Wedding make-up for green eyes - 60 photo make-up for green-eyed bride

May 11, 2018 06:30 | Makeup
Having said a significant "yes", every future bride starts an extremely responsible and at the same time very pleasant event - the development of her own wedding image. Choosing a dress on the occasion of one of the most exciting events in life is the first thing that takes the mind of a girl who agreed to go under the crown. For the solution of the priority task, it becomes necessary to think through the remaining no less important details of the makeup and hairstyle. As a rule, they both trust the vision and skillful hands of professional stylists. However, often the girls have their own opinion as to which version of the wedding visage and hairstyle will be more to them. It is known that eye color is one of the determining factors when choosing a makeup concept. And the wedding is not an exception. In the current issue, we will give advice on the design of wedding visage for green-eyed brides. If you are one of them, then start reading this article. From it you will learn about the features of the wedding make-up, depending on the girl's color type.

Fine bridal makeup for green eyes depending on the color of the bride

Selecting the perfect wedding makeup for the bride with green eyes, any competent make-up artist always focuses on the skin tone and the color of the girl's hair. For each individual color, there is a preferred range of decorative cosmetics. Consider the main features of makeup for green-eyed blondes, brunettes, brown-haired and red-haired brides.

Blonde with green eyes

Tandem of fair skin and light hair does not tolerate excessive brightness and glossiness in makeup. Therefore, young ladies of this color should prefer decorative cosmetics, aged in a light, gentle palette. The skin tone of a green-eyed girl with blond hair should not be too swarthy. Well, or at least when it comes to wedding makeup. The ideal tonal basis is one that is almost invisible( for example, an opal shade).In favor, natural shades of blush - beige, peach, tender-apricot or pink. Blush of brown shades will be appropriate only if there is a light tan on the skin of the bride. In the palette of shadows, the most preferable colors are gray, gray-brown, milk chocolate, golden, olive, dark green and light lilac. Pink shadows to green-eyed blondes are strictly contraindicated. Due to them, the bride's eyes will not seem radiant with happiness, but painful and swollen. Extremely undesirable and black eyeliner. To emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes, it is better to use the liner of a dark brown, dark gray, dark green or bronze hue. To draw eyebrows suitable for light gray( for platinum hair) or light brown pencil( for hair warm shades).Harmonious addition to this make-up will be a soft pink or beige lipstick.

Brunette with green eyes

Girls of this type of nature has given a sufficiently bright and expressive appearance. In their case, wedding makeup can be more democratic than blondes, but in no way vulgar. To not lose with the color of the foundation, you need to focus on the palette of natural shades. To distinguish the cheekbones suitable blush peach or apricot flowers. At the same time, the dark bronze tones on the cheeks will certainly look lost. In the design of the eyes can be used bright shadows with a flickering effect. Silver, golden, lilac and violet shades are the best option for green-eyed brunettes with fair skin. In the makeup of swarthy brides with green eyes, shades of warm tones are preferable - beige, brown, sand. Making the choice in favor of green shadows, it is important not to muffle the natural color of the eyes. In this sense, makeup artists recommend choosing between marshy and dirty brownish-green hues. To separate the eyebrows, outer and inner contours of the eyelids, you will need a dark brown pencil. The finishing touch in the creation of a wedding makeup for green-eyed brunettes is the application of beige or light pink lipstick.

Brown-haired woman with green eyes

Girls with dark brown or chestnut hair and green eyes can be sure that in the wedding image they will never look like gray mice. To emphasize the natural attractiveness of brides of this color-type, of course, a competent wedding make-up is called for. The tonal base for the green-eyed brown-haired should gravitate towards a warm creamy range. In this case, the tone of the pink shade is considered completely unacceptable. The most suitable colors of blush are cream, apricot, light brown or beige. Clearing the cheekbones in too dark colors will bring a touch of vulgarity to the wedding meikap. Another extremely important detail in the makeup of the brown-haired eyebrows. According to the rules of make-up, their shade should be identical to the color of the hair. Otherwise, the person will acquire unnaturalness of the mask. For the makeup of the eyes are good shades of lilac and lilac shades. Among the allowed colors, we can also include brown( copper, bronze, amber, gold) and pastel colors( beige, peach, sand, cream, cream).A very advantageous color solution is a combination of golden and beige shadows with greenish eyeliner in the lower eyelid. Green, blue and pink shade tones should not be used - with them makeup will look defiant. In the wedding make-up of a green-eyed brown-haired woman, brown mascara is very appropriate. The only taboo is dark brown hair. On their background, brown eyelashes will look rather faded, which can not be said about fluffy black cilia. With regard to the design of the lips, in this case it is more appropriate to dwell on a discreet terracotta lipstick or transparent luster.

Red-haired bride with green eyes

Green-eyes with fire-colored hair have a slight advantage over other color-types - they are allowed to use green shades of all shades, from salad to dark emerald. However, everything is in order. The skin of girls with this type of appearance, as a rule, is quite thin and delicate. Therefore, for its alignment, it is recommended to use an exceptionally light basis for make-up. Harmonious addition to the light tone of the skin will be a discreet blush a little lighter than the hue of the hair, in particular, dark beige or light brown. In the right make-up for green eyes, the shade of the eyebrows is lighter than the color of the hair. With the color of the carcass it is allowed to experiment, choosing between brown, dark brown and black. Along with the shades of the green palette, you can use golden white, terracotta, lilac, gray, caramel, sand and peach. With the green of the iris, matte lipstick of coral or caramel shades will perfectly match.

Wedding makeup for green eyes: important nuances

Sometimes the future bride decides not to resort to the help of a professional make-up artist and perform the wedding make-up themselves. For the result of such a decision to meet expectations, it is important to be aware of the main recommendations that are given by experienced masters of make-up.

  1. Since the task of wedding makeup to emphasize the natural attractiveness of the girl, it is highly desirable that the beauty on the face last throughout the holiday. With this important task can only cope with high-quality and persistent cosmetics.
  2. During the day, it is necessary to periodically correct make-up - to remove fatty shine from the face and to freshen lipstick on lips. Closer to the evening, it makes sense to make the makeup more saturated. With subdued evening lighting, more intense colors of decorative cosmetics will give the person the necessary expressiveness.
  3. Competent use of eyeliner in make-up will increase your eyes and make your eyes more open. Green liners of green and blue shades are not suitable for green eyes. Black in wedding makeup is also not very appropriate. Priority colors for eyewear for green-eyed brides are brown and gray.
  4. To emphasize the tenderness and innocence of the bride are capable of calm tones of lipstick. With dark and bright cosmetics on the lips you can go to a party or a disco, but not under the crown. If the lips do not have enough opulence, you should apply a transparent shine over the lipstick.
  5. Any experiments with the wedding way should not take place the day before, but at least 2 weeks before the onset of the exciting event.

At the same time, choosing the most suitable variant of wedding make-up, the bride must finally decide on the color of her hair.

Even more about the wedding make-up for green eyes will be described below photo-selection.