Wedding manicure: 60 photos of beautiful ideas for the bride

May 11, 2018 05:15 | Manicure And Nail Care
The wedding day is one of the most significant events in the life of a woman. That is why every bride fits with a special scruple to create her own image. Dress, hairstyle, make-up and manicure - everything should be in an ideal, different way and can not be. At first glance, it might seem that the bride's hands require less attention than other details of her appearance. However, this can be argued, because it is on them that dozens of eyes are turned at the most solemn moment of marriage - when the bride and groom are exchanging wedding rings. Fortunately, decorating the marigolds with a luxurious manicure for today is not a problem. In most beauty salons offer a wide variety of wedding nail design.

In order to determine your wishes even before going to the master, we suggest you read our article. In it we will discuss the basic requirements for a wedding manicure, touch on the question of the optimal shape of the bride's nails and consider the best options for the wedding decoration of marigolds.

Wedding manicure: what should it be?

Of course, the wedding design of nails is a special genre, and therefore the requirements for it are quite serious. The main ones are:

  • Practicality - in this case we are talking first of all about the length of the nails. It is desirable that it does not exceed 5 mm. Very long nail plates can endlessly cling wedding attire or hair, thereby creating discomfort for the bride. Even worse, if they accidentally injure the sweetheart's heart.
  • Persistence - a damaged design or a nail that broke during the holiday action will undoubtedly become a considerable disappointment for any bride. Therefore, for wedding manicure will be not superfluous to choose a more durable coating, for example, shellac. Another reliable option - gel or acrylic build-up. However, it should be done at least 3 days before the wedding, because for some girls, such nails are uncomfortable and it is necessary to quickly rework the manicure.
  • Consistency - a wedding manicure should be a harmonious complement to the general style of the bride.
  • Laconicism - although the wedding manicure refers to a variety of festive nail design, its congestion with decorative elements may look somewhat "Gypsy".Accessories in the form of modeling, rhinestone, beads, sequins, foil, sequins and glitter should be used as small accents on one or two nails of each hand, but no more.
  • Muffled tones - a wedding manicure does not tolerate screaming colors. Classic is the decoration of the bride's nails in white, cream, corporeal, beige, pale pink, gently-lilac and other pastel colors. If, however, there is a colorful detail in the wedding dress, then in a manicure you can bring a bright, harmonizing color in the highlight.
  • Perfection - no matter how sophisticated the wedding design of nails, its inept performance will easily jeopardize the attractiveness of the bride's pens. Therefore, if you do not have sufficient manicure skills, it is better to entrust it to a specialist. So you will be assured of the high quality of the final result and be able to embody on your nails the design that is most to your liking. It is desirable to register for a manicure in advance, at least 2 weeks before the celebration. You should have time to discuss with the master all the details of your image, in order to choose the most suitable nail design and type of coverage.

Forms of nails for the wedding manicure

Before proceeding to specific ideas of wedding nail design, we note that their shape is also of no small importance. Although often girls choose it based only on personal taste preferences, in fact, this is not entirely correct. Any master will tell you that in this case it is important to take into account also such nuances as the width of the wrists, the length and width of the fingers, the structure of the hands. For a wedding manicure you can choose one of the following forms of nails:

1. "Square shovel" - for this form is characterized by the presence of clear contours, right angles and the end part. On it it is desirable to stop those girls who have large brushes with pronounced joints.

2. Oval - a classical form, based on an oval. It is considered the most suitable for long fingers.

3. Almond-shaped - resembles an oval shape, only its free edge is slightly pointed. Almond-shaped marigolds will be an ideal decoration for fragile and delicate hands.

4. "Squaw"( from English "square" - square and "oval" - oval) - a square shape with slightly rounded corners. Looks good on the puffy fingers.

5. "Stiletto" - an acute form resembling a cat's claw. It is done mainly on the nails.

When choosing the perfect shape of nails, keep in mind that it should fit well with your overall style. For example, a square is considered universal. She is equally good for the classic image of the bride, and for a more courageous and creative. Oval shape suits girls who prefer traditional classics. These nails are very comfortable and practical. They will not cause any difficulties when pulling on stockings, throwing away the veil and will be free to participate in any wedding competition. The almond shape will be appreciated by elegant and refined young ladies. She will emphasize the femininity and sensuality of the bride in the best possible way. Very fondly on the almond-shaped nails looks a jacket in any of its variations. The same can be said about the form of "skvouval."As for the form "stylet", it will attract the brides, seeking to look as extraordinary and extravagant. To soften the aggression inherent in this form is possible due to the calm pastel shades of lacquer, refined modeling, elegant floral and lace motifs.

Options for nail design

Classic French

Undoubtedly, in the wedding style traditional French manicure is difficult to find equals. He is able to transform the handles of any bride, making it an example of femininity, fragility and grace. The popularity of the jacket is justified both by its beauty and by the fact that it is universal. Long or short, natural or exaggerated, square, sharp or rounded nails - the winning French manicure will always be unchanged. To diversify the classic French jacket and make it even more attractive allows the use of additional decor - modeling, stones, rhinestones, ornament, etc.

Wedding fan-jacket

Unlike the usual French manicure, in the fan-french you can see more vivid shades in the design of nails. So, the white tip is replaced by a colored free edge, which in turn echoes with a certain detail, for example, with a bouquet of a bride or a boutonniere.

Aquarium design

In aquarium design, the possibilities for experimentation are truly limitless. His variations can be limited only by the flight of the master's fantasy and the bride herself. To create such a manicure use acrylic powder, all kinds of decorative accessories and acrylic. After covering the nails with powder, they are decorated with drawings, sequins, crystals or other decor, after which they apply a layer of acrylic and bake the resulting design under a special UV lamp. The advantage of aquarium manicure is its durability. Moreover, such nails can be covered at any time with a usual varnish of any color.

Volumetric design of

To make a luxurious volumetric design is only possible by professional masters of manicure. Their experience and well-developed skills allow you to create real masterpieces on your nails, worthy of admiration for others. For voluminous design is not important, there will be nails or natural. The only negative - enough of this manicure for 2-3 days.

Any of the listed options for a wedding manicure is good in its own way. On what to stop - to decide, of course, the bride herself.