The best antidepressants for any person

May 07, 2018 13:45 | Psychology

It's hard to imagine a person who has never experienced a feeling of sadness, depression and depression in his life, which is probably normal, as we know, without the deepest winter, we would never have been able to appreciate the colors and warmth of a sunny summer.

So here again, a bad mood should be replaced by a good one, and in the latter state a person should be, as long as possible, only sometimes, for some life moments, sinking into a state of explainable sadness.

But if in your life everything has become exactly the opposite, a bad mood, a feeling of constant apathy, fatigue and despair visits you more often, turning into a routine state of mind, then, most likely, it's time to worry and think about your situation, because, ratherIn total, a person is gradually plunged into a deep and serious depression.

Now this concept is very common and denotes a mental disorder, which is often accompanied by a bad mood, a depressed and dreary state of mind, a decrease in mental and physical activity, loss of appetite, headaches and various physical disorders.

Unfortunately, a fairly common opinion among people is that depression is something far-fetched, not a disease at all, but a person's reluctance to fight his bad mood is wrong.

The state of depression is a serious disease that requires prompt intervention, at least good friends or relatives, and as a maximum, a qualified specialist and the necessary medicines.

Like most diseases, depression requires special medications that will help cope with its symptoms, of course, everything depends on the form and degree of neglect of the condition.

As you know, you can transfer a mild cold without medicines, maybe, it will cost, so depression, maybe will disappear. Maybe this, and if not? It is for this purpose, we decided to give you a list of the best antidepressants for a person who, for sure, will help to get out of distemper and sadness even in the most neglected and complex cases.

You can even not notice right away, but only in time will you feel how things change and improve. But first, we list the most of the symptoms that you can indicate the presence of depression in a person.

  • For a week or more - a bad, depressed and sad mood, a constant sense of anxiety, anxiety and fear. But maybe, on the contrary, apathy, unwillingness to do anything further, a sense of despair, emptiness and hopelessness.
  • The constant desire to finally get enough sleep, and at night - the lack of sleep.
  • Decreased appetite or rapid and unjustified weight gain.
  • Decreased efficiency, mental activity, retardation, poor memory and inability to concentrate on one lesson.

The best and most effective antidepressants

By the word - antidepressant, more often, something terrible lies in the form of tablets and pills, which are written out, perhaps, somewhere in the nutcase by absolutely unbalanced people. Stupidity!

It turns out that antidepressants include everything that can help you in this situation and, what is most interesting, for everyone there is a proper and unerring means in such a case. Of course, it also happens that it will be difficult to do without specialized drugs, but this does not mean that you are considered a "psycho" and they put something "incomprehensible" on them, causing permanent dependence.

This is nonsense, even the oldest means of such a series are not capable of inducing physiological dependence, and we are drawing ourselves a psychological one!

The most important thing is not to engage in self-medication and self-targeting of such drugs, it will not only bring you no benefits, but also bring a lot of trouble, and maybe even a deterioration.

Well, if you still can not decide which good antidepressants to choose for a particular case, then we will tell you about the most popular among them.

Physical Exercises

It has long been known that the best antidepressant is sports, because during physical exertion endorphins, so-called hormones of happiness, are isolated, which, just the same, are not enough during periods of depression.

Of course, when you are in a collapsed state of spirit and apathy, getting yourself enrolled in some sports section is very difficult, but real!

Find yourself something to taste: dancing, wrestling, gymnastics, swimming or fitness, go to at least one lesson, literally after it you will feel a noticeable improvement in mood notes.

Pursuing, you will feel more confident and physically stronger, and this is a much better antidepressant than any pill and pill that doctors like to appoint.

Change of positions

Another wonderful tool that can take many out of a very neglected state is travel! Visit where you've never been, and it does not have to be the other end of the world, it's enough to just go to another city or, at least, to escape from the monotonous noise of the city somewhere outside the city, taking with you a couple of sausages and, of course,close friend or relative.

Sometimes a complete change of the usual days saves - take a day off, go to the park or the theater, visit the exhibitions or visit people who are dear to you.

Sometimes cardinal methods help - quit long bored work, throw an unloved couch or completely change the image. In general, the main thing is to move and do something very unusual for your daily life.

Natural and natural remedies for depression

Mother Nature has also taken care of us by giving us a lot of products that can have beneficial effects on the body, gradually eliminating depressive symptoms.

For example, everyone knows the famous chocolate is a wonderful wand, the main thing to remember is that in such cases it is the black variety that is useful, because of the high content of cocoa powder in it, and the higher its percentage, the better.

Another good antidepressant is almonds, which help to cope with aggression and irritability, enrich the body with magnesium, vitamin E and vitamin B, which neutralize free radicals in the body, which contribute to the emergence of stress.

In its own mental well-being, seafood can not be avoided, because of the high phosphorus content, vitamins A, D, PP, group B, and zinc, they are very good at dealing with depressive conditions.

Seafood also contributes to the production of the happiness hormone, and is also responsible for the normal work of the adrenal glands that produce adrenaline.