With what to wear colored pantyhose: a photo and a choice of a dress for them

May 05, 2018 13:00 | Tights

Bright, stylish models today come to the fore in creating original outfits. The answer to the question "with what to wear colored pantyhose?" Will prompt your own wardrobe: they will help to assemble ostomodnye images from the most ordinary things.

Color pantyhose: photos of the best images of

To begin with it is necessary to understand fashionable rules. First of all, this is the length of dresses, skirts or shorts. Preferably in terms of today's trends, the one that opens the knee. So it is more accurate and expressive you can collect spectacular color combinations.

It is the right combinations that reveal the secret of a harmonious image. Dense matte models of gray, burgundy, purple and brown color can safely replace black, and even more so the corporal, who today fell out of favor not only with stylists, but also with fashionistas.

Choose harmonious combinations - Bordeaux, for example, perfectly matches with clothes of rich gray, blue, violet and dark green color. Turquoise models - will make an excellent ensemble with things of bright blue, cream or white.

And the shades of orange, red and pink will be an addition to the dresses of the same bright and juicy colors. Choose colors as an artist, making up your own palette.

See how in these photos the colored pantyhose harmoniously fit into the image:

Dress for colored pantyhose

Or tights under the dress? A stylish image can be made in one way or another, it is important that the dress is one of the most successful combinations.

The easiest and no-lose option in such combinations is single-color long knee-length dresses. In this case, you just need to choose the exact combination of colors.

Single-tone dresses of active fashionable colors - bright blue, purple or green - will look great together with all shades of gray, blue or bard colors.

Fashionable reception - a contrast solution that gives a complex color combination. For example, orange and dark pink - one of the most fashionable color duets of the season, as well as a combination of blue and green.

Very fashionable solutions will prompt color pantyhose under the dresses with print. Flower motifs, peas or a cage. .. choose the most active and bright color of the picture and choose tights for it exactly in tone.