With what to wear knee high above the knee: photos and fashion images with golf

May 04, 2018 08:15 | Linen

Some people consider it vulgar, others find it very fashionable and stylish. To wear high socks or not, each girl can solve independently. If you have replenished your wardrobe with this unusual product, you should know what to wear high socks, so as not to have the appearance of a vulgar and defiant woman.

With what you can wear knee high above the knee: romantic images

There are many stylish options with which to wear knee high knee, which will help girls look beautiful and fashionable. According to the stylists, today they are the top part of the women's wardrobe.

With the help of this garment, you can create both a romantic female image and a hooligan youth. If you are a fan of street style, you should wear short shorts with high products. A black bag with a long shoulder strap and a scarf-snack will help supplement the image.

What can I wear knee-high knee-highs for girls who want to create a fashionable, romantic image? In this case, it is worth giving preference to this subject of women's wardrobe, made in black, combining it with a light skirt and shirt.

Among the shoes most suitable for this outfit are black boots or shoes with high heels and a handbag in the same color. This outfit will create a charming and cute image.

For romantic natures there is one more ideal variant: a light summer dress and high golfs. To make the image really gentle and romantic, without any notes of vulgarity, it is important to choose the right dress length. The open part of the legs should not be seen by others, so the dress should be of medium length. Under this outfit, summer suede boots are best suited.

With what to wear high knee socks and images in grunge style

To girls who prefer the style of grunge, stylists recommend to see what to wear high socks in the photo below:

Attention attracts a daring image, which uses short shorts with an overstated waist, shirtmale type and high knee socks. When choosing such an ensemble, it is important that the shoes are matched to the tone of this wardrobe item, so they will visually extend the legs, rather than shorten them. As accessories to such a kit, stylists recommend to pick up a black bag with long handles and a brown thin waistband to shorts.

In the photo, with which to wear knee-high knee-highs in the cold season, a variety of stylish options are demonstrated:

In the collections of many designers, these items of women's wardrobe are presented, made in the form of a large mating with reliefs and lapels. Such items are interesting to look at with a masculine jacket, a translucent corrugated chiffon skirt. Among footwear experts in the fashion world recommend to wear ankle boots on a wide heel or on a wedge.

No less stylish and beautiful look warm socks with a chiffon skirt slightly above the knee. With a skirt you can combine a warm sweater with short sleeves. If the sweater model is elongated, you can supplement it with a thin leather belt. With warm golfs, a knitted embroidered skirt of a large beige binding with a light shirt will look great.

Fashion women should know that in autumn and winter, knee socks can be worn only for nylon pantyhose. In this case, the color of these stockings must match.

With what to wear black and gray knee high above the knee

High golf shoes black or dark gray this season are at the peak of popularity. They are considered universal, because they are combined with almost all the items of the women's wardrobe.

With what to wear black knee high above the knee to modern girls? They can be combined with a light dress of bright colors with a flared skirt slightly longer than the knee. Add a romantic image will help suede ankle boots. Instead of a dress, you can also wear a pleated skirt or a scottish skirt, which is also on top of fashion.

When creating an everyday image, black knee socks can be worn with a not too short jeans skirt, a strict jacket and shoes with a high but not thin heel. With black golf, it will be beautiful to look knitted flared dress burgundy color with a leather belt. Shoes should also be black, best suited short suede boots with high heels.

Fashion girls should also learn what to wear gray knee high boots, since this color is no less relevant than black. This item of women's wardrobe, made of warm yarn, harmoniously looks with the same knitted dress in gray. Instead of a dress also it is possible to put on a knitted tunic. To complete the image of a stylish lady is to give preference to a short leather jacket-crochet and knitted gloves-mitts.

With a golf ball, a voluminous scarf or light handkerchief looks good, such accessories are suitable for almost any image.