Diseases and tumors of the vulva

April 10, 2018 04:15 | Gynecology
To vulvar diseases are vulvitis, itching, leukoplakia and kraurosis of the vulva, ulcers and elephant vulva. Tumors are benign: bartholin gland cysts, fibromas, hemangiomas, lipomas;malignant - vulvar cancer and vulvar sarcoma( more often in children).Of great importance is the issue of vulva injuries.

To vulva ulcers include soft chancre and primary syphilitic ulcer( hard chancre).Acute ulcers of the vulva occur in two forms: small( miliary) ulcers and extensive, accompanied by a fever, covered with a purulent coating. These ulcers are more common in childhood. Chronic ulcer of the vulva - estiomen - is often combined with elephantiasis. Possible connection of chronic ulcer with lyues, gonorrhea of ​​the rectum. Ulcers have a torpid current and lead to the formation of fistulas and strictures.

To special diseases of the vulva, elephantiasis - elephantiasis vulvae, which can not be considered a neoplasm. With this disease there is hyperplasia of the subcutaneous tissue and skin, which leads to the formation of a tuberous or smooth folded tumor. A tumor can give rise to decay and ulceration over time. Treatment - operative.

PL Abrahamyants and Sh. A. Gulordava described the case of elephant vulva in a 47-year-old woman. The patient was operated on. Tumor weight 5 kg;it represented a combination of a tuberous and smooth variety of elephantiosis. It should be noted that with the elephantosity of limbs, the results of treatment are questionable, and with vulva vulva, surgical intervention is the method of choice and gives quite satisfactory results.

Tumors of the vulva can be benign and malignant .From benign tumors there are retention cysts of small lips or a terminal duct of the Bartholin gland. The tumor is located in the lower part of the vulva, reaching a value from a walnut to a small mandarin. Diagnosis is easy. The treatment consists in the tumor being harvested under local anesthesia.

Less common are fibroids of the vulva, developing from the connective tissue of the large lips. As the growth grows, the tumor extends from the lip like a leg, forming a kind of hanging tumor - fibroma pendulum vulvae.

Other tumors include lipoma of the vulva, which is localized in the thick of the large lips, and sometimes in the pubic region. Therapy with fibroids and vulva vulva is operative.