair at the back of the neck can be very short, but lengthen to the face, asymmetry is welcomed.

The great advantage of this haircut is its ability to hide flaws, gently and wonderfully framing the face oval, and also give extra thin hair extra volume.

By the way, it's Bob's hairdo that can be called not only stylish and beautiful, but also practical, because, depending on the situation, with its help you can achieve both a strict business image, and feminine, easy or even romantic.

A short haircut for men only? In no case!

Given how many modern, successful and well-known women choose the haircut of Bob, it's difficult after that to call this haircut boyish. Of course, there are some similarities, but a huge number of elements and details give it a special feminine grace and uniqueness.

Haircut Bob is also good because it has a fairly large number of species, each of which has its own characteristics and elements that will look better on this or that type of female face. So, we'll see.


One of the most common types of haircuts Bob, who collected the best moments of the classic quads and Bob, the main difference from the latter is the presence of a bang, which makes it more gentle, soft and feminine.

In addition, Bob-kara is always performed with an additional graduation, but for the classical penalty this is completely uncharacteristic. To add extra grace, an angle is added to the hairstyle: the front locks are cut longer than the rear, and the hair on the back of the head is slightly raised above the forelegs.

This simple technique allows you to achieve a stunning effect: the hairstyle completely repeats and emphasizes the line of cheekbones, and if you comb your hair back, the face is framed by a neat arc of hair from ear to ear. Interestingly, such a haircut is suitable for women with almost any type of face, the only thing, one should be careful too round-faced ladies.

Long Bob

This option will appeal to those women who want to save most of their hair length, because here locks can reach the very shoulders. Best of all, this option looks on the owners of straight and smooth hair, light curls will give the image a somewhat naive and gentle look.

Straight Bob

The main difference between the haircut is that it is made with exceptionally smooth and straight hair, otherwise it's not straight Bob. The main features - the absence of steps, clear and even edges, there can be a bang. This option is not suitable for everyone, as it can emphasize some of the shortcomings of the person.

Asymmetric Bob

An option for bold girls, who came into fashion relatively recently and took over a fairly wide audience. Its originality and eccentricity can outshine the imperfections of a person, and different lengths of hair make the image carefree and playful.

Longer strands, which are usually left in the bangs, make the image feminine, and the short side will reveal to the general eye the grace of the female neck.

Ruffled Bob

Another kind that looks great, both on straight and short hair, each strand can have different lengths, which adds a shearing to its originality and ease.


In this case, the length of the bang coincides with the length of the front strand, falling obliquely with a curl to the face, they hide a round shape of the face or excessively wide cheekbones. The rear view of such a haircut is a smoothly outlined semicircle that completely opens the neck.

How to deal with naughty hair?

There is an opinion that coping with the laying of such haircuts in the home is difficult: in the photo or right after the salon Bob looks very attractive, but after the first washing of the head is completely different. How to cope? In fact, there is nothing complicated, the technology is simple, it just requires experience and skill.

To do this you need a round brush, hairdryer and hair styler, mousse or foam - it does not matter. An important detail - hair clips, which fix the upper strands, while you stack the bottom.

After washing over the entire surface of the hair, it is necessary to distribute the styling product, and then, armed with a hair dryer and a round comb, move from the lower strands to the crown. Curls can be slightly twisted inward or outward, does not matter.

By the way, it is even easier to lay naughty locks with the help of large curlers, of course, this will take a little longer, but the styling will last longer.