How to give birth to a girl

May 04, 2018 22:00 | Gestation

For many millennia, people puzzled over how to find a tool that will help to predict the sex of the unborn child. The ancient healers performed experiments on women, not knowing that their body is absolutely not responsible for solving such issues.

Science has evolved and has been moving steadily forward, but it has not been possible to develop clear schemes on which it would be possible to determine the sex of a child, let alone know it in advance, remained unattainable. There was even such an opinion that the right testicle contains sperm, with which you can conceive a boy, and in the left - a girl.

Therefore, often in folk rituals the testicle was tightly bandaged, but science has not yet found the exact answer to the question "How to give birth to a daughter?"On our site you will find several traditional and non-traditional methods that will help to uncover this secret, but you should not expect a hundred percent hit.

Most men do not want a daughter and this is understandable, because the son is the successor of the family, the bearer of the surname, the breadwinner, the helper and just the best friend. But, if you want to give birth to a girl, the first thing you need is to come to a joint decision and agree that this decision is a joint one and only then you can hope for a positive result.

How to conceive a girl tips gynecologist

The most popular theory in our time is the factor of the genetic component. We know that in the human cell there are only forty-six chromosomes, forty-four of which are identical for a man and a woman and only two affect on what gender a child will be born.

During ejaculation, millions of sperm enter the uterine cavity, each containing a genetic code. The male seed consists of heterochromosomes, while in women they are the same - XX.Therefore, only the man answers, for the sex of the future child.

From the above, we can conclude that it is almost impossible to plan the birth of a daughter independently. This is done by doctors - genetics and with the help of artificial insemination can create an embryo in the laboratory, containing the desired chromosome.

To conceive a girl by the lunar calendar

There are a lot of unconventional ways of conceiving a girl. If you are fond of astrology and know how planets can affect our life, then you can calculate by the lunar calendar the best number, month and even time of conception.

More than half a century ago, a well-known scientist living in the Czech Republic developed a theory that states that there is an individual cycle besides the menstrual cycle. Which helps determine the most profitable day. It is necessary to try to do it exactly when the lunar period in which the woman was born was repeated.

There is another popular opinion that it's all about the type of orgasm that was received at the moment of coition. By the way, most physicians adhere to this theory, after all, studies have already been carried out that confirmed that under the clitoral orgasm the chances of successful conception of the girl are much higher than the boy's. Another popular opinion says that daughters are born in those women who do not experience orgasm, but this opinion has no scientific confirmation.

For many years, traditional medicine has collected a huge baggage of various knowledge that help conceive a girl. If there is nothing in them that can affect your health, you can, of course, try them. But it is necessary, of course, to take into account both the achievements of classical medicine and the results of scientific research.

How to give birth to an ovulation girl

If you decide to plan a daughter's birth, the first thing to consider is certain properties of the male seed. Y - chromosomes reach the ovule much faster, but their life span is less than 24 hours and this is the main property that you should remember. Do not have sex during ovulation - this increases the chances of a boy's birth.

Follow the instructions. Do not have sex three days before ovulation. It is necessary for all Y-chromosomes to perish and release the path to more tenacious spermatozoa - carriers of female code. This method is considered one of the most effective of all the classical methods known to date.

When is it better to conceive a girl

This is a fairly new way, developed by an American professor. Before proceeding to implement it, you must thoroughly prepare and fulfill a number of requirements:

The first rule: you must know exactly when you will start ovulation. For this, within a few months, measure the basal body temperature in the mornings at the same time. Record the record in the table, on the basis of which the chart. When the temperature makes a sharp jump - this is ovulation.

The second rule: during the month have sex regularly, and three to four days before ovulation, stop having sex.

The third rule: give preference to postures in which the penis is not deep penetration. For example, a pose when the man is on top.

The fourth rule: To conceive a girl a woman needs to restrain any kind of orgasms. After all, orgasms contribute to the release of alkaline mucus, which slows the movement of spermatozoa with the X chromosome, while accelerating the movement of male Y chromosomes.

Regulation of the frequency of sexual intercourse

This technology is based on the regulation of the number of spermatozoa that are in the body of a woman. If you want to give birth to a daughter - then have sex once or twice a week.

Rare sexual intercourse increases the content of spermatozoa with the female X chromosome and decreases the amount with the Y - chromosome. This rule will allow you to predict the sex of the unborn child with an accuracy of 80 percent.

How to conceive a girl by blood

This technique will give you 70 percent certainty. As some studies have shown, the younger the mother's blood, the higher the probability of a daughter's birth, and if the father's blood is younger, then a son will be born. What is the age of the blood? It can be calculated by a certain dependency. To do this, you only need to know the date of birth.

Periodicity of blood renewal in men - four times a year, and in women - three. In order for this method to give the necessary accuracy, not one of the future parents should have cases of blood loss, severe blood transfusion operations or complicated births.

Technology of accounting for the age of the future mother

Russian scientist Elena Shavrina, through numerous studies and statistical analyzes, has confirmed that the sex of a child most often depends on the age of the mother. The essence of this technology is pretty simple. She believes that in certain raises the chance to conceive a girl, in the even year of her mother's life. And in the remaining months - it is worth trying to conceive a child, if you want to have a son. This method will be effective only if ovulation occurs in the middle of the month.

How to conceive a girl

Another way to give birth to a girl is to follow a certain diet and perform special exercises. The basis of your daily diet should be foods that are high in calcium. For example, all types of dairy products( milk, cottage cheese, sour cream, cheese), sea and river fish, nuts, lean beef meat, chicken.

Also the conception of the girl will be promoted by the use of porridge( oatmeal or rice), broccoli, spinach, oranges and lemons. From your menu, you should exclude foods high in salt and cholesterol. Such products include all kinds of smoked products, fatty meat, salted fish and seafood. Also limit yourself in the use of potatoes, white bread, olives and legumes.

So, we have acquainted you with almost all possible methods of traditional and non-traditional medicine, which are known to mankind today. But you must understand that none of them will give you a one hundred percent guarantee.

To increase the probability, use several methods at the same time, which will be more convenient for you and your lifestyle. It is useful to seek advice from your doctor - gynecologist. Well, if you have already tried everything and you already have three sons, and yet you are dreaming about your daughter, then only one method of artificial conception will give you a one hundred percent guarantee.

Doctors - genetics unerringly fertilize an egg with a sperm, which contains a female genetic code. And most importantly, the baby was born healthy and beautiful, and most importantly - the long-awaited and beloved!