Japanese manicure: how to do at home - technology and technology

May 04, 2018 10:45 | Manicure And Pedicure

Before you make a Japanese manicure with your hands, you need to carefully read about its basic principles. This material offers a detailed description of the procedure, which will make a Japanese manicure at home even a beginning fashionista by all the rules and standards.

Technique and technology of Japanese manicure

Modern technology of Japanese manicure allows you to create an individual design of the nail plate. There is a developed technology of Japanese manicure, which is based on careful care for the nail plate, because the most important thing in the end result is a beautiful healthy appearance.

The standard technique of performing Japanese manicure on a professional basis includes the following steps:

Using a special table, the master conducts diagnostics of the nail condition. On its basis in each case, individual nail care is carried out.

After cleaning the skin of hands, water baths are made with the addition of vitamins, minerals and natural oils. Then they put on their hands a special remedy, which includes rice milk and a complex of proteins. It cares for the skin and simultaneously degreases the nail plate.

Serum is applied to the nails with an extract of cucumber, which moisturizes the skin and has an antioxidant effect. Strengthen the nails with the use of special serums, which are enriched with trace elements and calcium. They include a crumb of natural pearls, with which you can align the nail plate. After the serum, a coating enriched with minerals and keratin is applied, which stimulates the growth of the nails and prevents the nail plate from delaminating. The ceramides that make up the coating reveal weaknesses in the keratin structure of the nail and heal them. Also, the coating contains a ginseng extract, which restores the hydrolysed balance.

Next, the cuticle and the nail plate are treated. A special set of tools for the Japanese manicure includes chopsticks made from orange tree, rice polishing block, ceramic files and a polishing block made of calfskin. Before removing the cuticle, it is processed with a gel with seaweed extract, enriched with mineral components with liquid and with natural lotus and vanilla seed oils. Then the nail is shaped and polished.

The processing technology differs from the classical manicure with only the materials used.

For the massage of hands use the bags of Atsui, which are filled with dried flowers, mineral salts and aromatic oils.

Japanese manicure is made not only by women, but also by men, because it helps to give nails a beautiful appearance, restores their health and strength. However, it requires special exclusive tools and drugs, which can be difficult to find, and in the salon it costs several times more than a classic manicure.