Leaves of plantain

May 06, 2018 19:00 | Drug Plants

Composition of

Useful properties of plantain were discovered by healers in antiquity, and already then the plant was used for therapeutic and preventive measures against many diseases.

But in our time, in spite of the rapid development of the pharmaceutical industry, it is sometimes preferable to use plantain leaves in the treatment, in particular if there is an allergy to medicines, or in case of emergency help with improvised drugs.

Plantain is rich in phytoncides and enzymes, tannins and its leaves contain citric acid, vitamins C and K, carotene.

Properties of

Plantain leaves are the first aid for minor injuries in children that occur continuously. The ability of the plant to wound healing, allows you to fully use its leaves instead of greenery and iodine, which, of course, children never carry with them. And plantain grows everywhere. And here the business is not limited to the disinfection of the wound, these magic leaves can stop bleeding, reduce inflammation and relieve pain.

The possibility of treatment with plantain is dictated by its bactericidal, expectorant and analgesic properties. Leaves of plantain restore skin, destroy microbes, counteract the reproduction of bacteria. In addition, the healing properties of plantain have long been used to treat impotence in men and diseases of the female sexual sphere.

Useful possibilities of plantain leaves are used to increase appetite, exit from depression and correction of emotional ailments.

Treatment with plantain is indicated for pneumonia, bronchitis, tuberculosis and other types of respiratory system diseases, which is dictated by its mucolytic properties. The juice of its young leaves is used to treat diseases of the digestive tract, ulcers, gastritis. Water infusion shows a curative effect in skin lesions - abscesses, ulcers, furuncles, purulent and usual wounds, cuts, fistulas and other defects.

Application of

Plantain is brewed, insisted and consumed in the form of herbal tea at high temperature, cold or flu. Healing properties of plantain can help even with cancer. They are also used in the therapy of stresses, neuroses and depressions.

The leaves of the plant and fresh juice are actively used for masks and compresses, in the cosmetic industry. And not surprisingly, because they have a soothing, moisturizing, anti-allergic effect, reduce the depth of wrinkles, relieve the skin of irritation and regulate the process of sebum secretion. Infusions and decoctions help in the care of hair and skin of the legs and hands, as the plantain is able to make the skin smooth and moisturized, and the hair is obedient and silky

Plantain can be used both fresh and dried. When treating gastrointestinal problems using a standard recipe - three teaspoons of leaves brewed on a glass of boiling water. However, you can use the remedy only after not less than eight hours of insisting.

When treating respiratory organs, the grass is brewed somewhat weaker, a spoon is taken on a glass of water, the mixture is then slightly boiled and insisted. Use before eating, on a spoon.

For compresses take five spoonfuls of raw materials and brew in a glass of boiling water, then a couple of minutes boil on low heat for half an hour, insist and filter.

To fight nicotine addiction, leaves are brewed and drunk with fluid three times a day.


However, the use of plantain has a number of contraindications. If acidity is impaired, it is better to refrain from plantain. Before beginning treatment with plantain, you should do a blood test and determine the tendency to thrombosis. The most interesting news