What is auto-training for calm and self-confidence?

May 07, 2018 01:15 | Psychology

A special set of techniques and exercises, which are based on the technique of auto-suggestion, is called auto-training. To fully realize the strength and power of this autotraining, one must remember the existence of a well-known phenomenon - hypnosis.

And, although this is not exactly the same, the concepts are fairly close in meaning and implementation of the process itself. The difference is that a person, a hypnotist, introduces a person into hypnosis, who has certain skills of suggestion and influence on human consciousness.

Autotraining is conducted independently, but the effect of suggestion and influence on one's inner state of mind also has quite positive, and sometimes even unprecedented results!

It is believed that hypnosis is, in fact, the last step of the auto-training pyramid, which, of course, is not subject to everyone, let alone beginners in this matter, a person.

There are cases when a hypnotist inspired a person that he would now give him a sweet apple to eat, and he gives him an ordinary bulb. And, what do you think, a man takes it and eats it for a sweet soul, smacking and not frowning for seconds! Of course, it is difficult to achieve such results, and, in truth, not everyone is given, and why start with the most difficult?

To organize your life, get rid of negative emotions and learn to believe in the best, do not necessarily succumb to the effects of hypnosis, self-hypnosis lessons can fully help any person in such, sometimes, difficult business.

The main essence of any auto-training is to learn to control yourself, your consciousness and even your subconscious, clearly set goals and successfully achieve them.

Approximately having understood that such auto-training, at once there is a desire to understand, how it operates, whether helps for calm and gain of self-confidence and own forces, after all about these features of influence it is most told in various specialized literature.

The whole point is that the healing properties of such exercises, in many respects, depend on the person himself, his desire to heal himself and help himself in difficult life situations. Naturally, all people are different, some are suggestible much stronger and faster than others, which affects the positive effect of auto-training.

Until a person understands and accepts the fact that such a method is real and effective, he is unlikely to achieve some meaningful results. But at the moment when the person realizes the whole reality of autosuggestion, it can be said that she steps over the first step, which was the preparatory stage before an effective auto-training.

How does auto-training work?

Once a person has a revolution in consciousness, he begins to clearly realize all the reality and the benefits of miraculous properties of this method, he opens wide expanses of self-healing, self-development and improving the quality of his life.

There are a lot of examples where competent, properly trained auto-training, allowed to change a person's personality, tempering a character, changing some features, influencing the psyche and physiology, relieving illnesses, stresses and depressions, depriving fear of death, helping to lose weight and find love!

Probably, at first glance it may seem that all this is absurd, and, in fact, the main thing is to understand the basic essence of auto-training. For example, such methods are not able to fix to you a too long nose, pump up muscles or at the time of getting rich. It is necessary to clearly understand what problems auto-training will help to cope with, set a specific goal and learn how to turn it all into a powerful tool for managing one's own life.

You can say that the concept of auto-training hides under itself a kind of partnerships - the ability to negotiate with oneself, to make your consciousness your own ally, and not vice versa.

And, if one starts from this, people seem to change their lives for the better, strengthen the strength of the spirit, become strong, ambitious and self-confident, their own strengths. At first glance, what is it, if a person is not somewhat confident in himself, because this is not such a significant drawback, in comparison with others. So or not, this quality really complicates life in any of its spheres: difficulties in personal life and in the sphere of communication, in a career or in business.

Fortunately, you can learn to believe in yourself and your abilities, working on yourself and your complexes, rebuilding the desired images with the current state of things.

What is auto-training and how to learn it?

As we have said, this technique helps to get rid of a lot of real problems, the main thing is to identify the main of them, so to speak essence, and already build on it. For self-control and autosuggestion, there is a set of certain verbal formulas that allow you to turn ordinary words into a powerful tool of influence.

For example, "I can" is an installation that is a mental order that you give yourself and commit yourself to doing everything that will require in the near future. By the way, one more rule - all the settings and verbal formulas need not simply to be spoken, it is necessary to obey them implicitly, only in this case the undertaking will be successful.

There are many such formulas: "work!", "Live!", "I am determined", "I do not doubt" and so on. From these settings you need to create your own text of auto-training, there is no template, which you will repeat to yourself or out loud, as if "programming" your mind.

This text should not be too long, only 3-4 sentences, which you can quickly remember and play out loud without prompting. It is important that your text is not too imaginative and formal, so to speak, about everything and about anything, set specific goals.

For example, if you practice auto-training to develop self-confidence, you can make something like this: "I am an absolutely self-confident person, I rely on my strength and capabilities, control my emotions, while achieving everything that I need."The text can be very different, the main thing is to avoid in it a constant uncertainty, doubt: "I will try," "maybe I will come out."

Free auto-training and their texts can be found on the Internet, they are in the format of reading, and sometimes they are recorded in audio format so that a person can constantly listen to the necessary settings.

However, many experts are sure that the most effective is to make up your own text and constantly pronounce it, filling each word and sentence with a meaning, passing them through yourself and your mind.

And listening to the finished recordings, a person ceases to concentrate on them, constantly distracting and thinking about his own, which will not bring any result.

In order to achieve a positive effect, such auto-training should be done 3-4 times a day, at least for 5-10 minutes. The first results will appear with an awareness of the reality of the success of the case, and only after a month or two, you will feel the first fruits of your labors.