How to become sexy

May 06, 2018 05:15 | Love And Sex

In most people, the word sexuality is associated with a passion for flame, a burning desire, a secret and a cocktail of fantasies. The words that a woman is very sexy, are probably the best compliment for any representative of the weaker sex. After all, if a woman is sexy, then she is desirable, but if a man wants a woman, for her, he is ready for a lot. And it is this woman sometimes is not enough, feel like a goddess in the male eyes.

Sexuality is a game, a fine line between prohibition and frankness. If a woman does not open up to the world, she is reclusive, and if frankness is too much - a sinner, that is why it is important to choose a way that separates from the hermit, but does not turn into a sinner.

How to become sexy ?The first step on the road to sexuality is a psychological attitude, because only a woman who is confident in herself can be sexual. If you have a disorder with self-esteem, it must be immediately raised.

In the beginning it is necessary to understand your own thoughts about yourself, and then go to the opinion of others and remember all the comments and compliments. Do not be hostile to criticism, because it gives us food for thought, opening the way to self-improvement. It is better to write down the basic ideas on paper, because in this form the thoughts look more perfect and clear.

Next, you should think about what you might miss in order to become sexual and think about possible solutions, writing down everything clearly and briefly on the points. If, for example, you have a good figure, but the stomach is not quite flat, the decision will be to swing the press every day, you can deal with shortcomings and focus on the merits, increasing your own self-esteem.

Of course, there are drawbacks that we can not fix. In this situation, we simply need to accept ourselves as we are. The main thing is not to despair, because small shortcomings can be turned into dignities, which will make you unusual and charming. Remember that only an imperfect woman can be sexual.

Another advice is to start every day by telling yourself that you are the most-most, and in the near future your reflection in the mirror will actually change. After all, it's exactly how you perceive yourself and how you feel about yourself.

To psychological weapons is also attributed and mysterious, because a sexy woman is always a secret that does not fully open to a man, but makes you think up the meaning of the words spoken or playfully indecent gesture. Such a woman never says anything directly, but only hints tactically about her intentions and plans. But remember that riddles should also be in moderation, like everything else.