Hairpins for hair volume

May 04, 2018 23:15 | Beauty And Health

For the creation of creative hairstyles, experienced masters use a variety of adaptations. One of them is the modern hairpins "Bumpits".And how to use them correctly?

What is it?

"Bumpits"( "Bumpit") - these are devices that are used to make the hair volume, that is, to create original hairstyles in the style of 60-70-ies. They are made of translucent black plastic, which makes it possible to mask them under the hair and make them almost invisible.

Looks like a hairpin as two connected along the edges and curved in one side of the arch. On the outer sides of this design are located denticles, which allow the device to be held in the locks and not slip.

The standard set usually includes several pins, namely five. One has a standard large size, two medium ones will create a less noticeable volume, and two small ones can be used to lift individual strands.

How to use?

How to use Bumpits hairpins? Everything is extremely simple:

  1. Separate a fairly wide upper strand of hair, lightly brush it.
  2. Under it, put the "Bampit", fixing the hairpin on the hair with the help of denticles.

There are other hairstyles:

  • Before you make a ponytail, separate the strand on the crown, lightly scratch it, place a clip "Bampit" under it, and then collect all the hair and tie it with a thin or medium elastic band.
  • If you want to create a bulk bang laid on one side, then scratch the curl, separated directly at the forehead, place a small hairpin under it, place the lock on one side and fix it with lacquer or invisibility.
  • Make an oblique parting. On the side where the hair is bigger, separate the upper strand, scratch it and raise it, placing a hairpin under it.

Advantages and disadvantages of

To begin with it is worth to list the advantages:

  • Relatively low price. One standard set will cost approximately 400-500 rubles, and with discounts that periodically operate on different sites, you can order it for 200-300 rubles. But if you consider that hair clips will last a very long time, then such an investment in your own beauty can be considered insignificant.
  • Easy to use."Bumpits" is very easy to use.
  • You can create stylish hairstyles yourself, giving your hair a feminine amount.
  • Due to the fact that the kit includes hair clips of different sizes, you can choose the appropriate degree of volume: from a pronounced, reminiscent of a chignon from the distant 60's to light, classic and barely noticeable.


  • If you study the reviews, you can conclude that the hair clips often slip, especially if the hair is thin and thin.
  • If the curls are not very thick, then the products can be noticeable.
  • Unfortunately, it's not easy to buy such hair clips in ordinary stores. They can be ordered online.


Some useful tips to help you create stylish retro hairstyles, like the photo of fashion magazines:

  1. Before fixing the hairpin, hair should be combed, both in the separated strand and in the occipital part. This will secure the device more reliably.
  2. To fix the result after creating a haircut, fix the locks with lacquer so that they lie flat.
  3. After each use, wash the hairclips with soap to remove the remains of styling products and sebum from them.
  4. If you are worried about the fact that the barrette can fall, try fixing it with the help of invisible ones.

Using "Bumpits", you will create an interesting and vivid image in minutes!