Can I get pregnant with a knit

May 05, 2018 06:45 | Gestation

Pregnancy is such a period in the life of a woman when so many things are not allowed, but you want: you can not cut and dye your hair, go to the cemetery, take cats, prepare things for the future baby, knit, sew, etc.

What can and can not be pregnant

Many women, of course, are confident that such rumors are largely exaggerated, so they continue to do everything that is forbidden. If, for example, a woman works where it is necessary to look perfect( even in her position), does she refuse to go to the hairdresser for hair cutting and dyeing? Of course not. And why can not pregnant women be knitted and sewed?

Many pregnant women are struggling to get everything ready for the birth of the long-awaited baby: a stroller, toys, clothes, a baby's room, necessary things - everything is lovingly purchased, knitted and sewn by hand. Very often you can meet a pregnant, astringent pinetschki or a cap to your future baby. It would seem that this is special.

However, everything has its own explanations: as ancient prejudices repeat, pregnant women could not weave lace, knit, sew, as the child could wrap around the umbilical cord. That is, a woman watches for a long time the weaving of threads, which is passed on to the crumb, who is also deceived.

In fact, midwives, who took birth in those days, simply could not save the child from suffocation by the umbilical cord because of a lack of knowledge in this area. That is why the kiddies often died. As a result, they came up with such an excuse that they say that it is impossible to knit, so that the umbilical cuffing does not happen.

What can not be done to pregnant women

Pregnant women are very impressionable, so they should not worry about such here and will take superstitions. In fact, it is recommended to abandon and knit during pregnancy for other, more objective reasons.

Why can not women be knit?

1. Probably cord with the umbilical cord. In the old days, we had to knit a lot, to provide the family with all the necessary clothes. Understand all the processes that are associated with pregnancy, it was quite difficult. It was easier to forbid to perform a certain action than to risk the health of a future baby.

In practice, however, knitting is tying loops or knots on a flat yarn. If you want, of course, you can find some kind of similarity to the umbilical cord, but is this really so? After all, if every new connected thing would lead to one tightening of the umbilical cord around the baby, many children would give birth with 10 or 20 entrails.

However, many specialists can explain whether it is really possible to knit pregnant women. The question in this case is not so much in the very process of knitting, as in the need for a long period to preserve one position of the body.

This can lead to stagnation of blood in certain places or a decrease in the flow of oxygen to the baby. To get rid of such consequences is simple enough: you just need to take breaks every 15-20 minutes, conduct an easy warm-up and change the position of the body.

2. Vision is deteriorating. Women have long been forced to work with scant lighting of a small candle or a ray. Women, who knit clothing on long winter evenings, quickly spoiled their eyesight and could no longer continue their activities.

Today, mass electrification can illuminate the smallest rooms in an apartment or a house, as well as large work shops. That is why in the process of knitting, vision does not suffer so much, so that a pregnant woman can not be afraid of early blindness. Yes, of course, it is harmful to look continuously at the same point, but nothing prevents from doing a warm-up for the eyes!

A lot of time it does not take, to support your vision in perfect condition you just need to jump from one eye to another, look out the window or into the far corner of the room, and then concentrate again on knitting.

3. Children's things are created, which can not be prepared before delivery. To another superstition is the ban on the preparation of children's little things in the course of pregnancy. As in the examples above, there are several reasons for this taboo.

The first can consist in a long-standing fear that active preparation for childbirth can entail the birth of a dead baby. And then all the prepared things will become, as it were, conductors "to the next world."

The second reason is the error in determining the sex of the unborn child. You can prepare for the appearance of the son in full, creating things clearly for the boy, and from the hospital you can return with the little girl. And what about the time you spent on knitting? After all, there is not always an opportunity to sell things at a bargain price.

You should initially concentrate on preparing neutral things without explicit signs of a particular gender. When the baby appears, you can add elements to the top that point specifically to the boy or girl. The second option may be knitting things for adults, and then the question of early preparation for childbirth itself will disappear.

4. Glow of relations with others. This is a very real reason for the refusal of many pregnant women to continue their favorite business in such a difficult period for them. And the question is not what can cause a quarrel with loved ones, like scattered salt. It's quite another matter: the habit of many people is not their business.

Can a pregnant woman knit

If a pregnant woman decides to give a damn about superstition and wants to do knitting, there must be someone from her environment who will tell her and teach her. No, to give pregnant only positive emotions and thoughts! Many people, on the contrary, try to unobtrusively intimidate a woman in position.

They will certainly start telling some nastiness, warning of danger and scary of all consequences. But the strangest thing is that this is all presented under the sauce "care for her and the future baby".If a woman begins to defend her position, she can receive a response of misunderstanding and resentment. This is where all quarrels come from.

It is important to remember that a pregnancy period can become beautiful if the woman wants to. Only she must decide whether to knit her or not! And let the party pass all adversity, and the baby will be born completely healthy and in its time.