Can pregnant women be sheared?

May 05, 2018 05:30 | Gestation

Can I get my hair cut?

Every woman wants to always be beautiful and have well-groomed hair, including during pregnancy. But future mothers often have to face many prohibitions and prejudices that are associated with pregnancy.

That's why women often wonder whether hair can be cut in this period. Despite the lack of an accurate answer to this question, a lot of folk admirers and superstitions strictly forbid pregnant women from doing this. Now we will try to figure out whether this is really so, and also share the secrets of proper hair care during pregnancy.

According to popular signs, in Russia pregnant women are strictly forbidden to get a haircut. But in China, for example, a woman, when she learns of pregnancy, is short-cut and does not think at all about what can somehow harm the child.

Why you can not cut hair to pregnant women

What are the main reasons for the prohibition of haircut during pregnancy?

  • There is a disruption of communication with the higher forces that protect the mother and the future baby.
  • There is a destruction of energy, and my mother, as it were, shortens the life of the child.
  • There is a possibility of severe or premature birth, or even miscarriage.
  • "Suffering" female beauty and honor.

The first two reasons are similar, but they have some differences in the justification. The ancients believed that the connection between man and higher powers was realized through the hair./ p & gt;

That's why when a person cut them, the algorithm was broken, which could lead to negative consequences for the child. As for the destructive effect of hair cutting on human energy, this could still be read in biblical parables.

It was believed that from the very beginning of life, hair accumulates information about a person, and also gives him strength. That is why the most significant events in the life of the ancient Russian man were accompanied by certain manipulations with hair: when baptized, hair was rolled into wax, married and unmarried women wore certain hairstyles, etc. If you follow this tradition, then with each haircut, the future mother takes away from her baby strength, energy and health.

The last statement continues in yet another superstition that a pregnant woman, cutting her hair, shortens the life of the baby. This notion has a rational justification: long hair at the cave stage of human development protected a person from the cold and helped them survive in harsh climatic conditions. That is why the health and survival of the future child depended directly on the density of the mother's scalp.

Another reason for the ban on haircut during pregnancy was that the female braid, and just long beautiful hair in Russia were considered a symbol of beauty, femininity and feminine honor, well, the haircut destroyed all this splendor./ p & gt;

A woman in Russia basically did not cut her hair short( except for special cases - epidemics of diseases, for example).Previously, instead of the habits and haircuts that were customary today, only the hair was slightly trimmed, and even then only on the growing moon.

By the way, no sign has a rational explanation of the prohibitions on haircut during pregnancy. If you listen to the opinion of doctors who are responsible for the health of mother and child, as well as stylists who are responsible for the appearance of a pregnant woman, then if you want to cut your hair you can not only, but even need it. And both of them lead a lot of arguments in favor of haircut during pregnancy.

  1. The well-groomed look and high spirits of a pregnant woman also means an excellent well-being of the child( it has long been proven that the baby reacts sensitively to the emotional state of his mother).
  2. Healthy hair is important not only during pregnancy, but also after it, so they need to provide the necessary care, including regular haircut.
  3. It is recommended to cut it during pregnancy, after all, after giving birth to a mother for a month, or even more, there may be absolutely no time to visit the salon.

Opinion of moms

It is also worth considering the opinion of women who have successfully survived pregnancy and are happy moms: if you want something during pregnancy, then you need to eat it( if you want some product) or do( this concerns, first of all, carefor yourself).After all, during pregnancy, a woman should be as happier and calmer as possible, and all this for the benefit of the baby.

Well, the bearing of a baby and so often is overshadowed by some unpleasant little things like toxicosis, tired legs, back, etc., so a good haircut will raise the mood of a woman and add positive emotions, helping to remain beautiful and well-groomed also after birththe kid. By the way, many women recommend especially impressionable young ladies to refrain from reading or listening to any signs, for their own good.

Hair care during pregnancy

With the hair cut during pregnancy, we have already figured out, well, now let's talk about caring for them during this period.

The general recommendations of hairdressers include constant care and attention, less chemistry and sparing regimen. As for less chemistry, it is recommended not to change hair color during pregnancy./ p & gt;

Scientists have not yet unequivocally proven the harm of dyeing hair during pregnancy, but, of course, it is not necessary to be painted, colored or flickered weekly. Just need to warn the master about his situation, so he picked up for you the most sparing means, which today there are many.

It is recommended to be sheared for 5-6 months of pregnancy. First of all, because in the 3 rd trimester, a woman is usually closely involved in preparing for the birth of a child. In addition, after giving birth, your hair will still please you for a while, because then you will not have time to visit the hairdresser.

During pregnancy it is recommended:

  • weekly use masks for hair and nutrition of their roots;
  • to use shade balms or shampoos for hair coloring;
  • correctly choose a shampoo and balm conditioner that is suitable during this period, because during pregnancy, your usual shampoo may not be suitable for you;
  • Avoid laying products based on alcohol.

Scientists have proven that under the influence of hormones during pregnancy, the so-called "sleeping" hair follicles are awakened, which in humans there are about 5-10 percent of the total number of hair. Thanks to this, the condition of the hair for a future mother improves for a certain period, there are more of them, they shine, etc./ p & gt;

But after birth, everything returns to its former state, under the influence of all the same hormones. Therefore, if you do not take care of hair during pregnancy, there is a risk of getting split ends, hair falling out and dim their color about 3-4 months after the birth.