How to properly educate your girl?

May 10, 2018 11:45 | Psychology

Children are our everything, the flowers of life and the most beautiful thing that can happen to us, but only the happiness of motherhood and paternity can turn out to be a nightmare if you do not understand how to properly carry out the process of educating your beloved child.

Aspects and norms of education for girls and boys are significantly different, this point is important to take into account and not miss out so that your child grows up to be a worthy person. We all live once, we all learn and how to educate our children, unfortunately, they do not explain to us, basically, we have to base ourselves on personal experience and conclusions.

And, probably, if the development of society stood still, educating the younger generation would be easier, but everything flows and changes, so we have to adapt to the modern trends and innovations of modern life.

Raising a daughter - hard work, because from a small flower you need to grow a real woman with her best qualities and virtues, and on the way to this final stage of the parents lies in wait for a lot of difficult decisions and incomprehensible situations.

Over the long years of human development, the attitudes and behavior of women in society have undergone significant changes. If earlier the girl had to become the keeper of the hearth, the perfect continuer of the genus, now the wild shoulders of the fair sex are quite difficult and, in former times, wild obligations. What should a real woman in a modern society?

  • To be beautiful and well-groomed to please the opposite sex, and as a result, to acquire a worthy partner.
  • Be smart and educated in order to find a good job, self-fulfilling and become an independent person.
  • Be healthy and reasonable to give birth to healthy children, and then be able to properly nurture and maintain them.
  • And, finally, be interesting, inquisitive and deep person, not to get lost among the crowd, to find real friends and keep the love of hobbies that she always liked.

Of course, fine, if in such a difficult scheme of life, she will meet the man who will share her difficulties, at least in half, but the cases are different. How to properly educate a girl so that she can be really happy in the future?

Of course, the question is quite complex and in each case, it is necessary to approach its solution in its own way, but still, there are certain recommendations that help a little in raising a little princess. We will discuss some of them.

Who is the nicest in the world?

Almost any mother with 100% certainty can declare that her daughter is the most beautiful and pretty creature on Earth. But often, whether fearing to praise their child, or because of their own complexes, the growing girl does not hear such words from her mother. How correctly to act and not to praise your daughter, after all, as you know, beauty is not everything, but how not to develop in it inferiority complexes that can grow into the most serious problems?

It has long been known that a cute and pretty girl is much easier to find friends, get a job, get a second half, and in general, get a job in life. But is it a discovery for you that beauty is not an eternal concept, in time, no matter how we try, the pretty face covers wrinkles, the figure gains excess weight and other female "delights".

And if a girl is accustomed in everything to rely only on her pretty face, then in the future she is guaranteed problems in adulthood. It is possible to march successfully to marry, but if it was only in her outward charm, all the shortcomings will quickly manifest, and the marriage, simply, will fall apart.

If you are the happy parents of a small beauty, then do not forget to remind her of this with unobtrusive compliments, but at the same time it must be constantly reminded that "to whom more is given, so the demand is greater."

Even the most beautiful and sweet child needs to be taught kindness, good manners and develop the inner world, because only a friendly, generous and intelligent girl can get rid of girlfriends envy, find true love and cope with other life difficulties.

If your child does not shine with beauty, but, on the contrary, has some drawbacks - weight problems, glasses, braces, freckles, tall or too small growth - do not mock at all, let alone insult your child.

This applies especially to the period of education of a girl, when she becomes a teenager - unnecessary complexes and the next occasions to become locked up in herself absolutely to nothing.

In order to get rid of existing complexes, find photos of celebrities with unusual appearance, explain that ugly people do not exist and can understand how to emphasize its merits together.

Teach your little girl that girls and women with unusual appearance should carefully approach the creation of their image: choose the right clothes together, work with a haircut, teach not to draw attention to problematic or non-standard zones.

Such girls are especially important to hear from their mothers, and even more important, from the fathers, words of tenderness and admiration for their daughter. Such simple tricks will help you to educate a self-confident, strong personality who is not afraid of difficulties, but learns to overcome them.

Not only beautiful, but also clever!

And although the education of self-love and the ability to care for yourself, a very important aspect of the upbringing of any girl, you must not forget about the mental and spiritual abilities of your daughter.

It's good if your child in the family is brought up with boys: make the same requirements for both boys and girls in school. Let them grow in the spirit of rivalry, the girl must understand that education in her life is as important as in the life of a brother or any other person, because only so she can achieve certain heights in life.

Learn to set goals and do not forget to control their achievement: your princess must understand that life consists of aspirations and desires that you need to be able to achieve independently, without someone's help. But at the same time, do not forget to remind her that when it is difficult and hard, there are always relatives who will help her.

Control what your daughter reads and what interests you, what books and what music you listen to, of course, you can not forbid watching or reading anything you do not like. But try to make sure that films or books about successful people turn out to be in front of her, plots should teach something, give the ground for reflection, enrich her consciousness with worthy examples for imitation.

By the way, this point concerns also her parents - mom and dad should be the best of such examples, and for this it is necessary to educate the girl by personal example.

Constantly develop, it will teach your growing lady that to learn and learn is never too late, show that any life stage is another step of personal development and self-improvement. And most importantly, do not forget to communicate and be interested in the affairs of your child, because attention is what our children need most.